Writing you’re own Fan Fiction on Supernatural.

After publicizing here what writers roles might be earlier, it was bought to my attention about having a place to read fanfictions. I have also read on the net that writers find it hard to find places to publish their own fanfiction. After all this is a work of art. I think a number of readers here would love to read you’re works of art. So if you have any hidden little gems that you have never found a place for on the net, let me know. This is the space to be for fanfiction, so get thinking if you have a little idea you’re selves that you think might be worthy of publishing. I have my own idea so you never know you might see me publish a piece of mine. Fanfiction is not to be confused with the episode of Fan Fiction Season 10 Episode 5.

There is so much scope and there are so many talented writers out there in this little community of ours, so having it under one roof would be amazing. So have a dig around you’re computer see what you can find and contact me. I would love to publish it ….

contact me at: bellauk66@yahoo.com

Written By: Bella 


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