***Big Sam **Spoilers** ahead do not read if you don’t want to know***

At the Dallas convention this weekend tweets are reporting that Jared says the demon blood is back! Yikes.

A  friend over on IMDb Pondlass1 posted this today….

Am I surprised….!!!


Here’s why. I never really thought that Sam was cured from the demon blood during the trials post S8. He never completed the trials as he never proceeded to use the sandwich and whip his blood on Crowley to cure him of being a demon. I don’t think the trials purified him either or the confession in the box. I think that just sort of cleansed him.

I am a little concerned about this because I think some have mentioned that Lucifer might be coming back and its said old characters are returning? Now in the trailer we see Sam try and contact God because he feels guilty about releasing the darkness and wants to do his bit and but the bastard back. I had a hunch that maybe he uses his powers to do this. Perhaps he does manage to speak to God who guides him in using his powers again for the greater good, and defeat the darkness? If Luci is on his return, what does this little adventure mean for Sam? What is drinking demon blood gonna make him do?~ Why now are the writers wanting to bring back the demon blood and release Luci after all this time, doesn’t make any sense?

I did a bit of digging and came across this latest article giving a sort of re-cap of Sam’s powers.

Last month, while on the set of Supernatural filming Season 11, Jared Padalecki tweeted a thought provoking question:  Does Sam still have demon blood in him? Padalecki said that he had his own theory, but didn’t share it (Hey…thanks Jared for the tease!).

Immediately Supernatural fans were abuzz on Twitter with their own thoughts on this question. A fun and intense debate ensued with fans pointing to various episodes to buttress their argument as to why they believed the younger Winchester had or didn’t have remnants of demon blood coursing through his heroic veins.

Remember in the Season 5 premiere Sympathy for The Devil when the boys were removed from that convent in Maryland (as Lucifer was rising from his cage) and placed on that airplane? Dean queried his brother wondering whether Sam was still hungry for demon blood. Sam seemed optimistic that his craving was gone, like he had experienced some kind of “Supernatural methadone.”

Yet, in the next episode Good God Y’all, Sam’s hunger for demon blood was in full force as the brothers found themselves in a town of demons (except there weren’t any demons). The town had been subjected to hallucinations that demons were everywhere courtesy of the evil machinations of War, one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Sam’s urges for demon blood were so strong that he and his brother parted ways for a short time as Sam confessed that “he was in no condition to be hunting.” With the arrival of another Horseman, Famine, Sam fought and lost his craving for demon blood and was confined to the panic room to detox.

Flash forward to Season 8 and the trials to close the Gates of Hell: Sam was convinced that the trials purified him. But did they really?

Personally, I belong to the camp hoping that Sam still has demon blood inside him.

When the Levee Breaks is my all-time favorite Supernatural episode and I feel provided Padalecki with his most challenging material.

If Sam Winchester still has demon blood inside of him, I hope that it is enough to help him fight The Darkness.

This is what I am HOPING for too. If The Blood is still in him, Sam would only use it for good intentions, and I can see this heroic action going down, and defeating the darkness and putting Lucy back into the cage. Is Sam going to go back to HELL> could be another possibility. Would do you all think??

Written By: Bella xxx


20 thoughts on “***Big Sam **Spoilers** ahead do not read if you don’t want to know***

  1. Sam & Demon Blood are my worst nightmare. Dean was sassy & uncaring as Demon!Dean but Sam on blood is a whole new level of scary. If he does go back to it, it will be interesting to see what impacts it has on the dynamic after so many years. We haven’t seen Sam drink blood for years but this will add an interesting twist to it


    1. It will be an interesting twist if its done well. I don’t want them going back over old story lines where there is no real purpose for it. I just hope its a good plot that Sam can run with. When Jared is given something meaty to act with he’s superb and the demon blood era was amazing in its own right. I don’t want the writers spoiling that like they did with Bobbies death.

      B xxx

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  2. If this is true… the writers just can’t keep their hand’s outta that “Let’s pit each brother against one another…again, and maybe have the fans be wretchedly hurt for a cliffhanger” or ” Oh I know, let’s have Sam have another existential crisis and cause him to go Dark, so Dean has to do something rash and totally predictable to save him.” not so good jar.
    I would love to have a WHOLE season that BOTH brothers were actually on the same page, fighting the good fight, TOGETHER and maybe just maybe not dying, either emotionally or physically at all. Is that really to much to ask? I wish they would make up their dang melons if Sam is Only Sam, and not some kind of hybrid human/semi-demon/semi-graced mix breed.
    Sam has never got a chance to be just freaking Sam, without having some funky supernatural mumbo jumbo going on. Can’t they just agree to write both as Human and give us one season to pick on either?


  3. Well if this is true Jensen has been pulling our leg. LOL

    I just don’t think they will bring that back again. How are the brothers going to be on the same page if Sam is back to demon blood and we now how Dean feels about that? Of course JMHO


    1. We don’t know what is true until it pans out on screen. I think they try and keep a lot close to their chests, but this seemed a big discussion point on IMDb so I wonder… I don’t think they will bring back that story line again, NO. But what I do think is that it will be woven into a different story line involving the darkness. In the trailer it looked like the boys are prisoners which was what I thought about at the end of the season. Something supernatural is hovering over Sam and raising those veins on his skin, which I think might stir up the demon blood. And this is how it resurfaces. Might be wrong, just a thought to allow you all ponder!

      B xxx


  4. I never believed Sam was purified of the demon blood and I didn’t understand why he thought he was. I didn’t like that storyline the first time around but if they do it differently, it might work. I still don’t see it happening since everyone keeps repeating the boys don’t have Supernatural issues this seasons. But then again, we have Sam with those dark veins..


    1. Yeah. We have to keep in mind that often the cast and crew will tease us about some element of the show coming back, when really it’s just a one episode deal or a dream sequence or something.
      There may just be a couple of episodes where it’s mentioned or Sam has a nightmare or something. I’m excited to see where it goes.

      I will say I’m very excited for the Impala episode. I’ve loved Baby since I learned that was her name, so yeah.

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      1. I know they tease, but its so annoying having to wait, knowing what they know that we don’t. It must be hell trying to keep a secret in like this, I feel for them. It could be a dream sequence and we know the show loves producing these. I can’t wait for Baby episode either I hope they do it justice and its a really thoughtful story behind it. What they talk about, how they act around each other in close space, and after seeing some pictures behind the scenes looks like they had a lot of fun filming it. Can’t wait for this one…

        B xxx


      2. “I will say I’m very excited for the Impala episode. I’ve loved Baby since I learned that was her name, so yeah.”

        This episode has the potential of being EPIC! I am so looking forward to it. It will be fun to see what they talk bout in the car when we aren’t normally watching!


  5. Are you kidding me? I wish I had your optimism! This is Supernatural so, of course, it’s going to be awful for both of them.

    Here’s another question, do you think the events of the episode The End will come to pass? With the re-introduction of Lucy, could it still happen?

    You guys all know I fell on the side of Sam being cured of the demon taint because of the trials. Although, I do understand that since he didn’t finish the trials, it’s up for interpretation, so I’m okay with him not being cured.

    I’m not actually surprised, either. I had some definite ideas on what The Darkness was (I thought it would be some combination of all Four Horseman’s effects and Croatoan Virus, all mixed together, only nobody can die now) and I thought the re-intro of the demon blood might be one of the effects, whether Sam is cured or not, so I’m actually very intrigued.

    And what combination of Rowenna, Demon blood and Crowley does this make for the season? What role are Cas and the Angels going to play in all this?

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    1. I was aware of you’re concerns over the demon blood Ikeke when I posted this, and was thinking of you. It sort of was and wasn’t a shock. I just didn’t want Sam going back there unless there was a decent story that makes him look good at the end of it, and not ruin him further. The demon blood did taint him as a character but also allowed Sam to grow. He over came it, and battled it to be a stronger person. Now they are making him go backwards. I just hope they have a valid enough story to suffice it. The story line was amazing in its own right, but its past tense and I think they should leave it in the past. Unless they are thinking of riving Lucy and Sam after all is his chosen vessel, and can see him coming for Sam. Are they reviving the Apocalypse story line, I don’t know at this point. That’s what Lucifer’s character was all about originally, but it could be something totally different. I keep thinking if the darkness is released which It has been, has this in turn released all monsters including Lucifer and Michael. We know characters are from the past coming back, I can’t wait to see what is cooking, because news is its the best season in a long time, and I read on Tumblr that one of the producers mentioned the word mature in terms of story telling and he thinks its the best yet. So I am excited, but also scared for Sam where its taking him and what journey he is going on!

      B xx


      1. I’m with you, Bella. It seems that we just recently have Sam back on good terms with Dean and with fans in general. I’d hate to see everything turn around again, but there seems to be so much enthusiasm for this season and a powerful storyline for both brothers– I’m going to remain optimistic!

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