Top Billing on Supernatural?

Okay, this article since its first airing continues to come up on to the leader board as one of the most viewed. Its grand total is 4,111 hits since its release on 3rd of October 2013. Lets celebrate this little gem! Enjoy!

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Over the years over on IMDb this question often pops up. Now I am often surprised in the answers that come back. But this year surprised me in the replies. One mentioned that its down to Jared’s agent that he is billed first. As I didn’t realize that agents have that power to demand their artist gets his name up top first. Apparently there appears to be competition, and money at stake.

Now many in the past have said its alphabetical which its not. Jensen Ackles in surname comes first, whom incidentally is the elder brother of the show (as if we didn’t know this fact). So Jared Padalecki if by surname would naturally come in second position. Unless alphabetical by first name, Ja comes before Je.  Sam is the younger brother which to many were surprised that he was top billing. As in many cases elder siblings often come…

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