Season Infinity: A Defence

Also known as ‘my fourth attack on morons of the SPNworld’.

unholy fool

Yeah, I know. I need to avoid comment threads (and Tumblr, and IMDB, and basically every uncivilized, grammatically dubious fan forum out there). Because this is another bitch about unfanly fans.

I have no idea how many times I’ve scrolled down a SPN comment thread to see something to the effect of ‘this show has gone on way too long to be any good’. In fact I believe there was a recent Twitter uproar when some fuckwad said that ‘if Padalecki hung himself, we at least might not get any more seasons of Supernatural’. Which I’m not even going to respond to.

Now, I’m all for freedom of opinion. My problem lies with the people who are dead set on the ideas that a) any show running to ten seasons is ‘too long’ and should be burned for witchcraft, and b) the people who insist that, because said idea is clearly…

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