Up date on NEW Writers for this blog….

On the 9th of August I briefly touched on this and since then the list has grown considerably so thought I would update you on the situation. May I firstly say thank you to all of you who have contributed already and for all the hard work you put into the article and paying attention to readers comments and answering them in a professional manner. I couldn’t have asked for more, I am so happy with the way its all going. So here is the updated list. A total of 34 writers have been contacted with 17 accepting to come on board, and 17 strangely enough whom have either declined; still thinking, or sadly just didn’t respond. I have contacted some high profile internet writers along too, with yet a word from them, but still watch this space, things are looking up around here, and I am very proud of my team. Keep trucking and keep rolling….

So if any of you know of someone whom might be interested in writing for me, as I know there are zillions of fans out there on social media sites, don’t be shy, write to me. Or if any of you blogging with me now might know of anyone who might want to write here, do get in touch with me as I am very interested in hearing from you….

I have asked ALL of my writers to write up a mini biography, just a couple of paragraphs a bit about yourself and what you love about the show and its characters.  Just for the readers so they get a feeling of whom you are and an understanding of who you like, so if you haven’t already submitted this can you do so please, as soon as possible, thank you …


Mini Biography’s which I have received and have been posted are:

Debbab – Debbab at the Crossroads

Ikeke – Hello Everyone

VMC2000 – Hi E’ One

Wren Collins – Allow me to Introduce myself

Jenks4Dean – Bear with me.

Southeast – Hello!

Original List: 

Debbab: Is Bi-Bro straight down the middle no preferences she can’t decide who she loves more!

Ikeke: Used to be a Sam girl, but now loves them both equally!

Noblestromana: Don’t know her preference – not listed.

Tikistich: Cas and Dean girl

Virilemanifisationofthedevine: True Dean girl, Sam being her second favorite

Mddwbsst: Another True Dean girl, but will also write for Cas and Crowley too!

VMC2000: Is a bi-bro at heart, but has a fondness for Dean!

Playstationexpress: He didn’t give me a preference soon to follow!

Cobwebqueen: Wren Collins, I have tried to contact you in the hope that you might like to write for me. So if you see this message, please let me know if you are interested. We would love to welcome you.

Percy’sowner: The same applies as I’ve been trying to contact you to ask without fail!

Occasional Guest Authors:

LaCountess, TeddyDuchamp2,

Still deciding:

Alycat, Boopsahoy, and Parriepenn



Had no reply from:

nutz-14, Pondlass1, Geordiegirl1967, thefallenandthechoosen,

Debbab (Blog) Bi-Bro July 25, 2015
Lkeke35 (Blog) Bi-Bro July 24, 2015
Noblestromana (IMDb) Bi-bro (DEAN) or Team Free Will,
Tikistitch (IMDb) Dean and Cas
Virilemanifestationof thedevine (IMDb) Hardcore Bi-bro
MddWbsst (IMDb) Dean Girl, Crowley and Cas
VMC (IMDb) Bi-Bro (Dean) August 10, 2015
Playstationexpress  (IMDb) Bi-Bro
Alycat (IMDb) Dean Girl
Castielscat (IMDb) Dean Girl
Lacountess (Guest) (IMDb) Dean and Cas
Beowulfxox (Guest)(Blog) (IMDb) John Winchester and Crowley
Cobwebqueen (Wren Collins) Bi-Bro – Sam August 11, 2015
Southeast (Blog) August 12, 2015
Jenks4Dean (Blog) August 23, 2015
Percy’sowner (Blog) Hardcore Sam Girl
AB/c (Blog) August 23, 2015

17 in total have accepted and published biographies.

Writers who have been contacted

Declined, or not bothered to respond.

Name Responded With a NO Didn’t bother Still deciding May change mind
34 writers contacted in total
Pondlass1 Yes
Geordiegirl Yes
Nutz-14 Yes
Teddy Duchamp2 Yes Yes
Mak1026 Yes Yes
Parriepenn Yes Yes
Boopsahoy Yes Yes Yes
Thefallenandthechoosen Yes
SPNMonster Yes
The Supernatural Fox Sisters Yes
Eric Clemons Yes
Fangasm Girls
Jules at Superwiki
Supernaturalforever2012 Yes
rika1 (IMDb) Yes Yes
anouck9 (IMDb) Yes

17 Declined, didn’t bother, still to reply

8 thoughts on “Up date on NEW Writers for this blog….

Add yours

  1. Hi Guys, I am a first time poster but a long time reader and absolutely love Supernatural having been into it since it was first broadcast in the UK. I have a huge crush on Sam and would love to meet him in person one day. Anyway it would be nice to see your Biography bellauk66. With warmest wishes, Ann Arcul

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ann,

      Lovely to hear from you and congrats in posting for the first time. I remember how that was for me when I posted on IMDb five years ago come March, and time has flown by. Let you into a little secret I too have a huge crush on Sam at my age, love him to bits. I am the youngest of two and get Sam and think he is very coragious and is a great hero and role model anyone could have. I too would love to meet Jared one day who knows when. The offer is open, if you would like to write for me let me know. Would love to have see you posting on this blog as a writer or poster.

      Love Bella xxx


      1. Awww thanks for your very kind offer to write articles for your blog honey – you must be a really nice person. I would love to know though how you ended up setting up this blog and what advice you received from your friends. With warmest wishes, Ann Arcul


  2. Hello,

    My started biography may have loaded up much to my surprise, so if this is a duplicate please pardon.

    I am a 65 year old retired history teacher from Kentucky. I have published a novel about World War II and a workbook for male juvenile offenders. I also write lesson plans for an on line computer company.

    My Supernatural adventure began when I watched the show’s pilot and was taken up with the drama and horror of what suddenly and without warning attacked the Winchesters. As the story unfolded and I was sure Dean would not go to hell because TV programs did not work this way. I was wrong and horrified to see that final scene of Dean in Hell. So it went until now we are all linked to this new American Myth.

    It is my good pleasure to accept the offer to write on this blog as best as I can for each of you who are on this journey with me.



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