Not With a Fizzle but with a Bang: Castiel, an Introduction

When the showrunners decided to add to the mythology of the show, no one knew it’d be angels, and the kind that were douchebags. Castiel, self-proclaimed Angel of the Lord, had one of the most iconic entrances in show history and would put a Taylor Swift concert to shame. With a banging roof, showering sparks and shotgun shots acting as lighting, the Hellblazer outfitted trenchcoat wearing angel with the perfect sex hair and most beautiful baby blues came face to face with the man he’d gripped tight and raised from perdition, Dean Winchester. As Eric Kripke described it, “That’s badassery right there” and it sure as hell was.


The most astonishing thing was that Castiel isn’t given a face until the last 5 minutes of the episode (Lazarus Rising, S04E01) and are the most dramatic scenes in the entire episode. The moment when Castiel summons lightning and shows Dean his wings to prove he’s an angel is awe-inspiring and beautiful, spurning many a fic around it (wing!kink anyone?). His intimidating aura and slight smug superiority coupled with curiosity on his face add to the mystery of Castiel. Claiming that the heavenly force rescued Dean from hell because they had work for him is the conclusion of this particular episode.


The remainder of the season follows the transitions of Castiel from angel to partly human. There is much debate as to why this happens and the most agreed upon point is that he imprinted on Dean’s soul (handprint on left shoulder). This apparently led to the creation of the Profound Bond as we call it and is probably the reason Castiel responds more often to Dean’s prayers to him than anyone else. This could also be the reason why the angel started to have ‘doubts’ and ‘feelings’. Imprinting upon a human should have some effect on an angel right? This might be it. Another point to be noted throughout the season is that he has no understanding of his ‘feelings’ and denies them more often than not in the presence of the heavenly host or other angels. Observe, Castiel’s behavior around Dean and Sam is very different as compared to when they’re in the presence of another angel. There are times when his humanity breaks through prompting surprise on the faces of angels and humans alike but I’m pretty sure he’s very unaware that he’s doing it. The season’s 20th episode, the Rapture, was one in which they were able to communicate with Castiel’s vessel Jimmy while he’s completely MIA. When he does return, however, he’s had the fear of God literally beaten into him by senior angels causing his very cold, detached and almost hateful reaction toward the Winchesters at the end of the episode. This I believe, is proof of Castiel becoming more humane.

The Profound Bond probably can probably be resisted but Castiel found himself being at the beck and call of the Winchesters throughout subsequent seasons and also being attracted to their cause. Season 4’s It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, was an episode in which the angels were ordered to do as the Winchesters willed it, not what the angels or God wanted to happen. The fact that Castiel is more amenable to the idea than Uriel was proof of Castiel’s change from Angelic Soldier to Angel-the-Winchesters-can-Count-On.

The first 2 seasons in which Castiel appears (Seasons 4 & 5) are very beautiful and quite low on pain in the Castiel department. Also, the mythology of the show also becomes more complex with new characters and bigger plotlines making them very enjoyable. That being said, no one should skip seasons 1-3 because you won’t understand half of what being said. Plots run deep throughout this show and can be found emerging in multiple seasons.

The next post will be more on the trenchcoat wearing angel in individual episodes of season 4. I hope you stick around to read!

Embrace your weird readers and I will see you in my next post!



16 thoughts on “Not With a Fizzle but with a Bang: Castiel, an Introduction

  1. Angelic message for September, 12, 2015

    Make friends with the Angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.

    St. Francis de Sales



  2. Lazarus Rising is an episode I can re-watch at anytime. The character of Castiel was originally to be a short run, but the arc went over so well that Misha, the actor, is now credited as a lead rather than a special guest star. That hand print on Dean’s shoulder certainly could be the strong connection between the two, but did you notice it fit perfectly the size of Anna’s hand when they were in the Impala?( Thanks to the makeup artist). Cas would have trouble bonding with Sam as Sam was full of demon blood. In S9 Cas grows a bit closer to to Sam once Cas has the ability to understand pop culture and what it is to be human himself and to be a hunter/Winchester.

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  3. I love it. Most especially the part about Cas imprinting on Dean. I never thought about it like that before and that very well could explain his attraction to Dean. Its taken me some time to warm to him but season (was it nine?) when he became human, just really made me fall in love with him. I loved him as a human and those episodes were so beautiful and touching.

    Thank you for writing this. I’m looking forward to your next post.

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  4. Great thought out post honey! Thank you.
    Its fun to go back to basics and watch a character grow.
    Cas has never been a favorite of mine, but is high on my list. I seem to fall in and out of love with him and had a hard time over him breaking Sam’s wall S7. Some say Cas wasn’t himself and I get that too, he wasn’t. Purgatory put me back in love with Cas as he left Dean to keep him safe and was protecting him. There is something very mysterious about Cas, but I think since his lost his power and became human S8 I think he’s lost that a bit, which was what I loved about Cas when he first appeared in that barn. You’re words at describing him were perfect! Can’t wait for the next installment and where you take him, I am a happy bunny 😉

    Good work!

    B xx

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  5. great post! I Loved Cas’ entrance, it was so awesome! I remember watching it and thinking, ‘oh this is when we start to see Dean turning Gay’ because only knowing the internet side of things (destiel) I thought it was canon lol!

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