The Winchesters Are Coming

And just in time for the season eleven premiere,we have our promotional shots and videos. There’s been an interesting change to the promotional materials in the past few seasons. First Castiel was added and now…Crowley!


What does it mean for us and for the character that he’s now been given top billing, along with The Winchesters and the Friendly Angel? Will there be a lot of Hellish shenanigans this Fall? Will Crowley make the decision that I’ve been hoping for, even longing for, since season nine’s Sacrifice? To redeem himself? To be human? To walk away from the Crown?

Does Sam being front and center mean that this season is more Sam-centric? And what kind of trouble will Castiel get up to this season?

We’ll find out.

I’ve really grown to love this character, as much as Castiel, and if his arc is to end, I hope the writers let him go with the dignity he richly deserves. He’s been a wonderfully engaging, complex and even sympathetic villain. Those  are rare traits in villainy and I want what’s best for him, as much as I do the brothers.

BTW: I’d like to give a shout out to Virile Manifestation for answering my request about Tessa. I do like Tessa  okay, but she didn’t mean as much to me as she did some others and it helps me to understand characters better when people tell me why the character means so much to THEM. I have a better understanding and appreciation of Tessa, now.

Now I have two more requests. If anyone has any other secondary, or even tertiary characters that really meant a lot to them, then this is the place to examine your feelings about them or just tell the fandom, you love them and why. Anyone from guest stars to cameos, is fair game.

My second request is for someone to do a character analysis on Castiel. To this date I’ve not read any in- depth analysis of his character. I’ve mentioned my inability to write coherently about this character. He is so complex and rich with meaning, that I didn’t feel I could really do justice to any understanding of this character and I can’t seem to order my thoughts regarding him.  I have a lot of feelings about him but I’m not a religious person, so that particular aspect of Castiel is a blindspot for me. I just can’t see it.

If anyone wants to give either of these a try, let Bella know in the comments! We would all love to hear your thoughts.

ETA: Yeah, I know. Crowley was in previous promotional materials but this time the arrangement is different. This time his positioning is on par with Castiel and the brothers. He is now a primary character, not secondary as before. It’s interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Lkeke! ❤
    I love Crowley. Loved him since Abandon All Hope and I've been stressed all hiatus at the thought of his possible demise. Mark, ever the troll kept repeating that Crowley was dead during the Comic Con interviews lol.

    Mark Sheppard is a treasure and I enjoy Crowley's relationship with the Winchesters so much, especially his epic crush on Dean. I was thrilled when Mark was made a regular in S10 and I'm thrilled to see him everywhere representing the show. Crowley's my third favorite character of the series since Bobby died. Long live the King of Hell!

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      1. Hehe, something else we have in common aside for our love for Dean. Did you like the whole Rowena/Crowley storyline? It wasn’t as gripping as the Crowley/Dean stuff from S9 and S10 but I thought it was interesting that Rowena appeared at a time where Crowley was vulnerable and reeling from his ‘breakup’ with Demon!Dean.

        I’m a little shocked that in the end it was confirmed that Rowena truly never cared for Crowley. It was clear she was using him but I thought that while she was selfish, neglectful and abusive, deep down, deep deep down she cared about Crowley. A little bit. He was able to get a little payback with the Oskar stuff and I foresee their relationship being even more acrimonious in S11 considering she tried to kill him.

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        1. I KNEW she didn’t care for Crowley. All she cared about was his status and what it could do for her. I didn’t like her at the beginning but she grew on me when she stopped over acting. Crowley was very susceptible when she showed up (like you said, after his “breakup” with Dean)or he wouldn’t have believed her for a second. Poor Crowley, always loving and being two timed lol I was glad he sort of got back at her with Oscar but as he said its not mean if you don’t go through with it (killing Oscar) and she did, with barely a backward glance. LOL Im worried about her out and abut with the Book of the Damned!

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          1. Aww, I guess the Crowley Crumpet in me wanted to believe his mama liked him a little bit lol.

            ” I didn’t like her at the beginning but she grew on me when she stopped over acting. ”
            Boy did Rowena grow on me. Didn’t care for her in Girls x3 but I like her a lot now. I’ll be sad when she goes.


              1. Oh I loved Girls3. It was an opportunity to show us how much of a slime all she was. Up till then I was really admiring her but that episode really showed her true colors. I thought she was being all woman empowering and stuff, but no! she’s all for herself. It’s why she makes such a good villain.

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    1. Okay Susannah, I am formerly putting you in charge of CASTIEL and his journey. If you could write up from the start season 4 and that entrance this would be FAB. I also need an expert on Crowley if anyone is game? I am loving how you all jump in and want to own an area this is what I really want to see more of.

      B xx

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  2. I have to say that I love Crowley. Mark Shepherd really won me over with his acting in Sacrifice. I always enjoyed him but now I love him and love to hate him. When the hex bag failed and his eyes turned red was a great moment last season. I love his snark and his love/hate relationship with Dean. I loved that he gave Cas the grace to go and help turn Dean back. He’s done some awful things. That bastard kidnapped Lisa and Ben, set Dean up to get the MOC , kept Bobbys soul and I am sure more that I am not remembering. I am hoping he and Cas have to work with Sam and Dean to stop the Darkness (I am sure Crowley feels its a threat to his throne)

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    1. Yes, that scen in Sacrifice just awed me. I had some serious “feels” during his speech in that episode and ever since.
      But don’t get me started, I’m going to write a post on him soon. Before the season premiere.

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    2. I have loved Crowley for a long time, and these days I put that love in front of Cas. I find his stories boring in comparison to what Crowley’s are. He really is a badass and Mark owns him. He knows how to deliver SNARK big time! I deserved to be loved speech I think was Marks best ever and he will always be remembered for this in years to come. I would sure miss Mark if they ever axed Crowley. We need a good/bad guy who helps the boys out. I love this 4 team unit as a whole and never want this to change, EVER!

      B xxx

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