The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

I’ve been asked by Bella to do a Family Tree kind of thing. I actually thought of doing that anyway, but I want to hopscotch around and go wherever my thoughts lead. I noticed lkeke35 requested anyone, someone to do a piece on Cas.  OMG did that get my attention. I thought great balls of holy fire what a sumptuous gourmet feast that will be to sink your teeth into. Someone already has Cas and what a fine job she did, so I’d like us to get to into what it means to an Angel. So here it is.

I admit Cas and the Angels have always intrigued me on this show. Their motives, actions, thoughts and their very presence have been so…..lonely. Lonely, what a strange word to describe an Angel, but so fitting to describe what & how they make me feel; correction how they must feel.  Alone, absolute, antinomian, adrift, abandoned, apathetic, ersatz, subservient, compliant, merciless, AFRAID…All of time. I say All time because their immortal, time is kind of pointless to them. 🙂  Can you imagine being that ineffably knowledgeable, but stunted somehow by all those amazing abilities; always feeling these emotions and not really knowing the meaning of them or how to react, rectify or process them? Alone in the Host of Heaven…who would have thought you could pity the Angels.

I’ve always wondered about this, when God created the Archangels, Leviathans  and eventually the Host, were they the first humans? Then after each, God said, “Well hell…That’s not what I was thinking, I need to tweak a few thing’s.” So he made the next few and so on and so on, tweaking here and changing/deleting there till he finally made Adam. Adam who was nothing like the others, not one thing like all his other children. He had no grace/ power, no artifices, no hard-wired prerequisites. Humans have no factory settings, no codes of conduct, no strict compliance to always obey and serve like Angels.  Free will… the gift to choose for yourself, make the choice of inaction, compliance or defiance. The Sense of Self Awareness. The true powers humans wield with no real thought of what it really means, till faced with a Being that doesn’t have freedom of choice.



So how did I come up with this plausible theory of Angels and why they’re the way they are? Several names come to mind: Gabriel, Anna/Anaiel, Balthazar, even Samandriel.

Each one had things to say about heaven, God and being an Angel.

Anna is probably the most misunderstood and maligned Angel on this show. She chose to tear out her Grace and willing fall to be born Human. She chose to for many reasons, but several things she said to Dean struck me as he questioned her about her falling.

Dean: That’s another question. Why would you fall? Why become one of us?

Anna: You don’t mean that.

Dean:  I don’t?  A bunch of miserable bastards… eating, crapping, confused, afraid..

Anna: Oh I don’t know, there’s loyalty…forgiveness…love

Dean: Pain..

Anna: Chocolate Cake..

Dean: Guilt..

Anna: Sex..

Dean: Yeah, you got me there.

Anna: I mean it. Every emotion, Dean.  Even the bad ones…it’s why I fell.  It’s why…it’s why I’d give anything not to ever go back there. Anything…

Dean: Feelings are overrated, if you ask me.

Anna: Beats being an Angel.

Dean: How’s that possible? You guys are powerful and perfect. You don’t doubt yourselves or god or anything.

Anna: {Scoffs} Perfect….Like a marble statue… cold…no choice..only obedience. Dean, do you know how many angels have actually seen God? Seen his face?

Dean: All of you?

Anna: Four Angels….Four….and I’m not one of them.

Dean: That’s it? Well how do you even know there is a God?

Anna: We have to take it on Faith…which we’re killed if we don’t have.

Dean: Huh?

Anna: I was stationed on Earth 2000 years. …Just…watching…silent…unseen…invisible…out on the road…sick for home…waiting on orders from an unknowable Father.  I can’t even begin to understand.  So don’t tell me that–

Dean: {laughing}

Anna: What is so funny? What?

Dean: Nothing…sorry….it’s just…I can relate.


Because I’m Shameless, that’s why. 🙂


Let’s start with loyalty the definition is; the quality or state or an instance of being loyal.

To humans we have a Choice of whom and the cause we’re loyal too.  Angels are not given that same choice, the illusion is they really don’t get the chance to practice free will. We believe Angels are Loyal…They are loyal;but ONLY  to God, the Host and their battalions, it’s ingrained

But here’s the thing  for loyalty to be meaningful, reciprocated and appreciated it has to be Given,  not demanded. There lies the difference for Anna. Angels are demanded loyalty, humans are given the choice of whom and what they are loyal too.

Forgiveness.. a foreign act in Heaven the only one that forgave is God, when he left the heavens, the concept of forgiveness went with him. Angels don’t forgive, their programmed for loyalty, obedience and servitude.

How terrifying it is to be an Angelwhen not only causing a rebellion like Lucifer, is forbidden.  But the thought of questioning God’s will or any shred of doubt about God’s plan, IS misconstrued to be an act of disobedience or the loss of faith. Instantly your imprisoned, and tortured by reprogramming  or put to death.

No merciful amnesty are given to the ranks of Heaven, it’s either go with the program or your dead. To live FOREVER in fear of your family’s retribution,  censure and desertion is just pee your pants, I want my Mommy, tuck my head under the covers, give me nightmares… horrific.

See Cas’s face…he was shocked because she said she forgave Dean. It wasn’t this kiss they shared it was the words she spoke that gave him doubt and hope. He is already having doubts and questioning what they are doing. Her forgiveness was the key to unlocking his want of free will.

Love…Well of course Love is not as foreign a concept in Heaven as loyalty and forgiveness are.

I believe in the cases of Cas, Anna, Gabriel and Balthazar;  Rebels all BTW,  they have extra hidden codes in their programming, a flaw if you will in their heavenly armor… Love.  Samandriel said it best when he said “Too much heart has always been Castiel’s problem.”

The Angels can’t help but Love God, the host and their battalions. But the choice of whom they love is not given, or the choice to actively seek it out.  If you can’t think of going against the program the choice is taken. It’s more meaningful to be given someones love freely by their choice. That kind of love is like a rainbow unicorn puppykitten that leaves glittered paw prints all over you. An angels love is just there, a lump of grey clay, shapeless, colorless, unmoved, unfeelingly cold…just there. Is it any wonder they escaped from their glamorous prison and shunned those Devine shackles and joined us ecstatic, graceless enthusiasts on Earth?

Anna was just 2001% Done with all the Heavenly excrement she had to swallow.

Trapped in a home that is frightfully hostile, terrified of these new feelings and of her family’s punishment; just plain fed up with having no choices.  She did something few have done before;  she took a shive her Grace, made her last swan dive and said goodbye to that colorless Popsicle stand.

Gotta give it to her, her choice to fall was tantamount to Lucifer’s uprising in her family’s eyes,. She willingly, no willfully fell from Grace to live and die as one of mankind, just one of the faithless sinners. That deserves respect, for her courage to stand up for herself and of the sacrifice she made. She choose free will for herself.

Gabriels story is the other side of the coin. He was just as sick of the strict unforgiving atmosphere. But his problem was more personal, his immediate family was falling apart. Being he was the middle kid of the Archangels he tends to get away with more because he was unnoticed, he bended the rules and it seems like he had a ton of get outta jail free cards because he was ignored.  I have a feeling he was just as much a joker in heaven as he was on Earth. I believe Gabriel had no one to turn to when God left, he was sick of the fighting and constant battles between the two eldest and the sycophant jealous youngest.  He loved his family, more so than was known. As the Messager and left hand of God, Gabriel was particularly close with his father, but even love can only go so far when strife and fighting become the norm. His brothers they were all so different. The first-born Michael was an autocratic totalitarian of heaven, that always did what he was told, never bending rules and never shirking his responsibilities even when told to banish and or kill one of his beloved brothers.  Lucifer was changed when God choose him to bear the Mark of Darkness. It ate at him, it changed him and because of that curse of pure evil, it banished him from his Father and Brothers. Rapheal was a follower of Lucifer he was willing to end humanity let Lucifer run Earth and rule heaven in Michael’s place. So Gabriel choose to leave to live near his Father’s pride and joy…mankind. Again he felt more at home with humans than he ever did in Heaven. Here on Earth he found companionship and self-worth. He felt whole, he choose humans because with us he felt a kinship with our need to be fulfilled of more…more love, more joy, more laughter, more faith, more courage,  more honor, more heart…just more. He admired our achievements and accomplishments in spite of our indifference to God. In Heaven a fulfilled life is nonexistent, you don’t need anything, or want anything. He wanted More…correction he Needed more. It also struck me that he choose to hide in plain sight as the Demigod of chaos and mischief. A prankster that meted out punishment to those he thought needed a lesson in humbleness, and deserved punishing. He particularly enjoyed punishing those that were self-important buttheads. For centuries he was hidden till he met our guys. Even then he still choose humanity over his family when it was apparent he couldn’t persuade them to accept their destinies and end the fighting.

Look he’s got tears in those eyes…

I believe he was seriously wounded when he was told he was cowardly and lacked the balls to stand up for what is right. It struck him then that he was, and seriously what a very bitter pill he had to swallow.  A powerful Devine Archangel wounded by the words of a human. He thinks….Me? I’m The Messager of God, whose name means the strength of God.  I’m cowardly? I admire his restraint at that moment. Even if he was in a ring of burning holy oil,  when Dean turned on the sprinklers and put out the fire, Gabriel didn’t smite his butt into a pile of plaid & denim ash, he didn’t even attempt to retaliate. He just stood there dumbstruck with shame. Ashamed he was put into the same category as his brethren.  Ashamed that he chose free will long ago, but when it came time to do something he reverted to his old ways and did what was expected of an angel.  He was choosing to sit aside while the world  he grew to love be annihilated  because he was too afraid to stand up to his brother.  In the end he chose to make a stand, he joined the fight and chose his side… mankind.  Knowing full well that he most likely not make it, he was willing to try, for man.

For just a second Lucifer looks heartbroken over killing his brother.

Balthazar. ..I liked him he was more human than Gabriel and Cas combined, and oh the sass. I dearly loved the sass.  He was selfish and a profiteer. He was overjoyed that the heavenly chains were broken. I think he said it best when talking to Cas. “The footprints I’m following they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize-fight. You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us!  It’s a new era, no more rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom. ” Though he shows any lack of restraint, proprietary and class. You have to hand it to him, he certainly loves his new freedom and  was very uninhibited in showing what he desires.  Though he was playing both sides with Cas and the guy’s he did feel loyalty and love for Cas. He may have started out an angelic pirate, but in the end he showed he still loved Cas, enough so that he gave his life trying to do the right thing and helping his brother.

To  angels, whom has no choice, no real free will, no individuality. TO LIVE ETERNALLY  WITH THESE HARDWIRED INTO YOU, “I’m an Angel of the Lord. I must obey.”   To always be subservient to Father  that has been absent and unknown for millennia. To always be faithful to the unseen, unknown and not present. To be everlastingly loyal, but have no real knowledge of who or what your loyal too. To love someone but never felt that love. To being steadfast, powerful, incredibly intelligent and so hampered, even flawed  by shoddy design.  Raphael’s  succinct adage, “They weren’t built for freedom, they were built to follow.”

In all fairness I believe Angels have emotions and an emotional response, but it’s tepid, shallow.  Lacks any depth or any of the finer shades like humans.  All emotions are superficial and robotic, no life or real meaning.

To live in such an eternally grey world with thousands of the same old pragmatic, capricious, virulently volatile, monocratic emotionally stagnant beings well, it must suck scaly, crusty demon nads.

You…suck…Scaly…Crusty.. .Demon…Nad’s.
I know…

18 thoughts on “The Road So Far…Saving, Hunting, The Family Business. “Angels”

  1. “Her forgiveness was the key to unlocking his want of free will.”

    First of all great article!

    I love what you said above. I never thought of it that way-but I think you are on to something.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a completely different method than the one I use, which is just to wing it and then tweak it to death, which is why it takes me so durn long to do them.

        And I’m about to do another thanks to your inspiration here. I loved this! It’s given me a lot of thoughts about Castiel and his purpose in the story. Not so much character analysis but a story analysis of what he and The Angels are. I’ve already got it half written.

        This was very insightful, as far as the different types of roles different angles have played on the show ,which I hadn’t given deep thoughts to before and it’s led me to thinking about the familial arrangements of the angels themselves and the show’s main theme of family.

        You’re not alone in liking Anna. I don’t love her. I never will love her but I sympathize with the position she was put in and the choices she decided to make. All of the Angels that use their free will to choose a side, end up losing their lives and that’s important. The only exception was Hanna, who decided to return to Heaven.

        I think I’ve noticed a trend amongst people who make decisions on this show.

        Thank you guys for posting all this. It has definitely ordered my thoughts about Castiel and I’m pretty sure we haven’t gone deep enough, as this is a very layered character. I think we’re only scratching the surface here. There’s plenty more to write about him so I’ll be throwing my much more ordered thoughts into the ring later this week.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hannah chose to give her vessel’s life back. Though she went back to heaven, she still made a choice, an act of free will. She also felt guilt, and sadness she felt guilty and sad for putting her vessel’s family through hell. Going back to Heaven was an act of contrition.


          1. I thought that was a beautifully written story line. Not many liked Hannah and I couldn’t get why? I thought the actress was a great addition and she gelled with Cas. She had feelings for humans, and got us and felt the guilt as you said for what she put the family through. She was seeing what she was taking her vessel from, a loving husband a life that she herself never had. It must have taken a lot of soul searching for Hannah to give up her chosen vessel.

            B xxx


        2. I never cared for Anna, because she went back in time to kill Sam to avert the Apocalypse. She knew exactly what she was doing, even though she loved Dean, and knew what was important to him, she still killed his brother any way. She was a brutal character, dominant, and very forthright in her goals. I get where her decision making was coming from but didn’t agree with the way she went about it. Never have. She was one lucky girl to have sex with Dean though 😉

          B xxx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You forget she was part of the plan. Raphael must have set her free from heavens prison/ programming. She wasn’t doing it to be a douche, certainly not to hurt Dean. She was choosing to save mankind, even Sam was thinking that Anna was right, though in a different way. They both said Mary should leave John, never have them. They were choosing to be never born, than causing the world to end. Again that’s JMHO. But I believe she was only trying to end the possibility of the world’s end.


            1. I grant you she was part of the plan, a very orchestrated plan nevertheless. I remember now Sam did agree with it and got why his life had to end, and why she was so gun ho about ending it. That she was choosing to save human life and going for one man that would allow this to happen. She was on a mission just like the boys were and her goal was to kill Sam to save the world population and be the hero looking out for us humans! You have changed my view of her slightly, as I was never an Anna fan. Just seeing Sam die like that was so hard to watch at the time, and how dominant she was about the mission. At least she was one angel who was on the humans side.

              B xxx

              Liked by 1 person

              1. She wasn’t the only one. ..Gabriel chose mankind also. But Anna was different she lived as a human, she very reluctantly went back to being an Angel. After everything she still had feelings, she really did wish there was another way to stop the impending apocalypse. She even apologized to them all for her actions. I believe she really did feel heartbroken she had to do. Though it wouldn’t have changed her mind she had to stop Lucifer’s plan.
                Not that I will sway your opinion, but out of all the angels even Cas, she has lived many year’s as a just a human from birth to a young woman. She really did understand, and grasped what it to be human, unlike the others. Cas may still be an angel but he’s spent enough time and pain to understand humanity, though he still has his moments of confusion. 😊


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