Austin City Limits music festival J2 spotted having fun!

Jared, Jensen, Gen and Danneel have all attended on both days together and have been seen out at the ‘Austin City Limits Music Festival’ this weekend. They have seen the Foo Fighters, Sturgil Simpson and others and have been photographed with a large number of fans, some picks included below…. Its also very interesting to see what bands and style of music the boys are into.

Some pics – Day 1

They still both look in good shape, agree!

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Jared, Gen and Danneel
Jared and Jensen
Js with some fans
Someone spotted them taking a selfie of the 4 of them

Other photos which I have found on IMDb and posted in the Sam squad, thanks to Casseopia60

Day 2

The boys were also spotted by fans as they hung out for the evening in New York after the NJ con last weekend and went to see a show on Broadway together, lucky devils! The play was titled The Book of Mormon, not sure what that’s about, but both must have been interested in it to have gone. Both claimed they were both pretty hung over after that little expedition at the following convention.

And while Jared and Jensen hung out in NY Gen and Danneel went out together in Austin

Its great to see them hanging out, and with their wives getting on so well together too, even after all this time. They spend all day at work together and still find free time to go out for the day together. They have one very special relationship and its wonderful to see so many years on. We are very, very lucky to have J2 who are just as close off as on set. I hope you all agree….. If I bumped into J2 I wouldn’t know what the HELL to say. Would you freeze, or go up to them and ask for a photo op?

Written and submitted by: Bella

Citing Source: Geordiegirl on IMDb…


10 thoughts on “Austin City Limits music festival J2 spotted having fun!

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    1. You’re most welcome. I think not everyone gets a chance to see these picks of the boys, so if I can spread them further afield I will. I know only two days to go now, and I am counting, can’t wait!! Season 11 just WOW!!!

      B xxx

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  1. I’ve been looking at pictures all week end. I love seeing the boys hanging out outside of work. They work together, convention together, live half a mile from each other, spend New Year Eve in Aspen, Father’s Day in Jensen’s pool, have their kids trick or treating together… I knew they were something special years ago when I started fangirling over them but they’re just the gift that keeps on giving.

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    1. You’re welcome, its great to see them so relaxed and spending much needed down time together, considering how bad Jared was back in May, he looks so happy and refreshed. BTW how was the convention, are you any closer to writing you’re promised article?

      B xxx


      1. I think being “normal” is part of why they are still doing Supernatural. All the people that “feel bad” for Jensen and/or Jared that they are “saddled” with Supernatural etc-well I don’t think they realize that the J’s are 2 Southern boys that aren’t necessarily looking for Stardom-at the conventions you can tell they are enjoying this ride.

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