Following Dean’s mother death hope was all that Dean had.  This hope keep whacking and whacking and Dean bargained and fought and gave up and fought again and grieved. Hope hung on even when Sam died at Cold Oat, plunged to hell at Stull Cemetery, and withered after the Trials.

When Dean’s hope faced Sammy’s declaration he had a brother no more hope just scorched, twisted into a  cinder at Dean’s feet.  Something new whacked Dean up the side of the head for the first time. It was despair. The new whacker struck hard, and deep so Dean took up The Mark made out of hell fire.  Now hope was forced to find a new head because that was all hope had and whacked Sam up the side of his head instead.

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Something happened to hope at that derelict Mexican Canitina when Dean saw the photos at Sam’s feet. Hope wasn’t even born back when little Dean had no need of hope, nor cared what it was. That was before he burning ceiling.  Now the old hope was transformed into something more, as the scythe cut into Death’s heart and  Sam lived. What had this new hope been transformed into whacking Dean on the side of
the head?


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  1. “What had this new hope been transformed into whacking Dean on the side of
    the head?”

    Great one Southeast. I think what happened was clarity. In Brother’s Keeper we learn just how powerful the Mark is and the effect it has on the Bearer. Dean’s problem was that he was losing his fight against The Darkness. Sam was there to remind Dean of who he really is. Sam’s words and the pictures of their family, Mary, Dean and Sam, broke the hold the Mark had on Dean.


    And a clear-minded Dean could NEVER find it in himself to kill Sam, no matter the cost of letting Sam live.


    1. “And a clear-minded Dean could NEVER find it in himself to kill Sam, no matter the cost of letting Sam live”

      I think that he thought about it back in the demon blood days but I don’t think he would be able to do it..period.


  2. Where there are Winchesters, there is hope. Dean’s instinct to save his brother at the last moment clicked in and perhaps hope was part of it. I believe the photos and Sam’s words about love more than hope( although hope is part of love), triggered the last minute decision to plunge the scythe into Death and not Sam. The love is what pulled Sam forward to control Lucifer in “Swan Song”. Such a parallel storyl

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