Dog Days of Summer

SPN is on hiatus and new ideas are slow in developing for articles, so I apologize, but need to share random thoughts. Family isn’t always perfect, but that’s what holds us close.

Here in the states, yesterday was National Dog day. August is also know as the dog days of summer because the stars in the night-sky show as Sirrius, the dog. Got me thinking about Dean and Sam’s relationships with dogs. Sam is a dog lover. He had Bones when he ran away to Arizona and that dog is part of his heaven. He incorporated Dog/Rumor into his life with Amelia. He has no problem with the witch’s BFF lying down on his bed in “Friends with benefits”. Dogs sense he likes them as that little one in season 9 specifically wanted Sam to do the belly scratch, (smart dog).

Now Dean has a much different attitude toward dogs, perhaps because he was ripped apart by Hell Hounds-tends to leave a mental image. In “Yellow Fever”, his fear is intensified by the ghost sickness as the little Yorkie with the bow chases him and he states,”It will kill you” In S7 “Repo-Man” he fears the little mutt will pee in the car, but does show disgust at its demise. In S8, he smells dog in the backseat of the Impala and chastises Sam, “don’t take drugs from anyone named Don and no dogs in the Impala”. In “Friends with Benefits”, the dog companion feels his dislike for her dog-form and feels the opposite for Sam, admitting she might even miss Sam. So why did Dean volunteer to take the potion and work the spell in S9 that turned him into the supernatural dog-whisperer? Did he not want Sam/Gadreel to be at risk? Will he expose himself to his fears to solve a case? Do you think Dean has a better appreciation of dogs since his “Dog Dean Afternoon”? Would he let one in the back seat of Baby now?

Trivia: Crowley’s hell hound’s name is Juliette, but fans have renamed it “Growley.”

Written By: Debbab


6 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Sammy the boy had every right and need to have his faithful, comrade and buddy to be treasured all the days of his life. No licks and love and I love you, you are my buddy. Dean and John both not only ignored Sammy’s loneliness but were blind to see it. For once when Sammy turned to Dean and found a cold shoulder to his continual plea. It speaks will of Sammy, who never had mama memories was not bitter about being denied the comfort of a dog.


  2. I really liked this one, Debbab!

    My take. I think Dean took the potion because he didn’t want Sam, who was already possessed by an angel to also potentially turn into a third species. That would be the second reason. I believe the first one was just Dean being protective. Sam looked good from the outside but Dean never lost sight of the fact that inside, Sam’s organs were held together by duct tape. Some weird potion they didn’t know much about, a shady spell that could go wrong and have unexpected effects? He wasn’t letting Sam touch a drop of this potentially poisonous and explosive concoction.

    Dean managed to express his protectiveness without explaining to Sam what Sam needed to be protected from exactly. He teased Sam about his sensitive stomach, made reference to Sam possibly “chucking” the stuff and by the semi-offended, semi-sheepish, semi-amused look on Sam’s face (it was the cutest look really :, I got the impression that it might have happened before. Sam held his own with the African Dream Root, but we know he’s careful about what he puts inside his body. We’ve seen him kneeling over a toilet, looking green, in Playthings. We learned that he gets “gassy” if he messes with the wrong food in Yellow Fever (no burrito for you, Sam). Mister Salad Man knows not to ingest things that could be bad for him unless he really has to. Being the wise man that he is, Sam stepped away from the brew and let Dean take a swig.

    I also got the feeling Dean’s conquered part of his fear of canines after this episode. True, he was ready to face a hellhound in Trial and Error but that’s Dean, the hunter, always fearless and ready to take on whatever comes his way. It’s in Dog Dean Afternoon, it was Dean the man, who got reacquainted with dogs. Remember how he approached a dog in Mystery Spot asking, “somebody need a friend?”. He recaptured this positive relationship with the colonel. They barked at the mailman together and felt the wind in their hair while Sam, their human, was piloting the car. They had nice conversations, Colonel taught Dean that chocolate was the enemy and I think Dean learned a lot about the doggy life, which helped change some of the mental images he held about dogs.

    “Juliette? It’s Papa. Stand down.”
    I LOVED that line, and I love that we got to be formerly introduced to Juliette after we met her in The Devil You Know (might be another hellhound, Meg killed one in Caged Heat, but I like to believe Juliette is an old one, Crowley’s favorite, oldest and biggest hellhound lol). I do hope she’s not the one who collected Dean. I’d like for this one to have been injured by Jo or killed by Meg. “Adios, b*tch!”, as Dean said in Swap Meat. What I also liked about meeting Juliette, is that it ‘humanized’ hellhounds *GASP!* Bear with me. In Crossroad’s Blues, hellhounds were introduced as hurricanes. Unstoppable forces. Four-legged demons right out of Hell that NOTHING could keep at bay when they were on a mission to sink their claws into their target’s flesh. It was the same in No rest for the Wicked. Juliette also burst onto the scene like a tornado in King of the Damned but with a few gentle words from “Papa”, she turned into a poodle. Sit! *obedient moan* lol

    I do think Dog Dean Afternoon was good therapy for Dean and it lessened some of his anxiety about dogs. Still, I don’t think he’s ever going to be what we call an animal person. He’s allergic to cats. He had a sassy little exchange with the horse in Trial and Error and is not interested in picking up poo, even if he’s paid for it lol. I do believe Dean’s favorite animal will always be a Black Panther called Baby 😉
    “Listen to her purr. Ever heard anything so sweet?”


  3. I like Dog Dean Afternoon, but one thing bothers me: Dean finds out that animals are perfectly intelligent, have emotions, and even share a language, and he is not a vegetarian forever after? Nope nope nope.


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