Official Trailer for Season 11

If you can here me GOD we need you’re help, this is my fault and I don’t know how to fix it?

I love the title card, this looks really COOL!

New Poster also out for Season 11 – Enjoy!

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Let me know what you think of the NEW official trailer, this is the first tease we’ve had all summer and it looks like a mega roller coaster, full of tension and suspense. With just under a month to go, its hotting up rather nicely. I also love how Sam is taking charge over what he has done and is doing something about it. This also reminds me of the season 9 premier when Dean was contacting the angels for help. Now Sam is going higher?

Written By: Bella xx


15 thoughts on “Official Trailer for Season 11

    1. It does look polished and action packed doesn’t it. I am beginning to get a tad excited now. I have found this summer to drag, and we are still weeks away. I have liked most of Carver’s seasons except 8. If this season pans out it will be a feather in his cap!

      B xx


    I really do miss her, she really did grow on me there at the end. I really, really hope Crowley has resurrected her. 😄 Goodness these next few week’s are going to be the death of me. It looks like it will be great. It’s almost like a Fourth and Fifth season combo! Can’t wait. ..really, can…not…wait.


    1. Is it??? Checking, double checking!

      I hope so, but would her illness now allow her to come back? I miss her so much too. Good point, Crowley get to it!

      It does look gritty and dark doesn’t it?

      B xx


      1. I think it’s Claire after watching and pausing. 😕 I was really hoping that it was Meg. Still I’m hoping! It’s definitely not the objectionable lady that got me in some hot water on the other blog, that I unintentionally dipped my butt in.

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          1. Oh well see whatahappened was… there’s this thing going on in Tumblr about misogyny and of a lady in a few of her unmentionables, who happened to be Asian. Well, I made the comment that it was probably a lady from Dean’s favorite magazine. So I stepped in the doodoo, cause I wasn’t paying attention of how inappropriate it was on a blog about objectified genders. 😐

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