Those very powerful, brotherly, moments?

Each day I am going to start re-blogging articles which have had a high viewing figure that day. I think its nice to visit past articles and give them a good airing. Some you might notice never had a comment. Back in my early blogging days, I did a boo, boo! I had a clean out of my article comments which was a stupid thing to do, and lost a bulk of them. So adding new comments will be a bonus. Enjoy!

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Over the course of almost eight years we can recall a large number of these special Sam n’ Dean scenes that keep you watching and over the years many re-watches follow. They hold a place in our hearts, and continue to do so. This is why so many of us tune in week after week, after week.

A brotherly hug we all love to see. A brotherly hug we all love to see.

These guys have a unique affinity with one another. I suspect this is quite rare these days that a pairing is so profoundly memorable. Which I suspect it will be years after the show has stopped recording, and the show is no more. These moments are rare lately and often wonder what the boys think when they re-watch their own moving scenes and ponder, perhaps. I could have done it better! Na we all shout, you were awesome, frig-gin awesome.

We each have our own…

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3 thoughts on “Those very powerful, brotherly, moments?

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  1. Think back to the era Men Do No Hug. Did you ever see Humphrey Bogart hug anyone? How odd it would be to see Dean back from Hell just stand in front of his brother and say, “Glad to see ya.” whie Sam grunts out, “You look pretty good bro, for a guy that just got out of Hell.”


  2. I know you’re such a huge mega superfan 😉
    Its great to have you on board!
    It’s so true there are so many moments to choose from, and only having 5 was extremely hard to narrow them all down. I hope I did it justice! (JA’s daughters name)
    Hello Cruel World, felt so real. It turned heads and made fans watch, it was so vibrant and fresh from the normal moment. Which is why I still love it. Season 7 may not have been a great season, but it had some strong moments and that was one of them. Dean knew instinctly how to get through to his brother who was suffering mentally and it worked. I thought that whole storyline was well planned and thoughtfully written. I did consider that moment, but dialogue really was the key in narrowing them down, it was really, really tough to do! Thanks for the comment!

    B xxx

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