Aquarius on the beach: hello!

inigo by mooseleys

Hi everyone,

My name is Virile Manifestation of the Divine. I’m an Aquarius, I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach and frisky hunters.

The lovely Bella invited me to be a writer for her blog. I was delighted but a little apprehensive because I’m not a native speaker. She assured me it would be all right, so here I am!

I’m passionate about Supernatural and as my hundred-syllable name indicates, I worship at the altar of Dean Winchester. The Dean, as I like to call him, is the fictional apple of my eye. In season 10, the magnificent bastard called Demon Dean stole my soul and ran like a thief in the night. Sam Winchester is my second favorite. We had some disagreements in the past but we’re currently enjoying a second honeymoon. He surprises me, he keeps me guessing and there’s something about him that moves me. I cherish him.

sam by supernaturaldaily

My true addiction is the relationship between the brothers. It’s what turned Supernatural into the passion no other show can touch. It’s what keeps me coming back and makes it all worthwhile. As Dean points out in The Werther Project, the universe is telling them they’re stronger together. I agree with the universe, and I’m endlessly fascinated by the things they’re willing to do to hold on to each other. It’s what sets them apart as characters and makes them compelling, captivating and unforgettable to me.

werther by rosworms

I thoroughly enjoyed season 10 and I’m looking forward to what season 11 has to offer. I’m getting ready to dive in with a first ‘article’, part 1 of the Decade series, but in the meantime, I am dipping my toe in the water with this introduction.
Brothers In Arms is my new, comfortable space to spend the rest of the hiatus. I had the pleasure of chatting with some of you and I can’t wait to get to know all of you better. Speaking of beaches, who wants to see the Winchesters get their vacation after they cram The Darkness back in its box? I know I do.

“Sand between our toes, Sammy.”


Thank you,


karaoke by kenda


18 thoughts on “Aquarius on the beach: hello!

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  1. “The Dean, as I like to call him, is the fictional apple of my eye.”

    Mine too You should chck our my Tumble Obviously its all about Dean and Suernatural!

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  2. Excellent introduction Virile. Can’t wait to read what you have to offer. I told Bella I would try and pen something but I honestly can’t think of anything yet that I want to say. So, I will satisfy myself until then by reading what you guys do! Cause I’m chicken like that! Ha. ha.

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  3. VIRILE, welcome and I am proud of you for taking that plunge and having ‘the balls!’ See you can put an article together, I was right wasn’t I. Get cracking on that series and you’re next installment as I can’t wait to read it…. Thank you for you’re time and effort I’m a happy bunny. I am an Aquarius too, and am a Valentine baby, so all three of us have something in common.

    Watch this SPACE!

    Bella xxx

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  4. Welcome.

    You will set up too late and run red lights getting to work because you just had to read one more line.

    Bumbling, like Jerry Lewis stacking chairs describes me so don’t worry about messing up.

    Supernatural obsession , we live on it.

    Eager to read your work.

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    1. Thanks for your welcome and encouraging words, Southeast!

      “Bumbling, like Jerry Lewis stacking chairs describes me so don’t worry about messing up.”
      Hee! I visualized it and it made me smile. I’m also feeling more relaxed about the whole process. What if I mess up? Eh, no big deal. This is a safe space 🙂


      1. Remember Sammy Bad Luck Bunny Foot episode? Sammy is safe alone is the hotel room room and stuff keeps happening when the villians commit, “He looks like Jerry Louis stacking chairs.” I nearly fall,out of my chair laughing.

        As one famous quote says, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” Few can carry off comedy, and our Sammy is one of the few.

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    2. I like to see mistakes, its raw and from good places. I tend to think way ahead of when I am writing and can’t catch up with my brain, and my spelling isn’t the best. But that’s what people like about me as a writer. So that’s okay with me!

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