Hello from da Moose!


Sam: Hello, dere in INTERNET-LAND!  I am SAM DA MOOSIE!  Our friend BELLA asked tiki if she’d write some stuffs for this here bloggity-blog, but she’s real busy, so I VOLUNTEERED to fill in!


Sam: I am a FA-MOOSE writer of DRAMATICAL FAN FICTION!  “Fa-Moose,” geddit?

Cas: I do not understand that terrible pun.

Sam: Uhhhh, ANYWAY!  Bella knows that tiki is a REAL BIG CASTIEL FANGIRL….

Cas: That is correct.  TIKI is REAL BIG.  She is WAY TALLER than me.  Of course, I am a POP TOY, so I am relatively SMALL.  Although on a COSMIC SCALE-

Sam: Thanks, Cas.


Sam: ANYWAY!!  Bella wants us to chat about CAS and DESTIEL and SHIPPING and whatnot…


Sam: Well, all rightie.


Dean: Did you say SHIPPING, Sammy?  EWWWW!  You’re not talking about those TERRIBLE STORIES with all the SMOOCHING, are you?  By the way, you don’t have any NEW ONES, do you?  Not that I was LOOKING.

Sam: Uhhh, we’re supposed to tell everybody about you and CAS and the PROFOUND BOND.

Dean: Hey, where is CAS?  We were supposed to STARE into one another’s eyes with INCHOATE LONGIN’.


Cas: Here I am!  I’m SHIPPING!

Sam: Cas, that’s NOT what I MEANT.

Dean: Woo-hoo!  Can I be FIRST MATE?

Cas: No, you cannot.

2 thoughts on “Hello from da Moose!

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  1. Cas: Here I am! I’m SHIPPING!
    I love this line TIKI and saw the picture of Cas on the boat, I am laughing.

    Tiki has helped me out, and is a long standing member on IMDb and is known for her humor which I wanted to bring to this blog. Many thanks for you work.

    B xxx


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