Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Seven

And whaddaya know- I’m back. Did you think I’d ditched you?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working pretty hard, hence the sudden dropoff in posts. However, I’ll make sure I finish my Top Five series before Season Eleven gets here. (Also- that trailer. Wow.)

So, without further ado: Season Seven. My least favourite, actually, but I still rather like it. The leviathan stuff got so very plotty that I think it ended up detracting from the emotional impact of the season, though I love the Hallucifer arc to bits- and then the whole season was filmed in very un-SPNny primary colours. Supernatural, please don’t bow to the demands of your network. It’s terribly bad for you. (Insert Hollywood Babylon gif here. ‘Who says horror has to be dark?’)

1. The Born-Again Identity


I realise I’m probably alone in this, but this episode’s one of my all-time favourites. So Cas returned, and that was nice- but the JP stuff is what I love this episode for. What powerful acting. He seems tired beyond all endurance, yet he still peels himself up off the bed to go help Marin. (I was so excited to see her in Hannibal. Terribly sad that she got eaten.) Pretty sure that was what sparked the affectionate series of Sam posts, all of which were along the lines of ‘I bet if Sam had six broken legs and half a lung after a fight with a rugaru he’d still run out into the road to rescue a puppy on the verge of being squidged by a truck’. Also- Mark Pellegrino’s last appearence. Round of applause for this guy. You remember his heartwrenching performance in Sympathy For The Devil? And then we have THIS? Just- what talent. (Also, I did a couple VS essays involving this- Their Souls Are Broken, Doc, and The Thing About Heroism.)

2. Death’s Door


I had tears literally streaming down my face the whole way through. Unbelievable. Burst into sobs when Bobby looked fondly at Sam and Dean arguing about peanut butter and banana sandwiches. (Honestly, if someone was to read my blog without watching this show, they’d think I was some kind of emo nutter. You have to see it to understand Jim Beaver’s capacity to break millions of hearts with the word ‘idjts’.) And seriously- the speech about kids eating your food and breaking your heart- Sera Gamble, I miss you sorely.

Oh- and Rufus! One of my all-time favourite characters on SPN. Love the earring here.

Wrote about the power of cup-drops here.

3. Repo Man


Super disturbing episode. Wrote about Samifer and Stockholm syndrome here. Very effective, too- we haven’t really checked in with Sam’s Hallucifer problems since Hello, Cruel World, and by now he’s just used to it- he lives with it. Again, kudos to Mark and Jared. Plus, Dean as damsel in distress was refreshing. It tends to be the other way round. Fascinating to see how they react to the reversal of their usual roles. (Dean, of course, was his snarky lil’ self, and Sam nearly shot several people and started talking to the devil, because this is Supernatural.)

4. Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie


Kind of a lead-up to the whole Hallucifer arc. Easily the season’s funniest episode. The whole thing is basically Sam getting beat up by clowns. I miss Ben Edlund.

The interrogation of the poor Plucky staff lady cracks me up. Sniggering just thinking about it. And Dean and his slinky- dear God- and behaving like a twelve-year-old the whole way through.

‘They think the ball washer did it.’

‘The what?’

‘The ball washer.’

‘The what?’

‘The ball-‘

5. Time After Time After Time


You know what I said about the repulsive primary-coloured brightness of this season? Well, this episode is the exception. I actually lost track of the plot because I was too busy staring at the decadent noirishness of the ’44 scenes. Loved JA’s work here, too- getting all caught up in ‘the Chicago way’ (and about kicking in Nazi skulls- lol- another of those jokes that you should never hashtag). Plus- guy looks good in a suit. I found Melissa Roxborough to be something of a weak link in the episode’s cast- I only mention this because she crops up again in Season Nine’s backdoor pilot Bloodlines as the hot werewolf. I wasn’t convinced by her there, either. Bloodlines is the only episode I flatly refuse to rewatch.

Also, bury me in Sam and Jody’s relationship. Kim Rhodes is a wonderful actress and Jody a wonderful character. She’s survived five seasons! Five!

Honourable Mentions:

Meet The New Boss- love this. Misha killed it, as did the Js. The whole opening scene is so painful- what Cas did to Sam is just hanging in the air, and Dean and Bobby are staring in disbelief. Now I come to think of it, this season’s pretty Sam-centric, probably thanks to Sera. By no means a bad thing, though we could have done with some more Dean stuff; luckily Jensen’s not really the sidelineable sort of actor. I did think the character elements were excellently done, over the whole season. Sera gets a lot of crap, but people disregard a) her incredibly difficult task and b) how well she really did with some things.

Hello, Cruel World. More Edlund! Wonderful broment here. Dean grabbing Sam’s hand and shouting at him to make him stone number one. Despite the Amy arc (which I disagree with the general opinion on- I thought it really well-done), that scene stands alone as a pillar of lovely codependent goodness.

Slash Fiction, to which I happily award the Wrencollins Certificate Of General Disturbingness. God, this episode made me ANGRY on first watch- I felt so defensiveΒ of Sam and Dean- and J2 were fantastic. Funny silly scene with the leviathan talking in the diner. ‘Wanna swap?’ ‘No. I like this one’s hair better.’ Plus, more Jody.

Out With The Old. I actually have a huge affection for this episode. I love the snow, I love Sam being done with everything, I even enjoy the way the leviathan were done here. But ugh- that horrible death with the teakettle- ugh.

Survival Of The Fittest, purely for Meg smashing the Impala through the Sucracorp logo. I love that scene. And a shoutout to James Patrick Stuart, who played Dick Roman and did a great job. So slimy. Shudder. Love the scene with him and Crowley.

The Girl With The Dungeons And Dragons Tattoo, because Charlie. And because Dean teaching her how to hit on a man. ‘What would H do?’ Yes, Charlie, what would she do? RIP.

Party On, Garth. Drunk Sam and Dean. Also: Garth.

Season Seven, Time For A Wedding. Look, I know legions of fans were horribly offended here. I thought it was kind of hilarious. More on that here. And I get why other people disagree, so let’s agree to differ, huh?

Now, you know the drill. Let’s hear it.

Read my Vivisecting Supernatural meta essays at https://cobwebqueen.wordpress.com/tag/vivisecting-supernatural/.

68 thoughts on “Wren’s Top Five Episodes Of Season Seven

  1. Hi Wren, welcome back….
    Here’s Bella’s choices for season 7. I am almost there with you as we are both Sam lovers and sensed it was yes a bit Sam centric. I didn’t enjoy Sera Gamble as a show-runner, but adored her as a writer giving us some unforgettable episodes that will last me a life time, here goes!!!

    The Born-Again Identity
    This little episode is very special to me, because I think Jared was superb and never wavered throughout his ordeal with his nemesis Lucifer. Lucifer NEW what buttons to press to break Sam down, and Sam managed to save a life whilst under immense pain. Also Sam hitting the car at the beginning of the episode was an amazing stunt. This was also the episode in which Cas returned to us with amnesia!

    Hello, Cruel World
    A rare brother moment that actually meant something very important. Make that you’re stone number 1 and build on it. Dean’s touching words managed to get through to a terrified Sam aiming a gun at double Dean! Shapeshifter Dean was also a clever little twist. Lucifer tricking his vessel into going along with him to the warehouse, just an awesome episode!

    Meet the New Boss
    I couldn’t believe how strong these two episodes were back to back and still love them both three years on. How on the edge of my seat they made me feel not knowing if the boys were gonna survive a God like Cas or not. Sam stabbing Cas in the back and it not working, whoops Sam not you’re greatest move honey!

    Slash Fiction
    Double Sam and Dean, violent Double Sam and Dean just utterly terrifying. But so well worth the wait. It had me glued to that screen from start to finish, now that’s what I call a story. The double Winchesters hitting every town the boys had been too and whipping people out. That look on their faces when they see their doubles in the flesh I will never ever forget, just utterly superb!

    Time After Time
    Time traveling episodes are my ultimate favourites that Supernatural ever do. They are so good, with attention to detail those finer points remembered and the trivia is so spot on too. I so want to see Elliot Ness back again, as he was such a dream and have been silently hankering for him ever since! That actor was amazing and the chemistry with Dean was so special. I loved the music, the whole feel of the episode. I adored Sam and Jody together who are a perfect partnership outside Sam and Dean, please don’t shot me!! They are a perfect match. This particular back to the future moment has stayed with me ever since. That amazing stunt from Dean sending Sam a note of what was going down his end I am just speechless, how Sam snuggles down for the night in the same spot and sees his name etched on the skirting board of that empty house. Pure magic!!! Writers I love you…..


    Repo Man
    Love this episode and the spooky disturbing scene in the library gave me chills, and find that so hard to watch. Wren this should be you’re top award for most disturbing scene!

    Of Grave Importance
    I loved the character of Annie Hawkins, and that she’d slept with all three men. The whole ghost story was sad and that she wanted out. I also loved Annie and Bobby scenes when they were being trained how to grab objects with Whitman Van Ness.

    The Mentalists
    I loved Jimmy Tomorrow and how he sensed how Sam was troubled and Dean’s face was a picture. It was the first time they’d come back together after the whole Amy thing and Sam was really not a happy bunny. But Dean in his usual style took advantage and persuade Sam to come back. The murderous ghost was quite menacing. I also loved the two female guest stars in this episode and thought that one would have made a lovely love interest for Dean! Just realised I do love ghost stories much more than I thought!

    Love Bella xxx

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    1. Bella- no shooting! I completely agree RE Sam and Jody. And I very nearly gave the Disturbingness award to Repo Man (jeez- yeah- that library scene- UGH) but seeing Sam and Dean shooting everyone in the diner in Slash Fiction overruled it for me. Also the bit where Leviathan Dean tells Sam about Amy, concluding with ‘Now I can eat you!’ (I don’t ship Wincest. But lines like that- writers, what are you trying to DO here??)
      Also- so impressed that you remember Jimmy Tomorrow’s name. Lol I would never have got that. Love Melanie though.
      Wren xxx


      1. I always remembered Jimmy Tomorrow because my favorite show as a child was The Tomorrow People, the UK version in 1973. If you get the chance check it out. The sets are wobbly but that was TV land in those days. Its mainly all about family and children with special powers. They’ve done 2 remakes and not 1 matches the original. And in the CW one they killed off the real TTP original leader, HOW DARE THEY!!! she stomps! So that’s why that name sticks in my head, but that murder scene with the nails on the coffee table and kills the person with his mind, that was creepy. Sam was smart in that episode and ended him! I loved Melanie and couldn’t remember her name.

        B xxx

        Liked by 1 person

          1. It holds a special place in my heart that show, and was 7 years old when I first tuned in. It had so much going for it, story wise and character wise. It was also the first show to have a black female actress at the time. I bought the DVD’s about 10 years back maybe less and fell in love with the show all over again. And the commentaries are really worth listening too, as Nicholas Young and Peter Vaughan Clark are hilarious they really know their stuff. Nick is now an agent and Peter is a lighting director in London theaters and runs 4. I almost went to a meet and greet in a pup in London but couldn’t get down there on that day which was a shame. I have a lot of love for that show …..

            B xxx

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m the opposite really didn’t like Time for a Wedding and on IMDb they hate it with a vengeance. Becky really works me up as a character. Slash Fiction I think is really popular the way in which it was written and acted.

      B xxx

      Liked by 2 people

            1. I think one of the reasons I found it so funny was that I had a friend who is- no joke- the living image of Becky. Well, better dressed, but still. We had a truly horrible relationship, so I didn’t feel bad at all for thinking that lol.


      1. Yeah, I BET they hate it. (Is there anything they like? Just out of interest.)
        I think Slash Fiction’s great in itself, but it’s also the reason for the most irritating continuity glitch in SPN canon. Like- Sam. You were America’s most wanted, and you told Amelia your REAL NAME? And Dean- you put yours on a DATING APP??
        What is life.
        W xxx


        1. The only thing that upset me in that epi was when the boys took all the hostages into the bank and shot them. That was pretty cold and brutal. But that dating app was funny! Did you know Jensen’s sister McKenzie was in that episode. In the diner when Dean stands on that table she is sitting at the bar with a man, blonde hair. He said so at a convention once πŸ˜‰

          B xxx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. The dating app was great πŸ™‚ BUT WHY DID YOU USE YOUR REAL NAME, DEAN? WHY? And I didn’t know that! I’ll keep an eye out. I know Mark Sheppard’s son and JP’s parents make appearances.


    2. Same! On first rewatch I thought it was one of the best of s7- was pretty shocked to see how much it was hated. I wasn’t offended at all by it.


      1. I must be one of the few who didn’t care for Bobby. I think he had an amazing exit and ruined it by making incarnations of himself just to bring him back. Some don’t love John, but I dislike Bobby even less… Sorry to be negative.

        B xx

        Liked by 1 person

                1. I can see why you’d be annoyed. It’s just that I didn’t really like John, so that wasn’t really an issue for me πŸ™‚ but hey, we’re all fans for our own reasons.
                  Wren xxx


        1. Really? I liked Bobby because no matter what was going on, the guys could count on him to be there. Need research? Got it covered. They need spells, he got it covered. They needed someone to talk to, whine to, vent to, or just to shoot the breeze with, he would DROP everything and everyone to be there. He was the one that the guy’s counted on to be there, and he never disappointed. Bobby was the one that made sure they knew he loved them. He never made them guess, or feel secondary to a mission like John. I didn’t like John, but I loved Bobby. Bobby had more of what it takes being a real father in his little dang pinky toe than John had in IMTOD. All John had were many regrets of how he lived and how he treated them. Bobby had only one regret; leaving his boys all alone.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I guess this is where we have a different point of view honey. Cause no matter how people dress Bobby up, I just cannot warm to the guy, never have. This was one thing that annoyed me when he was alive that the boys would turn to him every damned time when they wanted answers they couldn’t find. Its not Bobbies show, its Sam and Dean’s! I wanted them to solve a case on their own, I just felt Bobby was a crutch to lean on and not at least attempt it on their own. John was such a short lived character and we never really got to understand him, not really. He was out for vengeance, and nothing else ever came close, not even to an extent the boys. He trained them to look after themselves when he wasn’t there then time was his to hunt that bastard down and end it. John was driven, mission orientated, and I think this is where Sam gets it from, when he looses Dean I can see John in him. Bobby was known to cops as the local drunk, and I guess this has always stayed in the back of my mind. Yes he saved people, he took care of people, but I just don’t get the love for the guy. It really angered me how many times they bought him back just to appease fans. There I’ve said that, and didn’t want to, part of me still feels bitter about Bobby lasting so long when John didn’t and was snuffed out too soon!

            I guess a huge number do love him, and I respect that, but I need a lot of persuading and still not convinced.


            B xxx


            1. B,
              No apologies needed, seriously. Your viewpoint is valid, and I understand your distaste. But just because I like him doesn’t necessarily mean you have too. I wasn’t trying to back you in a corner, and force you to change your mind….you don’t have to like him or his role in the show. We all have our likes and dislikes.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Thanks honey, I realise you weren’t trying to back me into a corner. We each have our own opinions for likes and dislikes. I just didn’t want to rain on others parade by you all saying you commended him. I just didn’t get the likenesses in Bobby that others clearly see. Certain characters I am really fond of, and others not so much, and all of us are in the same boat. Some hated Bobby after the Princess speech to Dean, and got their annoyance, but also got that he did love the boys with everything he’d got. But just something niggled me about him, and still really can’t put my finger on what I truly dislike. I think because he was mainly a drinker.

                Because of this thread, I am gonna start a John and Bobby pros and cons thread…. πŸ˜‰

                B xxx

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        2. Awwww! Bobby is one of the few people I consistently liked. I think a part of that is due to some of us wanting a Dad like Bobby. If I had to choose a TV dad, Bobby would be in the top three. I know that’s one of the main reasons I loved him so much.

          Liked by 2 people

        1. Except, apparently, IMDB. Oh well, sucks to be them I guess.
          Btw- guys- idk if you’ll be interested in this- but I just posted an extract from one of my own stories. Feedback would be super useful. And now I feel terrible about using Bella’s page for my own dread reasons. Oh well πŸ™‚ we love you, Bella.

          Liked by 1 person

                1. Aww thanks πŸ™‚ oh well, art for art’s sake and all. Anyway, as long as we’re not being paid it feels like a privilege rather than a chore. Very glad you asked me to come write πŸ™‚ and glad you like my work.


  2. O…M…GEORGE.
    BOBBY! The only Real Dad these guys had.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. And no I wasn’t ditched for prom…but as a florist I can tell you the ladies that come in for corsages spend that easily. Some spend enough to pay for a wedding. It was ridiculous what I spent for my daughter to go to the military ball with my eldest son’s friend.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Okay, I totally didn’t know any of that. Boy was I lucky! I had a bunch of female cousins all of whom were 2 to 4 years older than me and happily donated everything but the corsage. They even did my hair , nails and makeup. Even my shoes were borrowed. My dress looked sort of like Belle’s from Beauty and the Beast. I think I looked like Kaylee from Firefly, only all in white. Like a little piece of cake, with an orange flower attached to it.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I didn’t borrow one because no one had a ball gown. My daughter has several cousins, but they are the same age. Weirdly, my 2 cousins and I all have 2 children that share the same birth year, their birthdays are only aseparated by a couple months. So they all went to prom, homecoming and graduated the same year. Though we live in different towns, homecoming and prom are on the same nights. I’m not saying that i spent that amount, but the dress and accessories, but it was pricy. I work 2 jobs, raising kids, so anything over $400 is expensive to me. The saving grace is on FB we have pages called Buy, Sell and Trade. I’ve been extremely lucky and found 6 dresses my daughter loved, and only paid peanuts for. So 1 pricy dress for the military ball was hard, but bearable. Just in case you were curious we spent $600 on the dress, shoes and jewelry. I did her nails. I made the corsage and boutonniere, she did her makeup and my Aunt is a Hairdresser she did her hair for free. So all in all I have it pretty good. The pricy, snobby suburban town’s can afford to spend that cash on a High School dance, me I have to watch every penny. She looked si grown up, and I take pride she looked gorgeous. i also bawled cause my only baby girl grew up.
            Aww…I bet you were just beautiful as my daughter. 😘

            Liked by 3 people

            1. Well, thank you for that small autobiography, Jenks πŸ™‚ Much obliged. Jesus, do they call them military balls now? Anyway, you sound like a great mum.


              1. Aww shucks, thank you, I try.
                As for Military Ball’s those are separate from school dances. Homecoming, and Prom are school dances. Military Ball’s are for the Armed Forces. My eldest son is in ROTC-Army as well as his friends. They both had a sister that was of age to go, so they swapped sister’s as dates…lol.

                Liked by 1 person

        2. Hehe. My prom was in August… I was alone, wearing a Β£35 dress, and had my nose in a massive copy of Catch-22… in short, I went for the chocolate cake. It was totally worth it.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT????? And also: hahaha.
      Not Team John, I gather. Neither am I, my dad, my brother in primary school, my friend Kane, or my friend Ibby.


  3. Yep! These are the top five of season 7, imo. I think Gamble was a horrible show runner but I don’t doubt her ability to write truly beautiful episodes. My all-time favorite is of course Plucly Pennywhistle, with a tie between Born Again ID, and Repo Man. I still think, despite that I liked so many of the episodes, that season seven was very weak from a story standpoint.

    The story wasn’t cohesive enough, Dick Roman didn’t feel like much of a threat (especially given Deans Dick jokes) and neither did the Leviathans, and there were too many side roads taken, but some of the episodes were top notch, including the re-intro of Meg.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Can’t quite agree with you re Gamble as showrunner- s6 is my fave- but I agree s7 was v. weak, plotwise.
      Hehehe Plucky Pennywhistle. I always forget just how funny it is.
      I actually like the Dick jokes πŸ™‚ but yeah, it wasn’t what you’d call a visceral threat. All the stuff about humans getting turned into cattle. Meh.


      1. I felt there were too many Dick jokes. One an episode fine, but sometimes it seemed like every sentence was a Dick joke. MEH Bobby dying broke my heart, he was always a favorite of mine. I especially loved the hug eh gave Dean in Lazarus Rising-the poor man was devastated by Deans death.

        Liked by 1 person

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