What do you keep sharp at your house?  Maybe you own a knife or a machete that can slice off the head of a vampire, or an arrowhead made for a cross bow bolt that will sink a good three inches into a monster’s heart or lung.
What do you keep under your pillow at night?  Maybe a tooth for the fairy should he drop by for a visit. Dean sleeps with a knife under his pillow and never thinks of waking up with an ear sliced off, or a cut down the row of freckles over his cheek like you and me would.
Can you name the sharpest blade in your house?  I bet it is that safety razor on your  bathroom sink misted over every time you turn on the shower, or a spurt of water hits it from the faucet.  Dean and Sam have a safety razor on their sink. Their razor is splattered with water too, plus a health doze of blood.

Is the dullest blade in your house that kitchen knife grinding through some green tomato out of the frig?  I bet it is.  The Winchester boys have a kitchen knife too.  Only the red this knife cuts is meat and not just any meat but some bitch named Ruby’s heart. some say that heart was jet black not ruby red like you would think, and any demon that might get in the way.  Dean can reach down into his boot cuff and slip this knife out that only looks like a hunter knife.  Just some ancient Kurd knife with a curved, serrated-edge blade with a well worn wooden handle.  I bet your daddy’s hunting knife is really, really sharp, but I bet the steel does not have writing down the blade unless some kid is in really bad trouble, wrote on it with a marker that just smeared away anyway. Ruby’s knife has a row of ancient script written in some alphabet far older than the A B Cs.

If you had Ruby’s blade, which is not likely, what would you do with it?  Maybe kill demons or just slice tomato that will never get ripe.  The choice is yours, tell us about what you would cut.
Written By: Southeast…..

5 thoughts on “SHARP – 3.1. THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

  1. My sharpest knife ii probably this xacto knife I never use. It’s possibly somewhere underneath the kitchen sink and I wouldn’t know what to do with it.
    My best knife is my kitchen knife. It’s interesting how I have several knives and only use one. It’s not as sharp as it used to be which is good because I hurt myself with it back when it was this flesh-slicing menace and it’s easier to use know that it doesn’t feel like I’m holding a guillotine in my hands.

    If I had Ruby’s knife, I’d resuscitate Ruby and kill her one more time. I also like to think I’d use it to slay my personal demons. Unfortunately (or fortunately, what am I saying), they don’t have a physical form and can only be defeated through the power of my mind…


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