Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Six

Look, I’m running out of different ways to tell you guys to comment with your top fives, so just go ahead and do it, will you?

I kid you not, Season Six is my baby. I love the screwiness of it, the messiness. It has about five different plots, what with Soulless Sam, Hell trauma, the Mother of All, the Campbells, Lisa, and Godstiel (yes, I realise that was six) all wreaking havoc. I’ve written an essay on DeanLisa and one on Soulless Sam if you’re interested.

1. The Man Who Knew Too Much


My all-time favourite episode. Everyone is in over their heads, and no-one more so than Sam, locked inside his own mind by Castiel. It’s funny in a schizophrenic way- ‘it was night and now it’s day!’- and also heartwrenching. JP’s performance as the three Sams remains one of his best to date, though it’s Hell Sam that gets me the most; he even moves differently, hunched in on himself. Then there’s the awesome music cue- the Rolling Stones’ Play With Fire- and Dean refusing to shift from Sam’s bedside- and the mindcrack (see, Bella, I took notice of your no-swearing indictment in the end) of an ending.

2. Clap Your Hands If You Believe


The Soulless Sam arc is my absolute favourite thing and this episode is hysterical. It’s also a homage to the X-Files, which I am a huge fan of.

‘If you wanna add glitter to that glue you’re sniffing, that’s fine, but don’t dump your whackadoo all over us. We’d rather not step in it.’

‘Sam, it’s not the lady’s fault she took the brown acid.’

‘Have you ever considered that you suck at hunting UFOs?’

‘Third kind already? You better run, man. I think the fourth kind’s a butt thing.’

‘Do you have bigger cups?’

And to top it off:

‘You should sit in the dark and suffer.’

‘Yeah, but can’t I do all that and have sex with the hippie chick?’

‘No, because you would be suffering!’

3. Weekend At Bobby’s


SO FREAKIN’ FUNNY. The poor lady covered in bits of okami. Rufus showing up all, ‘Oh good, you’re home. Listen, you gotta help me bury a body.’ Jody’s second appearance. Bobby shouting instructions down the phone at Dean while Sam ineffectually fights a lamia in the background. The phones labelled FBI, CIA, Homeland Security.

‘Why’d you send him outside?’

‘Cause I didn’t think you’d want him in here.’

‘I don’t, I’ve got a body in the basement.’

‘My point.’

‘Yeah, but I’ve got another body buried in the yard.’

4. Unforgiven


Sam and Dean deal with the repercussions of the year Sam was with Samuel (the fantastic Mitch Pileggi). It’s a very monochrome episode, taking place at night in snow, filled with black-and-white flashbacks; the ending, with Sam burning in Hell in glorious technicolour, is a shock to the system.

5. The French Mistake


It took me til about my fourth rewatch to really get the attraction, but it really is so funny. My first time through I was just dying for them to get back to SPNland, and I was too impatient to appreciate the acting scene- a masterpeice of insanity, with Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean playing Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean playing Jensen and Jared playing Sam and Dean. That’s literally it. I love that the actors are confident enough to be silly with abandon. Also, Balthazar. I would have loved to see he and Gabriel team up. They’d probably have gotten Gadreel drunk and dragged Uriel off to an orgy in the clouds.


Honourable Mentions:

The Man Who Would Be King. Honestly, I wish I could fit this onto my top five. Cas is pretty cold during Season Six, but here we ache for him, even as he betrays Sam and Dean.

Exile On Main Street. Beautiful Loser is my all-time favourite SPN music cue. Beyond gorgeous.

The Wrencollins Certificate Of General Disturbingness goes to Caged Heat, purely for the shot of Soulless Sam with blood between his teeth, grinning at he demons he just fooled.  The moment I saw that shot I thought, yep, that’s going to be an icon- and sure enough it appeared in all the recaps.

Frontierland. Poor Dean’s delicate masculinity, huh.

All Dogs Go To Heaven, purely for the line, ‘Oh, they call us in to answer the questions of mouth-breathing dick-monkeys.’

My Heart Will Go On, or, That Time SPN De-Sunk The Titanic. Also, the boys’ silent exchange at the start. And Ellen!

Like A Virgin, for the overwhelming relief of it. I feel for Dean during the Soulless arc. This episode felt like a release.

Mommy Dearest. I love Eve. ‘You hurt his feelings.’

The Third Man. I really enjoy Cas in this. And I am a huge fan of both Raphael and Balthazar.

Two And A Half Men. So stupid and absolutely priceless.

And Then There Were None. What a dickwad Samuel is. (Sorry, Bella.)

Appointment In Samarra. (Let’s hear it! *sings* O, DEATH, OOOOOHHHHHHHHH DEATH….)

You Can’t Handle The Truth. A brutal episode. Dean punches Soulless Sam fourteen times.


Well, would you look at that. I seem to have recommended nearly the entire season. Who’d’a thunk it. (I totally would.)

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19 thoughts on “Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Six

Add yours

  1. I’m sure you enjoyed making this one, Wren 😉
    I agree with several choices. Here are mine.

    1. Weekend at Bobby’s
    The first episode I enjoyed from S6. I loved the focus on Bobby, my 3rd favorite character of the series. We get to see Bobby at home, Bobby the dispatcher, Bobby at the library… Bobby torturing a crossroad’s demon.
    I like Bobby and Rufus’ dynamic. I love Rufus and I miss them both.

    2. Frontierland
    This episode was so much fun. I love Dean geeking out on everything cowboy related and then declaring it wasn’t awesome at all when confronted with “authenticity” lol. “It’s a serape.” Aww, my sweet baby and his blanket. Loved the phoenix. I felt for him and his wife. Love Dean and the non-existent “posse”. He made a good sheriff. “Candygramme for Mongo” lol, and Sam on that horse 😀

    3. You Can’t Handle the Truth
    I remember being exhausted by New Sam at that point and that episode was where things started turning around. Dean finally got the truth and he replicant was exposed. I also really enjoyed the episode. People spilling their guts to Dean, Lisa revealing she knew Sam’s return would break them up because Dean was too attached to Sam, Bobby oversharing. I also love Veritas.

    4. Appointment in Samarra
    I didn’t exactly liked the episode as Dean got onmy nerves which is an exceedingly rare occurrence, but I love Tessa, LOVE the Horseman Death and more than anything, I love that AIS rid us of Soulless Sam.

    5. Like a Virgin
    90% of my love for this one is just Sam, Sam, Sam. Sweet Sam, he’s finally back. I never missed a character as bad as I did Sam in S6. I was this close to hugging my TV . This episode also introduced to the absolute goddess that is Dr Eleanor Vysiak.

    6. The Man Who Knew Too Much
    Three Sams. For a girl who missed him so much in S6, I felt spoiled as they were Sams everywhere. The journey inside his head was one of the great moments of this show.

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    1. Enjoyed SO. MUch. asdfghjkl.
      Bobby and that demon!
      *distant screams of agony*
      Neighbour: *looks alarmed*
      Bobby: Oh, just some stupid horror flicks. Guilty pleasure.
      Neighbour: OMG! Me too! Have you seen Drag Me To Hell?
      I felt really bad for the phoenix. And Dean with his shredded masculinity lol. ‘I’ll have your top shelf whisky.’ LOL
      Bobby and his Tori Spelling overshare lmao
      As to AIS- I didn’t find that Dean got on my nerves, though I was just like KILL THE CHILD GODDAMNIT, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR throughout the whole thing. (When I was revising for my Languages GCSE I watched that episode in French.)
      I agree so much re Like A Virgin. That’s what I mean about the relief. He just seems so… INNOCENT… this giant hulking dude… I was practically crying…
      TMWKTM. Oh my gawd. I can’t. Even.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha, finished GCSE and not taking it for A level. Got a B though! But thanks 🙂
          And ashjkl yes. Just that HUG. UTZEJXYRDTUFILGHGULDXYRCVMJH.LGIBNJKM. And the thing with the girl’s diary. And that fecking heartcrack scene where he has like a Hell trauma seizure and Dean starts panicking. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnh

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  2. I have watched “French Mistake” too many times and so the conceit/meta effect is less potent. It is a brilliantly written Edlund episode. Like the funnies when Gen/Ruby, Dean. Sam together in the house. What’s a Padalecki? And so sorrowful when “Misha” gets it in the alley. No magic in that universe…proving we need magic and belief to keep us interesting. Sometimes to keep family close, you have to be in a dangerous world.

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      1. It’s so cute when “Sam” has to bend down and kiss Gen, the actress who played Ruby who is playing his wife who is his wife when he is Jared. I often wonder in that scene when she says he has been playing Sam too long and beckons him up to the bedroom after her charity event if Sam went there…. seems like an eager bunny up those stairs. Would Sam knowing he wasn’t Jared fulfill Gen playing Gen’s expectation in the bedroom-especially after seeing his image all over the house. Good question for a convention-amyone going?

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  3. I used to think s6 was a weak one until I too re-watched it with different eyes. IMO it had so many arcs that it made it seem like a big disconnect, but when you look at all the episodes that came out of that season, woza! Some of Sam’s non-reactions are classic and how Dean becomes his brother’s conscience is stunning. There is great pathos and humor. Cas’s story line is well incorporated. Even Crowley is well set up for s7 deals with Dick. The writing/acting for Eve, could have been a bit stronger and clearer. We gained and lost a new species: Jefferson Starships. Looking at the list you provided, I cannot say this was a weak season at all in retrospect. Yes, there were some WTF episodes but show always provided those high notes to sustain. Now, Leviathans… ah s7- looking forward to your opinion. Ackles has stated that he would never had let the Leviathans out as s7. One long dick joke, but then again, along came Charlie.

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    1. And the “Born Again identity “gave us independent and colliding stories for Dean and Sam doing their jobs: Sam in a hospital, ganking a ghost and Dean looking for a way to save Sam. Of course Meg re-appears and Cas/Emanuel is given another chance at redemption. Lucifer inside Sam’s head gave a window to mental illness that SPN has hinted about before. Is that season 6?

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    2. I have a huge love for s6 because the soulless arc strung me out so bad. I watched the first 12 episodes in one night bc I HAD to see Sam get his soul back. (Had school the next day and fell asleep in a history exam. C’est la vie.)
      Hmm, I actually really like Eve. Kinda wished they’d kept her instead of the leviathan for s7. I thought the young actress who played her was great.
      Jefferson Starships YES.
      Which ones would you describe as WTF episodes?
      And s7 is actually at the bottom of my fav list, but not for the reason you might suppose. I don’t like the leviathan, though I love Dick Roman and I like Out With The Old. My main issue with s7 was how… bright… and primary-coloured it was.
      And I actually liked the dick joke aspect! But yes, Charlie.


  4. Season 6 is also one of my favorites and you’ve named every single one that I love. It’s tough picking a top 5! My absolute favorite is your #1 – Sam’s line ‘You know me. You know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there’ sums up the entirety of what I love most about Supernatural, and that is the relationship between these two brothers. The only thing I’d change on your list is moving the French Mistake up to #2 instead. 🙂

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    1. Yes! Yes! Join me on my Season Six island!
      And those idiots who are all like ‘Dean loves Sam more’ need to go and rewatch that episode. (Such pettiness as can be found on Tumblr.)
      Haha, I love French Mistake. But I love Clap Your Hands more :p Did you know that after that episode the tag ‘fight the fairies’ started trending on Twitter and the Gay News Source had to come out and explain to people that no, it wasn’t homophobia, they literally meant fairies?


      1. I am so ambivalent about this season-some of it I love but some of it I really didn’t like. I loved Soulless Sam in Clap If You Believe-but most of the time I didn’t like him very much.

        I said recently how French Mistake was never a favorite of mine-IU didn’t get it I guess, until I rewatched the other day. I had tears streaming down my face from laughter! % rewatches later and I finally really got it…oh and Misha as himself lol

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        1. Haha, that’s the fun of it to me- you’re not supposed to LIKE Soulless, you’re supposed to be freaked out and turned on and nostalgic for Real Sam.
          And yes! I had the exact same experience with French Mistake.
          Clap Your Hands has always been a favourite of mine though.
          ‘They were grabby, incandescent douchebags. Good night.’


          1. “They were grabby, incandescent douchebags. Good night”

            ” I started slashing and shooting, I don’t think anyone ever did that before”
            “So did you service Oberon king of the fairies”

            And I love Jensens ad lib of not sitting on Sams bed..LOL

            I loved the whole Dean explaining to Sam empathy LOL

            “Haha, that’s the fun of it to me- you’re not supposed to LIKE Soulless, you’re supposed to be freaked out and turned on and nostalgic for Real Sam.”

            Well I guess then they got what they wanted out of me!

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            1. YES the bed thing is hysterical asdfgkl. And I love how manic he is.
              That bit where Dean’s running through the cornfield screaming ‘UFO UFO’ and Sam’s on the other end of the phone gesturing to the waitress and Dean’s like ‘EMPATHY, SAM, EMPATHY’


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