The Fangirl’s Guide to Destiel Fanfiction

So, you love Supernatural and you ship Destiel with every waking breath but you don’t know which fanfic you should pick up. Confused between AUs, meta, alternate endings, Sabriel or not, SamJess inclusion, Alpha/Beta/Omega, there’s a whole world out there! Well, I’m here to help you out on your journey, nudge you where you might want to go.

There are many fanfics written and posted on various sites. For the purposes of this post, I will be using only Wattpad and Archive Of Our Own to recommend fics, ones that I’ve read and personally enjoyed. I will also be listing some genre varieties that you might be interested in. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

The High School/ College AU

There are quite a few fics that I’ve read in this genre. I’m going to list some that I felt, weren’t that trigger-y (many fics have characters that self harm, are suicidal or suffer from domestic violence, and may be homophobic).

  1. I Don’t Talk Much by exasperated_galaxy- This is a high school AU (Alternate Universe) fic that follows the lives of Castiel Novak and Dean Winchester in school. The catch is that they both have speaking disabilities and choose not to speak much except with each other. The story is their journey finding each other, falling in love, and helping each other to realize their true potential. This fic is available on Wattpad and you can click here to read it.
  2. Feathers by wingsandhunters- This is a hilarious high school AU that has angels and hunters. I enjoy this writer’s writing style a lot and she has really funny fics as well. If you’re looking for a balance between funny, serious, smut and fluff, pick her story up. This story also has a sequel after you’re done with it. Both are available on Wattpad and you can click here to read it.
  3. Hydrophobia by MrDeanWinchester- This is a lovely story set in high school in which Castiel is hydrophobic and ends up befriending Dean Winchester who is captain of their school’s swim team. I really loved this one and you can pick it up here.
  4. Dean Winchester is a Gay Virgin by betty days (sadrobots)- Imagine a shy, extremely hard working Dean Winchester who comes in contact with President of the LGBTQIA+ association of the college Castiel. This was one hell of a story though I must warn you about triggers of domestic violence. It’s available on Archive Of Our Own and you can read it here.
  5. The Yellow Brick Road Sucks by InterruptingMoose- This is a hilarious high school AU that I love dearly. It’s still on-going but there are several chapters out that you can read and enjoy. This one is mostly for humor, it’s really good for the soul. Available on Wattpad and click here to read.
  6. Imaginary Lover by susannah_deanw- This is a college AU fic that I have written myself. Dean Winchester is a nerd and Castiel Novak is a punk who meet by pure accident. Their journey is one of trust, love, and betrayal and how they make it work. It’s available on both Wattpad and Archive Of Our Own (click sites for story links).
  7. Drunk on You by wingsandhunters- A hilarious but serious high school progressing to college AU that talks about drugs, self-harm, infidelity, and pure love. I loved it and it also has a sequel that is on-going. Available on Wattpad.
  8. Can I Sit Next to You Boy? by susannah_deanw- This is another college AU that I have written in which Dean has dyslexia and Castiel is assigned to be his tutor in his final year of college. It is their journey through that final year. Available on both Wattpad and Archive Of Our Own.
  9. The Art of Making Love by StarryCastiel- This is a college AU in which Dean is an artist and has been friends with Castiel for many years. They end up roommates in college and Dean can’t help but be attracted to Castiel while the latter is supposedly straight. It’s really beautiful this story and well written. Warning for depression triggers. Available on Wattpad.

The Classics

There are always some Must-Read fics and here they are-

  1. Twist and Shout by gabriel and standbyme- This is an Alternate Universe fic based in 1960s America, on the eve of the Vietnam War. A racer and a medical student fall in love during a time when homosexuality was a sin, a disease. Heartbreaking and absolutely beautiful, this is a must read for all Destiel fans. Available on Archive Of Our Own.
  2. The Inexhaustible Silence of Houses by Askance- This fic takes canon but adds Destiel to it. Castiel has fallen from grace but lost his voice as a side-effect. Dean and Castiel move in together to get away from the life and stop hunting. But then Dean goes to help Sam to clear out a vampire nest and returns changed. This was one fic that shook me in a way I did not think was possible. I highly recommend it, it is a very well written story. Available on Archive Of Our Own.
  3. Unfamiliar by riseofthefallenone- This is a Witch AU in which Castiel is a witch without a familiar and Dean and Sam are both familiars. It’s a lovely short story that I’ve read quite a few times and if you like witches, this one is for you. Available on Archive Of Our Own.
  4. 50 Shades of Destiel by DestielNochester- This is 50 Shades of Grey Destiel style. It’s pretty good and quite enjoyable. Dean is Mr. Grey and Castiel is Anastasia. Way better than the original. Available on Wattpad.

More Plot than Porn/ Fantasy Fics

So, there are a few fics out there that are practically books and are very well written. So far, I’ve encountered two authors who’ve written really long fantasy fics and one that writes More Plot than Porn fics (PS- they’re NSFW).

I am listing the authors along with the respective fics that I hope you will enjoy-


Her work is available on Archive Of Our Own and these are some fics/ series you should definitely check out-

  1. Out of the Deep Series- This is a merman!Cas series in which he falls in love with Dean who is a human. There are 3 parts that are all connected- the main book, Dean’s POV and a prequel that you can read from AO3. The fourth book is one that is based in the same world but has Dean as a finkin from the opposing tribe of merpeople. These fics are all very long, especially Out of the Deep which was over 2000 pages on iBooks but is a lot of fun to read. Link here.
  2. A Little Patience Series- This is a More Plot than Porn series that is told from Dean and Castiel’s points of view. The book from Castiel’s POV is on-going and has quite a few chapters out. There are explicit sex scenes in these books so unless you’re completely comfortable, don’t read them. Also, NSFW guys. Link here.
  3. To Raise a King- This is a fantasy fic in which Dean is a prince and Castiel is a soldier from a warrior clan hired to care for Sam and Dean as part of treaty between the Winchester Kingdom and Castiel’s tribe. An amazing story that is from both Castiel and Dean’s POVs and thoroughly enjoyable. Also has somewhat explicit sex scenes so, be careful when you pick it up. Link here.


She has written several books that you can find on Wattpad. I will leave her user profile link here. The fantasy book I wanted to talk about is called In Another Life which is a Demon!Dean Angel!Cas story. Dean is heir to the demon throne of Kansas and Castiel is a slave angel. Dean accidentally falls in love with him and things happen. Really good and also heartbreaking but it’s worth it. I loved every minute of it. Link here.

Alright guys, that’s all of my recommendations. There are a lot of fics that I would love to tell you guys to read but there are a lot of fics with very strong themes of depression, suicide, self-harm, and homophobia and keeping in mind triggers, I’ve picked out the least trigger inducing ones. If you have questions about more fics that you would like to read, you can message me on AO3 or Wattpad and I will answer your questions happily.

Keep in mind, you need an account to access Wattpad stories but you can read any of the AO3 stories as you get free access. Don’t fret, if you don’t want to sign up for Wattpad, there are a lot of great fics on AO3 that you can pick up. If you feel confused about what fic to pick up, drop me a message and I will reply as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoyed this post and have some direction about what fics to pick up. I will see you soon in another post!


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    1. Uh, no. The fics I’ve listed mostly have Sabriel inclusive in them. Destiel & Sabriel go hand in hand unless someone does Destiel & then decides to do a Sabriel fic in the same setting. Most authors do first person POV & include Destiel as much as Sabriel in their fics. Since this is a post about Destiel fics alone, the fics focus most on Destiel and may or may not include Sabriel


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