Blog Rules!

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This Blog has been running for almost three years, and during this time we have never had an argument. We have become close, and have a real feeling of family. Since more of you are writing on the blog, and more posters are posting in this community, may I ask that you keep arguments at bay, and to a minimum. People like posting here because they are not jumped on and feel SAFE,  and we respect one another’s opinions. I would like it to stay this way. I would like swearing kept to a minimum also.Thank you for cooperating and I would ideally like everyone to get along, and NOT bash any actors or each other whatsoever.

Enjoy one another’s company, make friends and be respectful ….

Thank you so much for posting and staying here with us.

Love Bella xxx


5 thoughts on “Blog Rules!

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  1. I would say this is a good idea for any of the personal blogs for the commenters on here. My blog is also a safe space where people can have differing opinions without being attacked by other. it was this toxic version of fandom that made me leave the mainstream fandom and part of the reason I started my own blog.
    I promise to never denigrate a person’s ideas or their person, and if I do I expect to be called out on my bad behavior.

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    1. Thank you very much Ikeke and said very well. Its hard to keep anger in check, but I think its so important to be respectful to one another even if you don’t agree with their opinion. This blog has been a wonderful place a safe haven, and I think we all feel the same. I don’t want this to ever change.

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  2. Got it… Agreed.
    Play nice, mind your P’s & Q’s and above all use honey generously, instead of vinegar. REMEMBER THIS…
    Opinions and views vary, but none are garbage. You can agree to disagree, you may even have a different interpretation and share it, but it will not be tolerated to rip another to shreds because of their POV.

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    1. Jenks (honey) ha see what I did there….
      I am in agreement Jenks! feeling safe is important to me, and not to feel stressed. In three years we’ve all got on together here and nothing has made me happier. Its lovely to see we have similar views. 😉

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