Supernatural Stars favorite episodes EVER!

I was sorting out my notebook binning pages I didn’t want to keep any longer and came across some notes and this list was among them, and thought it was worthy of publishing. I thought I couldn’t remember my source (original source found link 1st on list) so decided to do a bit of digging on the net, and found various articles on the subject featuring a lot more guest stars that was already on the original list that I’d copied from IMDb a couple are slightly out in choices since publishing, so the actors choices are slightly different but the comments from the actors about those scenes are a good read. Here are some links I found:

Jared Padalecki – The French Mistake – Season 6 – 6.15

Jensen Ackles – Death’s Door Season 7 – 7.10

Misha Collins – The French Mistake, Season 6 – 6.15 Everybody hates Hitler Season 8.3

Mark Sheppard – Abandon All Hope Season 5 – 5.10

Mark Pelligrino – The French Mistake Season 6 – 6.15 and Hammer of the Gods  Season 5 – 5.19

Richard Speight Jnr – Changing Channels Season 5 – 5.8

Rob Benedict – Monster at the end of this book Season 4 – 4.18

Osric Chau – Reading is Fundamental Season 7 – 7.21

Jim Beaver – Weekend at Bobby’s Season 6 – 6.04

Jeremy Carver – ‘Faith’ Season 1 – 1.12

There is NO surprise that the one that most choose we’re the episode that they appeared in back in the day. So are you surprised in their choices and are your thoughts spot on in what they choose.

See Wren Collins top five episodes of each season, now up to season 6 which is coming shortly….

Written By: Bella xxx


3 thoughts on “Supernatural Stars favorite episodes EVER!

  1. Richard’s choice doesn’t surprise me. Changing Channels was Gabriel’s finest hour.

    Rob’s choice for “Monster at the end of this book” also makes sense. It introduces us to Chuck Shurley.

    Same for Osric/Kevin and Reading is Fundamental Season.

    Boby was the true star of Weekend at Bobby’s. Logical choice for Jim Beaver.

    Faith makes sense for pre-season 8 Carver. That man cared about the Winchesters and their bond.

    I don’t really get Jensen’s choice and Jared’s choice is predictably linked to “Ruby”.


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