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A while back now I had an idea to compile a book where the book would map out the Winchester Brothers Journey and showing a map with each episode guide and pinning the journey on a map where they had been. I remember talking about it to Lou and going off the idea because of the shear work load involved, now with 10 seasons to pen. I also knew a similar book was already out on the market but only went up to Season 7, with a view on preempting Season 8.  The Essential Supernatural – ‘On the Road’ with Sam and Dean Winchester, written by Nicholas Knight with a forward by Eric Kripke. Also with Superwiki and other sites holding information about the show. So this idea went into the back of beyond in the deepest forest of my mind somewhere, until yesterday. Lou had the thought ……

Remember when we were talking about a book about the show??? Maybe we can start talking again. You have a nice number of writers under your wing right now. Maybe we can get everyone involved so the workload wouldn’t be so much?

This thought spurred me on, which is why I’m writing to you all in the hope that once again you might say YES to my idea, are you IN?? Of course if the book gets published, I will share the proceeds 10 ways evenly! I thought writing a blog post was the easiest and quickest way to get my words out there. So what do ya ‘all think am I barking!!

So here is my template:

  1. We each individually take on a season and do a review of that season.
  2. We MAP that journey of what towns they go into and do a bit about that town
  3. What motel rooms they stay in
  4. We highlight the Monster
  5. We highlight the case research as canon
  6. We highlight how the boys kill the Monster
  7. We highlight the lives saved on that hunt
  8. We tally up the miles from job to job
  9. We follow the case as much as we can among the review
  10. We list the danger the boy’s face during this case and how they escape it
  11. The characters they meet and the actors behind those roles

I have mapped out a season list of whom I thought might want to do what season. But wanted to see what you throw back at me first. With the exception of Bella season 2 . I have other plans for the book, but collectively as a project I thought it would be an awesome idea. A book written by fans, FOR FANS! An encyclopaedic view of ALL our talents rolled into 1 hard backed glossy book. Could we do it. I am very excited about this, doing the project as a group.

The project is wide open so if anyone would like to be included in this project and bag a season leave a comment in the box below or write to me in person at:

Let me know as soon as, so we can get the ball in motion!

Love Bella xxx



Add yours

  1. Reblogged this on A Blog devoted to "SUPERNATURAL" and commented:

    The reason behind this reblogging is to say that I have had some interest in my email box which I have found by surprise today. Those whom have expressed an interest in the project are as follows:

    Caroline Neumann
    Karen Booth
    Sahiba Mann
    Ikeke who raised the possibility that she might be interested.

    Now including myself we have enough seasons to do two complete seasons each. So if those of you whom are still up for it. Please do not hesitate to comfirm and I will get the ball rolling and we can start as soon as possible.

    Those whom didn’t see the project the first time around but would still like to be included in this amazing project let me know by email or in the comment box below. Many thanks for you’re interest as its made my day. My dream could still happen with you’re cooperation!


  2. Hi Bella! I’m going to have to think on this for a while. I can’t give a firm confirmation that I can do it but if season ten isn’t taken, I’m interested in that since I just reviewed it.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Okay, no worries. I think it will be a project that hasn’t taken off again sadly because I have had NO more takers. Which is a real shame. I was so banking on one writer per season which would solve my workload.

      B xx


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