On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

I just dipped into the hurt!Sam Tumblr community to check out my Hell trauma theory regarding the torture scenes in the trailer, and one of the first things I saw was a slowed-down gif of the bra-wearing Asian lady in the trailer. The gif was tagged ‘racialized misogyny cw’.

As you might expect, I have a few things to say about this. None of them are nice.

First of all, depicting a woman, whether of Asian descent or not, in her underwear, is in no way misogynistic, whether it’s a sexual context or not. To say that that’s misogyny is akin to saying that depicting shirtless men is misandry. It’s ridiculous. What, you want to scrub all semi-nude females off TV screens? And that’s acceptable?

‘But it’s objectification,’ I hear Tumblr-dwelling tweens squeal. Okay, guys, let me tell you something. You got that gif from less than a second of trailer footage. You have no idea of the context. It wasn’t a lingering shot, from what I gathered; simply a woman. In a bra. Who was pretty and Asian. I wonder if they’d be okay with it if she was obese, Hawaiian and had no nose. Would that still be objectification, this perfectly factual shot?

In any case, I’m not necessarily anti-objectification, as long as it’s equal on the male and female sides. Have you seen how much Sam and Dean are objectified in this show? It’s one of the things I love about SPN, that subversive element. Also- Sam was being tortured in the trailer, shirtless and covered in blood. That’s been giffed about twelve times more than Hot Asian Lady (who, by the way, has now been branded according to her race because of all the people making a fuss about her Asian-ness, which I hadn’t even noticed before going on Tumblr and seeing that.) If the Hot Asian Lady shot was objectifying, then the Sam shots certainly were- which means that SPN is objectifying both genders and races equally, which negates the idea of a) racism, and b) misogyny.


31 thoughts on “On Supposed “Racialized Misogyny” In The s11 Trailer.

  1. Ok…I apologize. I didn’t mean a slight to either Asians, Beauties or Busty women or a combo of the three. What I meant is if it was a three second shot slowed down to show the pretty woman wearing a bra, that happens to be Asian. It possibly could be one of the models from his magazine, that needs help or part of a case since it’s in the promo. Who knows, I really didn’t pay any attention to that hot second the lady was in, let along what she wasn’t wearing in it.
    Besides the fact that the magazine in question is called Busty Asian Beauties, I didn’t coin the phrase, or meant anyone harm by the comment. As for the BAB Dean’s favorite magazine, all of the ladies are over 18 years old, gave their consent to be pictured provocatively, knowing full well it would be published in glossy format for public dispersion for men and women to ogle. That means my comment of BAB Redundant, it’s not stereotyping or perpetuating misogyny when the women pictured in this particular magazine are fully aware of what they are doing. It’s no worse than Playboy, Penthouse and 100 other magazines out there that women are pictured in.

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    1. To clarify I am a woman. I have 3 children and Jenks is a play on my real name, and happened to be my nickname while growing up. Hijinks..Jenks… if you were thinking that I was man making a callous remark, nope. I was just making a observation about the show.

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      1. 😂 It’s all good. Seriously though I didn’t mean to offend anyone. The subject matter is not funny. My comment was only to point out that they Tumblr jumped to a conclusion about a second in the promo and it’s possibly only about Dean and his BAB magazine. Before drawing conclusions of a 2 or 3 second clip in a promo, they should know exactly what it’s pertaining too before making inflammatory comments, and getting everyone up in arms.

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          1. Loved it…can…not…wait! I have theory about the guys, God’s plan, destinies, and the seasons and how it all goes together. I’m writing a piece on it, should be posted up on Sunday. Though I’m American it seems my blogs are posted in the middle of the night, but it’s only 6 om my time zone…lol

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            1. SAME. I’m theorizing Hell trauma for the torture stuff. It’d fit with what JP said about flashbacks.
              And don’t worry, I’m English and my posts are crazy late sometimes 🙂


          2. Does anyone else have any ideas about that short clip of Sam with some kind of scarring under his skin, like poison? Not to get wankery but does anyone think that demon blood might come back into play because of The Darkness?
            I was of the opinion that the trials burned the demon blood out of him. At the very least Gadreels presence would’ve gotten rid of any remnants, because no angel, outside of Lucifer, is capable of possessing a tainted vessel. It’s the reason Azazel tainted him.

            Did anybody else catch that Mary was supposed to give up her first born in ten years? That Lucifers vessel should’ve been Dean?

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            1. Actually the Deal was she gave her consent to let YED in her home in 10 yrs. As long as she didn’t try to disturb him or what he’s doing while he was there, no one would get hurt. There was No mention of first born child or giving him a child was said.

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            2. Not sure that was demon blood stuff- I know about the link to When The Levee Breaks, but there were other people in the trailer with the same veiny thing.
              I don’t think the trials burned it out; after all, he never finished them.
              And I don’t think it’s impossible for another angel to possess him. When was that said?


  2. I get that these people have no context with which to claim that image is objectification, but I can kind of see where they’d jump on the idea. The show has in its history several instances of racialized misogyny, with Man’s Best Friend being a prime example.( Not misogyny on the part of the characters but the writers who created them.)

    I maintain it is possible to call out the writers for that kind of thing without indicting any of the actual characters on the show. But in this case its too soon to tell.

    Oh , and I hate to rain on your parade people, but joking about busty Asian beauties is offensive in the middle of an argument about misogyny. Is it objectification? Yes. Does the show objectify Dean and Sam, all the time? Sure.

    Joking about the stereotype of hot Asian babes is highly inappropriate, though.

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    1. Hey Ikeke. Man’s Best Friend is awful and I completely agree- but it’s not fair to judge a Season Eleven episode written by JC by a S8 episode. It’s two completely different instances.
      The show’s not blameless- I think mostly it’s very good about the whole gender thing, but two other examples- the torturings of Meg (Caged Heat) and Ruby (Heaven & Hell). Filmed seductively. Again it’s an issue of context- if they’d filmed Sam and Dean being tortured in the same manner as the two women, I wouldn’t have had an issue. But they didn’t, and so I have the aforesaid issue.
      But with the new trailer, it’s a totally different matter.

      As for the Busty Asian Beauties jokes on the thread- and I’m honestly not trying to start a fight here- I get where you’re coming from, but Jenks wasn’t joking ABOUT the women or them being sex objects or their race or anything- she was making an observation that was about Dean, really.

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      1. I agree. Its way too soon to start complaining about the new season solely on the basis of two seconds of footage. That’s a bit much.

        But in their defense the people on Tumblr tend to be very young and passionate about their beliefs, (but still wrong in this case) but not always very discerning about how to apply those beliefs. If you really feel strongly about what was done you should tell them so. They need to learn when and how to apply all this new knowledge of theirs.

        As for Jenks,(HI!) I dont want to start a fight either., but that joke just made me very uncomfortable. I object to Dean’s choices in reading matter just in general, anyway.

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        1. Yeah, it’s ridiculous- it’s like when the writer of Girls, Girls, Girls (10×7) got accused of being a ‘rape apologist’ based only on the TRAILER.
          And it’s fine to be passionate- but that goes both ways.
          I would tell them but for my lack of an actual Tumblr- I try and steer clear of it excepting special circumstances. I’ve had past issues with it.
          Re Dean’s reading matter choices- I mean, I have no issue with porn as a concept & when it’s an actual job choice. But I get what you mean. It’s very sleazy. I just find it pretty limiting to judge characters based on whether you approve of their actions.


  3. It’s a great article! Well said! I wish people knew more about the meanings of the words they use to criticize something. The trailer is amazing! It is one minute long and they pick up one specific second from it because they simply want to be negative about the series. It’s really frustrating!

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    1. Thank you. And dear God yes. I’ve calmed down now- I LOVE the trailer. Normally I hate the CW promos- the Angel Heart one was AWFUL- but they must have switched trailer-makers. It was so well put-together.
      People like that aren’t real fans.


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