A Flailing We Will Go …..

(otherwise known as) Flailing, ‘Oh Yes, There Will Be Flailing!’

A DeanGirls thoughts regarding the DemonDean/MOC storyline and the road ahead.
I wasn’t going to write anything, but then I found that I really could not. This was in response to another sites article. The author of the review/commentary pretty much covered it all and I found myself agreeing with most everything she said and yet I still had to put something down “on paper” just, because. So this is my first attempt at writing a piece. Good, bad or indifferent, here we go!
As I referenced in my sub title, this is just my personal observation in regards to the execution of the Demon/Dean Mark of Cain storyline. Likes, dislikes. That sort of thing. My take? Too much subtlety when everyone and their mother were expecting just the opposite and eager to see it unfold.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved DemonDean. I loved the first three episodes, just not the Cas/Hannah Road Trip to boredom or the other side show, however since I’m talking about the MOC/DemonDean/First Blade storyline I’ll leave that discussion for some other time. I enjoyed watching DemonDeans progression from karaoke fool to bedding Anne Marie, Jackass (sorry, that’s what I hear in my head every time I think of her name), to coldhearted bastar- tho I’ve gotta say, I still wonder what the Hell “that thing with the thing” was! 😉 Sorry, I digress.
I loved DDean and Crowley together, his fight(s) with Cole. I thought the scene where he was sitting at the piano and played the first three chords of Hey Jude before “picking a side” was masterful. Sam seeing Dean “alive” again for the first time since he had laid Dean’s corpse down on his memory foam mattress. So painful. The conversation, the back and forth between them both. Sam’s hesitation, desperation and fear when DDean picks the First Blade off the top of the piano not knowing what he has in mind or what he’s going to do, and then Sam’s quiet, steadfast resolve listening while the demon, his brother, warns him to take advantage of the opportunity he is being given to leave before he rips his throat out with his teeth. By the end of the episode with that glare directed at Crowley and the promise to Sam to show him no mercy? I was so excited that I may have fallen to the floor, flailed about and ended up underneath the couch… not really, but close. Close. The coffee table blocked my way. 🙂 Then we get Soul Survivor and the dark, taunting, hurtful, evil, bad, naughty, brother killing “simply because you pissed him off, Sam” DemonDean. The torturous injections, the demons verbal salvos which repeatedly, unerringly found their target and then the cat and mouse. DDean sniffing the air, stalking his prey, picking a hammer as the weapon of choice, saying he wasn’t going to leave, “not until I find you!” That final moment where Sam gives in knowing he can’t kill his brother, willing to die rather than having to do so and then Cas shows up at the last second…the flailing had begun again in earnest and then just as I’m dangerously teetering on the edge of the couch cushions – it’s over. WHATTT!!! I picked myself up off the floor staring incredulously at the black screen with white letters giving credit to the Executive Producers Robert and Jeremy. Surely that isn’t it, is it? What about the way Jensen, having directed the episode, played that last look after DemonDean was cured! That didn’t look like a “I’m glad to be back” so much as an “I’d like to be gutting you both right about now!” But alas, it was not meant to be, (no, not the gutting part!) DemonDean was no more.
So I thought to myself, okay, I can deal, the MOC/FirstBlade is still on the table and what Show apparently wants to concentrate on so there’s yet more dark, taunting, hurtful, evil, bad, naughty, possibly still wanting to kill your brother “simply because you pissed him off, Sam” MOC/FirstBladeDean left to come!!! Right? Nope. We got Kate the Werewolf and a high school musical. Oh, and then what seemed like more fillers than you could shake a stick at. And let’s not forget subtlety. So much subtlety when it came to the MOC/FirstBlade that even when it was touched on in an episode if you blinked you might have missed it. But what I found extremely frustrating and that I really don’t remember quite to this extent in other seasons, was that when we finally did get an episode where something big actually happened, like Dean under the influence of the MoC wiping out a bunch of would be rapist scumbags or the moving confrontation with Cain… leading us to believe that there would now be some solid progression regarding the MoC storyline, that the glacier like creep was coming to an end, Show would just yank the rug right out from under and instead spoon feed us some crappy episode such as ‘Paint It Black’ the following week. I often picture that if there were an actual writers room that they would all be sitting there hysterically laughing at our naivete and childish hope, kind of like the Gods of Mount Olympus at the mere foolish mortals. By the time they got around to actually having Dean going off the rails I couldn’t help but think that we should have been at this point several episodes back. Pacing. They suck at it . In fact it’s been a problem long enough now that instead of it being a problem I’m starting to see it as intentional. They couldn’t possibly be that oblivious season after season, and yes, I understand they have to have fillers but is it too much to ask that more of them be good ones? Or maybe they could have tied in the MoC more strongly? Supernatural did a much better job of that back in Seasons Three, Four and Five. Oh and if you are going to have Sam run around convincing everyone that Dean is losing it, then SHOW us. Stop with the TELL. There’s too much lazy story writing going on and several of them are guilty of it!
So Season Eleven. Cautiously optimistic, though I can’t promise that I won’t heave a brick at my TV if anyone representing TheDarkness!! shows up in any form of corporate attire or if Show cheats us all, both Sam and Dean Girls, by cutting short the promised, long awaited, way overdue, car wash scene. Oh and Show? You are on notice. Flailing. I want you to make me want to flail again. It doesn’t have to be the kind of flailing that would make it into the Guinness World Book of Records – I can’t afford to replace my furniture- but major. I expect major flailing, bordering on epic. A veritable epic flailfest if you will, and fellow viewers, you are welcome to join me under the couch. 😉
Written By: Alycat …..

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  1. Great article, Aly. Like you, I adore Demon Dean. He was the Perfect 10 aka number 1 in my 10 favorite demons rundown. Jensen did such a fantastic job. It was short but I enjoyed every second of it.
    Also loved Cain!Dean and his slow descent into madness.
    Barb and I discussed the “thing” on my demon article and I came up with a theory lol. An SPN after dark kind 😉 Forked tongue!


      1. I’ve been calling him Cain!Dean since First Born 🙂
        I even used that expression several time on IMDb when was talking about Dean in regards to he MoC storyline. I didn’t take it from anyone and haven’t seen it used but it’s just built on the same model as Demon!Dean or Future!Dean.


  2. CC here. Nice job. I feel your flailing and raise you my hair pulling.

    I don’t think Dean was losing it really. I think Sam was beside himself with fear that Dean would turn into that thing again. Sam needed to fix Dean ASAP. The only “hard evidence”we saw for Dean losing it was hen he slammed the dude’s head against the table for disrespecting Claire in AH. Sam performed an identical move in AAB. That kind of symmetry is no accident. Sam made it all up. He never cites an example to support his claim that Dean is losing it. Never… ever. Look at his body lanuggets when he’s manipulating Charlie into helping in DD. His face is all self hate for lying. He’s a liar liar pants on fire sorry sob.

    What we are shown is many instances of Sam out of control all season. Lester. Leaving Lester’s wife to die. Making a deal with Rowena. Giving Rowena a Powerful codex that he knew the MOL had sworn to protect and keep from witches. Racing to the Suicide House without doing any research. Getting Suzie kilked. Nearly getting he and Dean killed. Threatening the psychic. Risking Bobby. Risking Cas. Risking Charlie. Risking Charlie again when he knew she should be off the grid. Freeing Metatron. Mishandling Rowena. Trusting Rowena. Trying to kill Crowley. Removing the Mark despite all if the many warnings that doing so would bring a large scale disaster. He knew there would be deaths. He didn’t care.

    And it’s pretty similar to Sam out of control in s 3. You raised the beautiful spectre of Reichenbach. Reichenbach references Mystery Spot clearly through the flamingos in the bar. Demon Dean is Sam’s worst nightmare and it colors Sam’s actions completely. Sam even says it out loud. He tells Charlie in BOTD that he will not let his brother become that thing again. He later tells Cas that Sam has to be the one to save his brother. Sam=Selfish=S3 baggage. It’s a theme that carries through the entire season.

    Compare it to Dean =out of contol= must be saved. Err… not so much really. Demonic Dean is a karaoke singing, hard drinking, party guy. And he’s blissfully Sam free. That’s how he likes it . He’s still killing baddies and saving innocents as. A. demon. And he disobey the king of hell. He’s Dean 2.0.

    After his cure he loses it once or twice and yes… he kills some human monsters who atrack him with weapons. There’s the, suggestion that he was unconscious and the Mark took over.

    There’s worry he will lose it after he kills Cain. He doesn’t. And when he feels shaky he hunts alone, killing monsters. It’s smart. It’s hunting. And it accentuates that he is alone in this because his brother and friends aren’t listening to him They’re scheming and lying behind his back.

    At the end Sam’s actions unless the Darkness and risk the world and all of creation. People will die.

    Dean tried to protect the world. He blamed himself for Rudy when Rudy was dead before Dean walked into that shack. Dean was willing to suffer eternity alone rather than cause a human to die. He wasn’t willing to kill Sam and commit human sacrifice either. In the end he kilked Death to save Sam… I guess. And he will take responsibility for that.

    There was no attempt to show Dean was out of control. He killed evil Stynes yet let Cas live. He let Sam live. He let the axe wielding lowlife live abd the frat boy fodder. To misquote Rowena, Dean was a hero… always… and therefore a bad influence on Crowley. Sam is, the one she bargains with and has do her dirty work. Sam is the brother paralleled wirh the evil Monroe Styne in MBK. Sam is not the hero. Not in this storyline.


  3. AC that is great writing. Loved every word of it and in total agreement too. You underestimate your writing skills. It’s really very good.

    I liked the direction they set out with DD but was really sad that it was cut off so abruptly and so soon. We needed at least another 4-5 episodes of DD and his demonic evolution. Dean was not possessed. This was his soul getting twisted. He was changing. If the show had continued this story we would have seen Dean’s slow descent and in turn understood Sam’s desperation to help Dean (not cure him cos I didn’t see this as a disease).

    I think it was a mistake for the Show to make Sam & Cas act like Dean was killing puppies when he wasn’t. It would have been better if they showed Dean’s inner struggle of wanting to be human and not a demon, fighting the urge to become truly evil, not giving into it becos he is the righteous man and becos he has Sam by his side. As someone who went thru similar times with Demon Blood and Ruby, Sam would have been ideal in that role. Jensen & Jared would have rocked those scenes. Ah if I had a nickel for every missed opportunity on SPN…

    Oh and about the flailing… I’m right there with you AlyCat. Come on Show… make us flail again. Eagerly waiting for S11.


    1. Thanks very much for your kind words and encouragement. Speaking of Dean’s descent, while I was reading your comment it made my mind flash back to the scene where MOCDean wiped out the vamp nest. What I loved about it was not just the fact that he took them out singlehandedly but his carelessness in how clean his blade and hands were after he made a half assed attempt at washing them. Then he went to the blood sprayed fridge and grabbed himself a beer which he opened using that same bloody hand. Ewww Dean, hygiene man! Hygiene! All I could think was that’s vamp blood… Fantastic scene. I think the only thing Dean was losing here though was his normal attention to cleanliness… Hmmm come to think of it seeing that was probably what sent Sam over the cliff convincing him that he was out of control. “Dean that’s no way to properly clean a weapon!!! Dean, you aren’t going to drink that are you!!!???!!! And now you are telling me you want to go home and watch Speed 2: Cruise Control? Oh my God, you are beyond hope… I’ve lost my brother! “


    2. I look forward to seeing you all under my couch come Season Eleven. Please excuse the dust bunnies, cat AND dog hair as well as various assorted items. Hopefully this year it will be a very crowded spot!


    1. Thanks it was a lot of fun to write, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh and for the record, I don’t really think of the writers as sitting around in the supposedly non existent “writing room” looking down on us ala the Gods on Mount Olympus. Much. 😉


  4. Ahahahaaaa!!! Can I comment tho it’s my article? I never imagined how cool it would actually be to see something I wrote posted alongside other bona fide writers. People who.actually know what they are doing! I’m not one of them, Hell my punctuation sucks and I can’t construct a sentence worth a damn but I have to admit there is a little bit of flailing going on couchwise right now. Thanks Bella for giving me this opportunity! It was fun. And that’s what it’s all about, right? (Thanks too for that gorgeous pic of “DemonDean at the beginning of the article. Mercy. Mama like!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great article.
      “Oh and if you are going to have Sam run around convincing everyone that Dean is losing it, then SHOW us. Stop with the TELL”

      This was my one complaint with the season. I thought Dean was doing pretty good all along and then Sams all OMG HES WORSE!


      1. Yes! And then of course it had to follow that everyone else be hit with the stupid stick and go right on along with him. I still laugh at the bar scene where Dean, clearly not in the mood for bull$!#, bashes the guys head on the table and Cas is all OMG!!! HE’S COMPLETELY LOST IT!!!


          1. Ah Bella, now you are responsible for my ovaries exploding. DemonDean as a cop. I can’t take it… the visual is too overwhelming!

            “Scuse me ma’am. That’s the third time I’ve caught you speeding today. I’m gonna have to run you in…” Me: “Oh God PLEASE. And cuffs. There will be cuffs?”

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      2. I think this is a big complaint in general not that I like to moan about my fav show. It made Sam look like a twat at times, and it was like the writers didn’t know how to handle Sam when Dean was the one out on a limb. Demon Dean was superb, and Jensen was just awesome and so short-lived.

        B xxx

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    2. Thanks Bella for giving me this opportunity! It was fun. And that’s what it’s all about, right? (Thanks too for that gorgeous pic of “DemonDean at the beginning of the article. Mercy. Mama like!)

      You’re welcome on both counts. Just shows I have the knack for seeing posters have a gift in writing, just as someone did in me all those moons ago. Its scary at first, but people do get behind you and follow you its a real buzz! You have had a response on Twitter already which is great news don’t you think? 😉 Well done!

      B xxx


      1. What do you mean a response on Twitter? You lost me there. But yes, in response to your question – it is a buzz! It’s certainly nothing I ever saw myself doing., that’s for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry, I understand now. I hadn’t seen your latest message to me! Thanks! Glad to see there is some reception and that everyone isn’t writing it off as a pile of dung. Ha! Or maybe they are… warning others not to read it… 😉

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