Is Sam turning to his spiritual side?

After seeing the trailer and reading bits here and there, it appears that Sam is trying to contact God to help them put the darkness back. Since he feels guilty about releasing it, and God fort to put the Darkness back behind that lock. It stands to reason as to where he’s going with this? And it DOES make sense that Sam would turn to faith in the absence of any other resource. Going to the big man himself, is this a good idea? That will only land him in more trouble, and I can’t help but think this, because when ever the fan hits the fire they always end up in bigger trouble than when they first started. It seems to be an ever ending circle. When will this cycle ever break?

This also reminds me of Dean contacting the angels in S9 and how well this little adventure went, that one angel did respond to Dean’s pray. Enter Ezekiel…. We thought for a while he wasn’t on the level, and we lost Kevin because of Metatron forcing his hand? He turned out to do a good deed in helping Castiel ending his own life. But this doesn’t excuse the fact that Dean’s efforts in saving Sam turned sour. Even though we all knew it was for good intensions.

Sam has gone dark countless times, who’s to say this won’t be any different. There is talk of him gaining back his powers (see Debbab’s article Sam’s anti-possession tatoo and untapped powers.) This makes me wonder how dark he will go to put the darkness back because of his guilt? He was bad over the Apocalypse and wanted to jump into satin himself, how daft is this jaunt gonna get? I tend to rant when I get nervous, but I can just see this mounting up into some huge spectacle with Sam putting himself in danger once again because he’s turned to his spiritual side for help?

How do you all feel about this, and Sam’s guilt in releasing the darkness and blaming himself. Is Rowena gonna play her part in all this considering it was HER magic that technically released it?

Written By: Bella xxx

6 thoughts on “Is Sam turning to his spiritual side?

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  1. There is enough blame to go around. Dean did what he had to do to bring up another trope used in s 9. The natural order of things is once again dismanteled. Do reapers sign up for unemployment benefits? Sam went the route of the Book of the Damned and Rowena. Consequences are always there. It only ends when the Winchesters can no longer “Carry On”. Where there are Winchesters there is hope.


      1. “I appreciate you always have barb, but something tells me different and have always deep down had this hunch that just won’t go away.

        B xxx”

        I don’t mind if they are special-like being the vessels , but powers blah


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