The Bro-mance between a Demon and a humanized demon…

When do we call a romance, A ROMANCE? As a fandom we embraced what looked a romantic connection because two men where sitting together in front of a camera lens on two bar stools just talking about their day as demons. They fundamentally NEVER shared a kiss, so why do we assume, or are led to believe that there was anything sexual going on between this pair.  The actors have chemistry, and have that power to draw us in as a viewer. But was going on behind the scenes to make fans think there MIGHT be something brewing between the pair. The writing sure flirts with us, and tempts us to think more openly that could there possibly be something more going on underneath the surface. I often wondered if Crowley felt like a little wounded bird, limping off to find some affection but didn’t quite make it. He soldiers tempting Dean into his tender side, wanting someone to howl at the moon with, and feel connected too. But was Dean his answer. When we start looking at this couple what do you see going on behind the scenes that other viewers might have missed. I felt it was one sided and that Dean didn’t want any part of it, but underneath was he keeping his feelings back for Crowley and protecting those feelings because he didn’t want to admit that there was a spark between them?

Now Crowley being the dominant male in this scene shows the maturity over Dean, and that he is in full control of Dean, not letting Dean do what he necessarily wants to do. What does this scene convey back to you? Had you noticed any romantic connections, what was really going down?

Notice the difference in what either men are drinking, what does this message say to you? Dean is drinking shorts, and Crowley is drinking a fancy cocktail. But what does this message convey. That they are relaxed in one another’s company, and that the alcohol is having its wicked way with them both, and pushing them closer together. Had Dean really turned Crowley on to this extent that he wanted Dean so badly by his side. Why was Dean so special to him in this partnership. If you can strictly call it a PARTNERSHIP!

Wounded Bird moment that we notice that Crowley is looking a little depressed, and Dean comes to the rescue in conveying a view appropriate words to ease Crowley’s man pain. Is he clutching at straws, and wanting what he can’t have?

DemonDean shares a happy smile with Crowley, but off camera what do we notice. Is there much more to this SMILE than one thinks?

The relationship then begins to turn sour, but WHY? What happened in the make up between these two men to make Dean wonder, was this all that it was cracked up to be. Life on the run with the King of Hell, was this where Dean really fitted in?

Crowley pondered on what to do with his knew found boyfriend and was puzzled in how to train his Luke Skywalker and feed the mark that needed feeding. Was it Crowley’s job to feed Dean, didn’t Dean have any say in this life?

Dean wisely susses out what Crowley has in store for him, and sure enough comes home and begins to realize what crap he’s in, under Crowley’s spell, and well and truly out of his depth. But what does he do now??? Crowley has full control over Dean, setting him up with Cain to take on this mark, and set Dean on a dark dangerous path. All because he wanted some fancy man by his side. But why was Dean so special in his plans? Why did Crowley really want Dean was it because Sam had rejected his advances, and it was his way of getting back at Sam by taking his brother away from him, had revenge been the order of that DAY??

The romance was fading, and Crowley couldn’t do very much to stop it, and he knew Dean wasn’t happy and felt trapped like a bird in a cage. But had Crowley something else hidden up his sleeve to lure Dean back?

DemonDean had become to hot to handle for Crowley, and understood he couldn’t handle this monster that Dean had become. Wild, out of control, hot blooded alpha male with no respect for anyone with a couldn’t care less attitude. Had Crowley met his match. Had Dean taken his demon hood too far??

This was the final straw, DemonDean had pushed the King of Hell to the ground, and humiliated him in front of his co-workers. He had enough of Dean’s antics and both of them had come to their senses and seen through what wasn’t there. The romance had began to drift apart, and Dean was in control, and wasn’t being brow beaten into anything HE didn’t want to do. DemonDean left the King of Hell and we know the story as Dean swans off into the sunset, leaving the wounded bird to think about what mess he’d got them both into…..

Did you see anything in this relationship that warranted any romantic chemistry between the pair?

What feelings do you think the pair really had going on, was there anything in the making, or was it all just hot air?

Chemistry is one thing that works in a relationship, but was there more going on than we were lead to believe?

Had Crowley found his true soul mate in Dean, but Dean didn’t have an ounce of feeling what so ever?

Was the real Dean more of a catch to Crowley than DemonDean?

Having turned Dean into a Demon been Crowley’s best move, had his plan really come into fruition to have Dean working with him side, by side…..

Written By: Bella xxxx


9 thoughts on “The Bro-mance between a Demon and a humanized demon…

  1. This is the scene within the scene that was cut where Crowley appears to Dean in the bar after Dean beat Cas up and leaves him, a bloody mess, lying back on the floor of the bunker…

    Dean: “Damn it Crowley, this is “Me time”! Why are you gatecrashing my head?
    What the Hell do you want?”

    Crowley: “To talk, to go over a few things, and well, truthfully, I thought if maybe I could get you drunk enough…”

    Dean: “Uh uh. No. It ain’t happening. Not now, not ever. How many different ways do I have to spell it out for you? I don’t play for that team. I don’t swing that way. At least not voluntarily… Crowley, the ONLY chance you ever had with me was when I was being mercilessly gang banged in Hell inbetween torture sessions so, heh, I guess you missed that train!”

    Crowley: “Tease.”

    Annnnnd scene.

    Ooh, I smell fanfic! 😉 A little Supernatural After Dark, ha!


    1. You can picture this now, two old guys in a bar on a romantic journey remembering their youth and what they got up to!
      Yeah imagine what fanfic writers could do with this little plot. They would have a field day wouldn’t they….

      B xxx


  2. Do I think that Crowley thought that what he and Dean had was a romantic relationship? Damn straight, I do. And it’s funny that it turned out to be squirrel. Everyone probably thinks, wait that’s the wrong Winchester? Yet, it makes sense. Sam was the one who almost cured Crowley and when Crowley finally weaseled his way out of the bunker’s dungeon (after Kevin’s death) he also realized he needed to one up Abaddon. So of course, let’s use Dean’s grief right? At first, it was a ruse. Lead him gently into that good night…knowing full well he’d take on the Mark of Cain if he thought of it as some sort of hero thing that can take down Abaddon. Crowley has always kept the Winchesters alive for one reason. It’s better to work with them and then screw them over several times in between. One always gets something better out of it eventually.

    Plus, with the being almost cured Crowley treated this relationship between him and Dean. Remember the “I just wanted to be loved!” in the s8 finale? Well, I believe this is where that comes into play with Dean. Crowley was basically having mixed emotions and even more so when Rowena came into the picture and questioned his relationship with both Winchesters. I totally believe Crowley (and this means the writers) were treating it as a romantic relationship. Sure, maybe the wanted it for laughs, but it actually wasn’t all that funny to watch Crowley pine over the flickr album of him and Dean. It was actually kind of sad. And for me the kicker of this whole thing was in 10×14 Executioner’s Song. After the fight with Cain (and supposedly killing him) Dean comes back out with the blade. He had already expressed (lied) to Crowley and made him think that he trusted him with the blade. Truthfully, I don’t think that Crowley would’ve done much else with it but hide it better if Dean had given it to him. But who does Dean give it to? The angel Castiel. The one who many have already (even Crowley) had their suspicions about as to whether or not he is in love with Dean.
    It also reminds me of what Uriel said early on back in season 4, “Castiel? You see he has this weakness. He likes you.” The angels found that Castiel’s doubts and maybe even stronger feelings towards Dean was a weakness. In a nutshell, LOVE was a weakness to the angels. Any form of it from becoming the “charges” friend to surrogate family member it was all a sign of weakness to an angel. The same went for the demons. Why do you think Meg had such a conundrum? It’d be a sure sign of weakness and I think Crowley knew exactly how Meg felt about Cas…then zoom ahead to the future and he is Crowley galvanting around with Dean Winchester (albeit it he is a demon at the time) having threesomes, drinking, and basically doing interesting couply stuff. I mean Dean has sex with Anne Marie in Crowley’s bed? He thought it’d be funny to go to Crowley’s motel room (with one BED?) and do the do? Makes me wonder if they even booked seperate rooms to be honest…this would imply a lot of stuff went down with them and it doesn’t seem that Dean regrets or thinks about it all that much. Because as it was pointed out he still so helpfully offered the King of Hell advice about family in the episode Inside man. I firmly believe that Dean and Crowley did have something. Demon Dean however treated it as a fling just as he did with Anne Marie. Crowley thought of it as something more even offereing Dean a position at his side. Be his QUEEN of Hell for the lack of a better decription.
    Still the kicker for me was when Dean handed the First Blade over to Castiel intsead of Crowley. That right there cinched it for the King of Hell. He wasn’t as trusted by the Winchesters or as loved or as welcomed into the family as he thought. Truthfully, a little part of him I think wanted love and forgiveness but then of course that all changed too when Sam tried to kill him. This in turn reminded him that he is bloody Crowley and has done things you wouldn’t believe and enjoyed every second of it. Yet, that’s just recognizing your demons right? No pun intended. I digress because this was long response, Crowley and Dean had a romantic fling but in the end Dean goes back to Sam and most especially he chooses Castiel by entrusting him with the First Blade.

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  3. Crowley,”I deserve to be loved.”- s 8 finale, Crowley’s sexuality has always had that question out there because of his comments to both male and females, but that does not say that Dean responds to it as there is no evidence. Crowley wanted someone to be his bestie and Dean is as close as he has ever come. Crowley has parental abandonment issues, worse than the Winchesters IMHO, and he seeks a buddy to share in his time, thoughts,plans- to howl at the moon. Two men can have a good time together without it being physical. Often I have over heard men talk to each other using sexual inuendos in jest(not passing judgement here). Crowley is manipulating Dean to kill Abaddon . He then “saves” Dean from death by placing the blade in his hand on the death bed- like a brother. He gets his “bestie” for a while, but Dean being his own man(demonman) does his own “thing” even if it is in Crowley’s bed. Two guys can be close- ahem Jensen and Jared_ without it being a sexual encounter IMHO.

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  4. Did you see anything in this relationship that warranted any romantic chemistry between the pair?

    What feelings do you think the pair really had going on, was there anything in the making, or was it all just hot air?
    I think Crowley with human blood wants to be Dean in a way. Crowley without human blood respects how dangerous Dean can be.

    Chemistry is one thing that works in a relationship, but was there more going on than we were lead to believe?
    I don’t think so JMHO

    Had Crowley found his true soul mate in Dean, but Dean didn’t have an ounce of feeling what so ever?
    I think as a demon Dean cared less about Crowley than as a human!

    Was the real Dean more of a catch to Crowley than DemonDean?
    Yes-certainly after he got to know Demon Dean LOL

    Having turned Dean into a Demon been Crowley’s best move, had his plan really come into fruition to have Dean working with him side, by side

    Demon Dean had no ambitions to be the King of Hells partner. He just wanted to let go …no worries, unlike Dean!dean. He wanted to drink, have sex, and beat up some guys. He had no desire for anything else.

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    1. I so agree I don’t think it ever entered Dean’s mind to be the King of Hell’s partner, I think he stayed because he had no where else to go, and nestled into the life because he had no other choice. He enjoyed the life that he had because he was around other guys/demons and known to the boss man. He didn’t care about anything other than the usual drill each day, having a good time, drinking, sex and the odd duff up to feed the mark. I really loved those moments between Dean and Crowley….

      B xxx


    1. That’s exactly what I think that Crowley IS lonely and finds comfort in having Demon Dean around and Dean isn’t even entering his mind into the romance side of it, even a friendship. I think for Dean he went along with Crowley because he didn’t have any where else to go, but romantically from Dean’s angel NO I don’t think there was anything there for Crowley. Crowley wanted there to be more, but knew it would never happen. Rather sad actually…

      B xxx

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