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Don’t you just hate it when a cop is doing his job?  All of this happened because  one thing lead to another thing and Sammy could have his eyes liquefied because of a two minute delay,  even an one minute delay would do it just because Dean was talking to the cops too long so the hunt wouldn’t get  all be fouled up.  Not the kind of foul when Dean made a mistake, like in a ball game, but the kind that smelled like week’s shit.

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Shitty guilt was putting Sammy’s eyes on the line.  Sometimes shitty stuff just happened and sometimes you were that pile of shit yourself, but none of that mattered to Bloody Mary full of enough rage and vengeance to last an eternity.

Only one thing had mattered to 19 year old Mary Worthington was that she was going to get her out of the Fort Wayne, Indiana and make it big on the Big Screen.  Instead, she died in front of her mirror, hard and bloody, having her eyes cut out by Mr.  T R E, Big Time Surgeon all  because her lover boy couldn’t take it when Mary the Movie Star threatened  to  tell his  wife  how her husband looked at a girl when she had won a  beauty contest or two.  She was dumping him, scalpel and all.

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He cut her eyes out and the last thing she saw in her mirror was the one bloody, empty socket he had worked on before he used that scalpel on her other eye.  The last thing she ever heard was Big Doctor T R E babbling on about how sorry he was as he had to cut her other eye out. She played out her final scene leaving the cops her bloody hand print on her mirror and painting his initials so the cops couldn’t miss it.  Being dead hadn’t kept her from knowing the cops hadn’t nailed her killer and Mr. Scalpel had lived a long, happy life with that wife of his and he had just died like nothing had happened.

When Mary Worthington bled out on that red floor Bloody Mary surged up inside her Mirror and secret, secrets were not secret any more.

The girls were giggling over Bloody Mary and thought a good scare was going to be fun, but in the end it wasn’t as much fun as Lily Shoemaker thought just like she thought she knew all about her mother’s sudden death. Just like Bloody Mary left Daddy bleeding out in the same bathroom he had used to poison his wife.

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Always patient, Bloody Mary waited for Smug  Jill to make the summons  three times before appearing in her vanity mirror. Life was the payment paid for Jill’s guilt secret.  It had been Smug Jill who was the hit-and-run driver that had killed eight year old Gary Bryman.

Finding Donna at school Charlie tried to warn her of Bloody Mary’s revenge but all she found was contempt as Donna called up the bloody ghost damning Charlie to the wraith’s vengeance.  The school was full of bathroom mirrors, full of windows, teacher’s eye glasses, even Charlie’s own compact had showed Bloody Mary. Screaming, hysterical Charlie had fled to Dean and Sam’s arms.  They rescued her, taking her to the safety of their hotel room draping the room in dark gloom hiding Charlie’s guilty secret.

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Her sweet, creepy boyfriend had set off her girlie warning signals so she had fought with him and left him and he had called out, “Charlie, if you walk out that door now, I’m going to kill myself.” Girlie warnings had kept her going out that door as she called back, “Go ahead.”

Was she angry, or did he frightened her? She did not know, but she had said those words and her boyfriend had committed suicide.  Sam and Dean knowing her secret left this child-woman to her tears and guilt and grinding fear, and left for the hunt.

The antique business had one advantage, the Mirror they sought was at this location, and two disadvantages. The creepy place was running over in mirrors and there was a red laser security system on guard.  The first disadvantage required only the whack of a crow bar, but the second, the security system,  brought  cops, and cops had cost Sammy time neither Dean or he had.

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Smashing mirrors, Sammy chased Bloody Mary from one reflection to the next sending glass shards splashing across the floor.  The black, ragged thing dodged, dashed first from the side of one mirror, next in the center until it stuck Sammy in his own reflection. Then shitty Jesse Guilt trapped Sam.  Caught, his watched his image bled.  Matching thick ropes of blood streamed from Sam’s eyes, drained down his cheeks to the corner of his mouth.  His brain clobbered, his chest seized taking him to the floor, his crow bar falling from a nerveless hand.  The mirror image spoke, accused Sam with a gritty force, “You never told her the truth. You dreamed of Jessica’s fire for days, knowing in your nightmare she would scream and burn. You would not face it, wanted to wished it away, you burned her.”

He deserved the acid blood.

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Then Dean was there smashing Bloody Mary’s mirror, smashing away Sam’s surge of guilt. Pulling his brother up, putting his arm over his brother’s shoulder Dean began moving them out of that field of cursed glass.  Behind them a praying mantis thing jerked out of the broken mirror, all too long limbed with too sharp joints and too flat a head creep out a two sided thing that was Bloody Mary stalking, blasting out her guilt, smashing Dean and Sam to their backs twisting them, gushing blood out of their eyes. Gripping a mirror Dean threw the reflection back in Bloody Mary’s face, pulling out of her mouth her own confession of blood guilt for her many, many victims, until the thing Mary Worthington had become scattered on the floor. Sealing its destruction Dean smashed the final mirror onto the pile broken glass ending it.

Sometimes the pile of shit just becomes shitty stuff that happened.

When Sam and Dean drove Charlie home Sam reminded her that sometimes bad things just happened and she knew he was right from the weight of his eyes.

It was over, it wasn’t over.  Dean had asked what all of that secret business had been about and for once Dean treated Sammy like Sam and politely stepped  aside because his little brother had asked.

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Jess came to Sam standing bare foot on the grimy sidewalk unseen by folks passing by as Dean drove down the street. Jess knew him, loved him in that depthless way of the dead.  Sam watched her stunned, aching, knowing she was there in a long white gown, softly blowing in the absent breeze.  His Jess followed him with the turn of her head, her chin slightly high, her lips slightly apart.  Jess who was all too real in a too real sort of way, stood beside a telephone pole, and as Dean drove past the pole she vanished leaving only space for Sam to see.

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Then it was over, the guilt in the mirror and Jess placed in her final bed.

Bloody Mary sets up a theme of guilt repeated again and again.

What is your most dramatic and damning episode about guilt?

How did Bobby save the brothers time and again from guilt’s destruction?

Did Cas ever inflict guilt by intent or accident?

Set Sam and Dean down and have a heart to heart about guilt.

By the way good luck with that.

Written by: Southeast

2 thoughts on “BLOODY MARY 1:05 – GHOST IN THE MIRROR

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  1. “What is your most dramatic and damning episode about guilt?”

    I’m thinking ‘On the Head of a Pin’. Dean battered and broken on that hospital bed asking “Did I start all this?” Dean always feels guilty, for everything but in that precise moment it looked like the weight of the world had broken Atlas’ shoulders.

    “How did Bobby save the brothers time and again from guilt’s destruction?”

    One example that comes to mind is the Siren episode, Sex and Violence in S4. Not only did Bobby save the brothers from the spell, he tried to save them for the guilt they were experiencing after they tried to kill each other. The air was heavy between the Winchesters and Bobby tried to help them move past the ugliness by granting them forgiveness. “You know, those sirens are nasty things. That it got to you, that’s no reason to feel bad. ” Try to forgive yourselves, each other and move on, was his message.


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