Barb’s recap experience of Salute to Supernatatural New Jersey Convention 2014.

I never thought I would get to a convention. Then 2 years ago I saw that the J’s showed at NJ Con. I live approx. 1 hour from there so wow this may be doable! But can I afford it? Am I too old ,will I feel foolish? Will my husband laugh at me and say no way? So I did some research and joined every SPN Convention group on Facebook. About 1 year in advance I did it, I ordered 2 preferred seats for Sunday when the boys would be there AND a Jensen photo op.
I had made friends with this gal named Val a few years before on the internet. She loved Jared but she didn’t have much money and she lived in Canada. So I said I would give her the ticket and put her up for 3 days at my house, so she said HELL YES!  The Friday before the convention she arrived at Port Authority, where my husband and I met her and brought her home to our house. We had a very nice weekend with lots of Supernatural watching of course. Before you know it Sunday arrived.
We got car service at 7AM and 1/2 a block from my house she realizes she left her ticket in the house-OMG VAL! So we retrieved the ticket and finally were on our way. On the way there we kept checking FB to see who was going and we found a gal that wanted to sell her Jared and Jensen autographs for 1/2 price so we quickly said we wanted them and planned to meet her in the theatre. Really getting excited now!
Whippany NJ was very nice-small and cosy (not sure I am going to like the new large venue the  Meadowlands as much this year ). We registered quickly and then we hit the vendors room. It was a little disappointing…not much to look at or buy. I got a I Love Dean handmade pin, a Dean calendar, a photo of Dean for the autograph, and a clear sleeve to put it in to protect it. Then we went outside and talked to other fans. EVERYONE was friendly. People were of all ages which made me at 59 years old feel better.
We went to the theatre to see Misha and Marks panel which was hysterical. Mark just kept walking around the room leaving Misha on stage to answer all the questions while he talked to the audience members.
Then they announced photo ops. I get to the entrance of the room and in the center is a white screen. On my side of the screen is a table to put ALL your stuff on, the other side of the screen-OMG its Jensen!  I can’t explain the feeling of seeing him in the flesh. He looks so much thinner in person! And even handsomer! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, meanwhile the girl in front of me is talking to me and talking to me-I just want to tell her STFU! I just want to look at Jensen! 🙂 The line moves very quickly and before you know it its my turn. I don’t know how I managed to make my legs walk towards him. I remember saying Hi Jensen and then his face lit up and he said HI!  I never even got to ask for a bear hug-all of a sudden he pulls me in by one arm and we are in a one arm hug with my head on his shoulder and then its over. Thank you Jensen-No, THANK YOU! and he rubs my back as I stumble out of the room. When I get outside the room there’s all these gals crying and shaking and laughing and smiling. And then I see Val and she is shaking like a leaf! She just had her Jared photo op and was almost fainting! We all talked for quite a while about our individual experiences.
Next was the autograph session, which I actually think gives you more one on one time. The gal that sold me the auto had Gold so she had to walk me there and she says  “talk to him” -WTF! So she starts pointing out my I Love Dean pin and Team Dean necklace and he’s all “awesome, great choice” and a wink (which almost did me in). Then I thanked him for bringing Dean to life every week and  he is all smiles!  After the autos we saw the J2 panel which was great. Jared and Jensen just get along so well together. They are really funny and entertaining. Then Jensen sang Your Love for the first time. OMG his voice was perfect! This is before the new ROCKSTAR JENSEN that he has been lately so I was mesmerized!
We then had dinner with the autograph seller gal and then we had time to kill before the photos would be out so we went to Alaina’s (Abaddon) panel. She was enjoyable but we were just itching to get our photos. Finally they were ready so we picked them up and paid for the jpegs and took car service home. It was the best 12 hours of my life!
Written By: Barb ….

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  1. Thanks much for this! I enjoyed reading it. I went to my first convention this year because they finally came to Minnesota. It was a very special time for me. I got autographs from Mark, Misha, Jensen, Jared, Tahmoh, Gil, Chad, and Sebastian. I didn’t get any photo ops due to cost and being really shy about photos. Everyone was very nice but I have to say that Misha being mugged did put a damper on things, I believe. He couldn’t do his panel to the big audience and he was obviously not feeling well. It was SO sad. My favorite parts of the 3 days were the SAturday night concert–Rob blew me away–and getting Jareds autograph (I will try to write up that little story and post it). I also was pleasantly surprised by how interesting, clever and funny Sebastian, Mark and Chad were. I knew that Richard S. was really smart but havent watched videos of many other members panels, other than J2 and Misha. It was a fun adventure!


  2. Thanx for sharing, Barb. That sounds like so much fun. And well described too. I can imagine the whole thing. I wonder if the actors are wiereded out by how much they affect people’s lives?


  3. It sounds Devine! You were so generous to share that experience with your friend Val. Wanna be my benefactor? 😉😇 JK…
    I’m determined to get to a SPN convention with my sister, she loves the show as much as I. We’ve started our savings, as they don’t have one in our state, so it’s costly for airfare, the packages plus lodging, and any luxury extras like food. Your experience just makes my dream feel reachable. Everything I’ve read about the whole cast of SPN says they are kind, laid back, hilarious, present and very personable. I have yet to read one testimony that said they were snobbish, blasé or have a celebrity persona meaning they are there but not really THERE. If that makes sense. I’ve met a couple celebrities at conventions many were quite nice, though some you got the feeling they didn’t like doing it but were forced, a few it seemed they were a 1000 miles away, not even bothering to hide it.
    The SPN cast seems like they really enjoy it, and go out of their way to make a special effort for us fans to feel welcomed and appreciated. That to me makes them A+ PPL.


    1. I think our cast and crew are a very special unit. I think they go that extra mile and are happy to accommodate fans. They are very humble guys and appreciate their roots and know where they’ve come from and are very appreciative of us at the same time. They know with out us, there is no show and they have no job. They don’t take it for granted. Not like some celebs who just jaunt in and out, and do it cause they have to do it. The boys love interacting with us, and it shows. Not many shows have stars who like each other let alone go out and socialize with one another. I am really fond of this crew and would hate to see this ride ever end!

      B xx


  4. Wow, it seems like a great experience. I’ve been thinking seriously about going to a convention. The closest for me would be Toronto. I have a lot of doubts when I look at the prices but reading testimonies like yours make it sound like it’s really worth it. Thanks for sharing!
    BTW, I keep hearing 3 things about Jensen’s photo-ops.
    1. He’s even more beautiful in person. 2. He’s skinnier than we think. 3. He smells like Heaven lol.


    1. He smells like heaven, that’s getting a bit too close for comfort lol!

      Good article Barb, thanks for the hard work! One of these days I will get to one. If health and money allows me too. It is a dream I want to accomplish. My brother this year ended up in the same hotel the boys were doing the convention in, Asylum 14 at the Hilton Hotel as he was working for a company in that building filming a video. His colleagues wondered what was going on and one went to find out. He reported back saying it was a convention for the TV show Supernatural. And my bro was like God my sis would love to be here right now. When he went out of the room to have a look he said the corridor was packed with young women in costume and the noise was so loud. He nipped into the loo and on his way out a group of men sort of officially walked past him. He sort of recognized one of the guys in the middle. He phoned me that next day and I said picture him to me, what was he wearing. I knew instantly that it was Jensen and later confirmed it was him. He said he was thin and looked under weight and well groomed and tidy.

      That previous week I was talking about going and looking into it with a friend and we knew then the tickets were sold out. As a thread about the Birmingham convention went up. How spooky was that, that my brother was there at that same venue at that time that Jensen was walking past the main toilets. A story I will never forget. I wished he’d asked him for his autograph as I have Jared’s and would have made the pair complete.

      B xx

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