Jensen Ackles singing at VanCon 2015

Jensen guest performing Lynyrd Skynyrd’d ‘Simple Man’ with Louden Swain and with Mark Sheppard on Drums and Richard Speight Jnr on Electric Guitar on  29th of August, 2015 at the Saturday Night Special evening event.

The audience appeared to be loving the rendition from Season 5 episode ‘Free to be you and me’. This for a long time has been in my own personal favorite pieces of music and in my top 5 entries of the show. So I was pleased to see and hear Jensen’s version of this great classic song. There was something very dramatic about that piece of music which blended in seamlessly with that particular scene, recalling Sam on his own in the bar, and Dean off hunting vampires alone. It was rather haunting and very memorable.

Live original version, this band of ours are so good! I think Jensen chooses very good songs that suit his own voice to perfection, its perfect!

Love Bella xxx


7 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles singing at VanCon 2015

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    1. That’s true, we actually don’t see him ever prepping in the kitchen even in the bunker Dean does a lot of the cooking. I also noticed in that bar how much soap suds were on that bar top, way too much Sam!

      B xx


    1. Thanks barb, I loved this rendition too. Mark has been playing drums for a while now, and he really surprised me. I think Jensen really felt at home with this track, and felt at ease up there, he was really enjoying himself even though it took him a while to start because of the cheering fans! I would so loved to have been there. He rocked!!

      B xx


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