Structure on this Blog?

When I worked on Supernaturally Devoted this worked like a dream and I want to try and do the same thing here. Writers are often lost not knowing what area they would like to follow, so hopefully this guide might steer you all in the right direction. It also helps each one of us knowing who is the expert for that area/field. The show covers a lot of areas from directing, producing, make-up and so on. It would be a beautiful dream if this were to come to true, and we could all have an area each to cover and keep to. So here is the list I made, and in the comments box below put you’re name to what area you would like to specialize in. If you can think of any areas that I’ve forgotten to add, which others might like to work on please list in the comments section below and we can discuss.

Sam Winchester

Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean Winchester


Crowley/Crowley and Rowena

Guest Stars/cameo appearances

Past characters and Guest Stars

Angels Journey

Demons Journey

Lore of the Monster/History

Actors/acting abilities/Humor/Sadness

Crew/Special effects/Make-up/behind the scenes


The Road so far/saving people, hunting things, the family business/Music

The Impala

Supernatural seasons/episodes/locations

Facial expressions/close up facial scenes

Dissecting scenes/Dissecting scripts/writing/continuity

Dissecting directing/Directors/Lighting


Dissecting producers/production


Conventions/ convention circuits

Fans perspective/analysis/social media/fan fiction/fan art/Supernatural merchandise

Latest Supernatural news and events

Thank you ALL for you’re cooperation, I am very happy with the way the blog is progressing, and ALL you’re hard work is appreciated….. Viewing figures have tripled since new authors came on board, and it can only get better.

Love Bella xxxx

66 thoughts on “Structure on this Blog?

  1. What about a major theme and a secondary theme?

    First theme:

    I am trying to submit something related to each episode. Being OCD? Sounds like it. Makes me feel bad for a poor little episode that is left out. Plus these blogs would make a balance of entries.

    Second theme:

    Once in a while some story just pops in my head and shakes me until my teeth riddle. As you know all of us writer are literally chase by stories. We can be driving down the road and suddenly that story nabs us. Imagine being pulled over by a cop for speeding because we were paying more attention to Supernatural than the road and tell the police man, “But officer the Great Darkness was chasing me!”


  2. Hey Bella! You and I talked privately a lot about what I would contribute to the blog.
    I’m not sure if we’re all supposed to mention our chosen area as a response to this post?
    Anyway, for me it will be mostly Sam and Dean, a lot of Dean, and others characters I love like Crowley and Rowena. and their relationship with the Winchesters.
    I also mentioned mini-episode reviews depending on the storyline, always with a focus on the brothers :).
    Let me know if that works.


    1. Most of the time write blogs about each one of the episodes starting with 1:1
      ( which has already been complet as have 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 is next) and on down the line.

      Sometimes write another type about a topic that is interesting, but not in order.

      This would give a complete range of topics.

      I hope this helps explain. If not please let me know.

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  3. I usually write about a current episode as a review and sometimes I submit an essay on a particular theme, such as symmetry, or a theme from the past that re-appears. Sometimes an errant thought crosses my mind. You know how I write, Bella, so I’d like to keep on keeping on.


    1. Sure Debbab that’s fine with me, its just getting a finer picture and an understanding of what we’re all doing now I am working with a larger group of writers. Ikeke is the key person now for reviews as she’s been appointed since she does this on a regular basis on her own blog, makes sense. I agree with you on the symmetry level as I think that is where you’re strength as a writer is. So are we both okay with you’re role? Dissecting scenes I think would suit you too…

      B xxx


  4. Hey, what happened to my comment?

    Well, I’ll try again.

    I didn’t really see this as an option, but I would like to focus on character analysis of both brothers (and Crowley, too) and episode analysis within the parameters of recapping and reviewing episodes.

    Or should I change my formula to just character analysis within the episodes?


  5. Well, I’d like to do seasonal, episodes and character analysis, with a focus on Bothe brothers. I’d like to do so within the parameters of recapping and reviewing episodes.

    I think my strength is in character analysis within episodes and seasons.


    1. I was hoping you’d choose this area Ikeke I think you’re perfect for reviews and its something I didn’t put down on the list, so am putting you down for this area. So basically you are reviewing the episodes with a brother emphasis? Great, I can tick this one off the list that’s sorted.

      B xxx


          1. So I had planned to do a review for the 200th episode last year but failed to do it. On its 1 year anniversary (November 10) I thought it’d be cool to post the review and talk in detail about the fannish things mentioned. As fic writers, a lot of destiel fans especially have wanted some reassurance from the show that it’s okay to write it. In this episode, we got it. So I was thinking of talking about that


    1. Okay this sounds interesting and doable. If you would like to be in charge of this section I am okay with this. So Susanna is responsible for Fan fiction and Destiel.

      Thanks for accepting this area.

      Bella xx

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            1. I know what you mean, I had written a semi script of the show, and wanted to send it to the writers as I thought I had a superb idea they would love. I found out recently from a friend that they don’t take on unsolicited manuscripts. Which is really sad. I thought they would jump at my idea. So perhaps now I have a reason to finish it and publish it on my own blog for you all to read. Don’t give up on it, keep working at it, and send it to me.

              B xxx

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                1. You will have to fill me and others in Susannah, as I don’t know this lingo. Soul food? You’ve lost me… In the past I haven’t entered into fan fic, so this is all NEW territory for me. So are you a pro writer? Or just for you’re own pleasure?

                  B xx

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                  1. I won’t say I’m a professional because fan fic was the first time I published my writing after many years. So, there are a lot of fics out there (destiel, wincest, Sabriel, samifer, jesssam). Being a destiel reader I’ve come across various combinations of ships and stories. From Alternate Universe stories to stories that belong to the fantasy genre or they stick to the storyline and make some changes or write stories based on canon. There are must read fics and there are fics with triggers, good writing and amateur writing. I will try to suggest some fics to people who’ve just started into the world of Destiel fics. It’s fairly intimidating and people might pick up a story that they may not like. All I want is to give these newcomers a bit of direction & then they can build up their own preferences once they’re comfortable in the world & want to explore more.


                    1. Thanks for the tips Susannah I never really entered into fan fiction, it wasn’t sort of my cup of tea, but since I’ve been trying to write that script for the show its intrigued me more I am more curious as to what’s out there. I am not a shipper per say, I am just a brothers fan and that’s where my heart lies. I think its like with any writing, its experimental, if you don’t like it you put it down and pick up something else and try this. I love to write, but I’m not a heavy reader and I think sometimes that puts me off. Because they are so long in length. Direction is always a help as I wouldn’t even start to know what to search for in Google lol!

                      B xx

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              1. Network has a stable of writers it must keep employed by contract, so don’t think it is anything to do with the quality of your ideas. SPN has specific writers under contract for the series so it you like a particular writer let them know you appreciate the work on twitter(not all have accounts), but the Executive PRODUCER,Jim Michaels is quite twitter friendly and has responded to me a few times. Once you have an agent who can “pander” your writing around the studios, it still does not guarantee anyone wants your ideas- show business is full of rejection, but keep writing and share your creativity.


                1. I would think they don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts is the chance of a lawsuit. Anyone can say-hey that episode was my idea, I sent in a manuscript!


                    1. I didn’t think about this in the first instance until a friend pointed it out to me in a PM and said ask Snow, and have lost that mail and can’t remember what the email said. And think you’re right.

                      B xx


                2. So I can send in a script then, is it worth carrying on with the idea?
                  I don’t want it to go to waste, as I think its SO Supernatural and would blend in as a monster of the week.

                  B xx


    2. As I said to Barb, even if we touch on a view subjects it will be worth it, because it will make it more interesting for readers. If you took on everything Susannah you would be so stressed lol! I don’t want people taking on more than they can cope with.

      B xx

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        1. I know what you mean, I don’t want to get overloaded, but I want the place to be buzzing with new stuff and interesting topics for fans to read. I love this show as we all do. I will just have to pace myself. 😉

          B xx

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