The Maltese cross, a symbol of repentance, dangled from Jacob Karns’ sliver hook that he had used to rip judgment on 13 soiled doves in The Year of our Lord 1862. These soiled doves had forsaken the purity of chastity and faced his wraith at 9 Mile Road.   Although executed for murder, his cause had lived on through the silver of his bloody hook, now melted for church relics at Saint Barnabas church.

Excited whispers among teen girls in the 1950s about The Hook Man reached a fever pitch when cars allowed teens to park in lonely places that escalated sex and petting parties into a sporting event.  Fear of the Hook Man became a caution story intended to keep passions in check.

In 2005 this caution tale caught the attention of the Winchester brothers.  At EIU, Iowa Rich had taken his date parking at 9 Mile Road determined to turn chaste Lori into a party girl.  Summoned by Rich’s lust the phantom of Jacob Karns racked its hook across the DEAD END sign and the 9 MILE ROAD sign in order to announce descending wrath.

At the scraping Lori turned to her date for help as Rich jumped out to investigate seeing an invisible hook rip across his car. When Rich chased this something into the woods he vanished.  Alone, Lori panicked as tiny scratching started across the car roof.   Breaking under the strain, she fled, looking back in horror to see Rich suspended upside down over his Cherokee SUV. Dead. His body weaving in the slight wind. His nails scratching the top of his car. Lori’s Hook Man had materialized to protect her body, her innocence, her purity of mind and soul.

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Ripped apart in her own bed Lori’s roommate Taylor had forsaken the spiritual armor of the Breastplate of Righteousness.  She had become pagan and lust filled and now reaped her just punishment while Lori slept through the tearing and gushing of blood. Clawed out in scarlet letters above Taylor’s bed was a warning:


Bold and profane before his own congregation, Lori’s father had committed adultery with the wife of one of his flock, preaching before her husband and children while demanding

Lori protected her virginity. Crying out with rage Lori’s passion fed her poltergeist.  Enriched by her fury the Hook slashed her father wetting red the church floor.

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Again, when her affection turned to Sam the Hook Man manifested racking his hook along walls and bashing through church doors.  The monster wounded Sam and was going for the kill when Dean ended the Hook’s rampage.  The Hunter melted in the church furnace the last of Jacob Karns’ silver found in Lori’s necklace. The monster then sizzled as the final silver, a tiny cross, melted in fervent heat.

The monster returned to an urban legend.

Real Hook Men:

Son-of-Sam, David Berkowitz: 1976-1977, New York City serial killer, shot lovers in parked cars.

Zodiac Killer: 1960s-1970s, California serial killer, dressed in leather monster style clothing marked with a Crossed Circle, killed couples in parked cars. Was never caught.

I can remember as a 14 year old girl whispering with other girls how boyfriends could end up HUNG UPSIDE DOWN OVER THEIR CARS, and gasped at AFTER PARKING THE HOOK COULD BE FOUND DANGLING FROM THE CAR DOOR HANDLE.

Caution tales are told to warn teens of sex in secluded cars in secluded places.

  1. Is the Hook Man still told today?
  2. Are girls talking about new urban legends?
  3. Do boys have their own urban legend?
  4. Why is chastity valued above promiscuous behaviour?
  5. How is innocence of mind linked to purity of body?
  6. What is the advantage of saving sex until marriage?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


9 thoughts on “HOOK MAN 1.07 – BY HOOK OR BY CROOK

  1. “Why is chastity valued above promiscuous behaviour?”

    While some would blame religion, conservative opinions and misogyny (all these forces have banded together to create an often toxic environment around sexuality, especially when it concerns women but that’s no the point I’m making today), the very simple answer is the effect of certain types of promiscuous behavior on society.

    For those who see traditional family as a foundation of an organized, disciplined and successful society, promiscuous behavior is the chaos demon sent by the Devil to destroy the kingdom and litter the Garden of Eden with rotten apples. It’s the old ‘why buy/court/respect/marry the cows’ if milk is given for free around every corner theory. Promiscuous behavior is seen as threat to marriage, the nuclear family and women’s ability to find attractive, marriage-minded suitors with whom they can build strong families. There’s a whole ‘economy and the price of sex’ literature around it.


    1. “It’s the old ‘why buy/court/respect/marry the cows’ if milk is given for free around every corner theory”
      HA! My Mom fed me that one ALL the time!

      The 70’s was a very promiscuous time-with the advent of the Pill and drugs running rampant and no knowledge of AIDs. But everyone I know that grew up then is married and in a normal relationship. So, chastity doesn’t mean anything IMHO. 🙂 I actually think its better to sow your oats so when you get married you know you are marrying for love not lust!

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      1. Which ever side of the chastity argument you may fall into, it is just important to remember that your partner(s) must be of the same mind set in order to avoid misunderstandings. And not to stand in judgment of others’ decisions. Dean’s liaisons seem to enjoy his carnal knowledge abilities without strings. And he never pays for sex(s 10 canon). Consenting adults and so on.
        While their are ‘accepted” societal concepts, these are fluid based on the social structure of modern society and not everyone changes at the same speed. Some may never change and find themselves in conflict with accepted behaviors. Sam and Dean live in a world where murder is against the law. but the supernatural rules over their behavior. Sometimes a human has to be killed. Sam doesn’t always like it, but he got the concept once Gordon Walker came after him. “Thin Man” is another example where the humans are far more deserving that some of the monsters. Both Sam and Dean have revised their attitudes towards letting some monsters go- Kate the werewolf, the Phistakoo in S 9 but are far less easy on humans who break the code.


    2. In history, women have had few it any rights to property. Marriage was/is a way to gain status and be counted. In the Old Testament, there is a provision for a single woman to inherit, but ancient( and some modern countries) tribes did not follow this “law”. Marriage was also recorded by religious organizations to keep track of “chattels” and later when land was owned, to be able to tax the owner and inforce the laws of inheritance-mainly through male heirs.. Nowadays, the same records are used in a similar way but because of the suffroget movement, modern countries include woman. Other countries which use more religion based models sometimes still exclude women from the legal process. Not sure why I started this “rant” but it is based on the “Hook Man” punishment concept of sin which is the biblical interpretation of sin- This episode highlites the varied views of traditions vs. the changing mores of society. Sorry for the rant. No judgement of either side of the issue intended. Purely educational. It is the Bobby Singer in me.


  2. At least here in the USA, I see there is more of a “thin man” buzz. Teenage girls using it as the excuse to harass and take peers out to the woods and sometimes allegedly trying to kill them. Yep, crazy humans.


    1. Is this Thin Man similar to Ghostfacers’ made up monster?

      Saw a Thin Man photo on YouTube. Looked more than a little fake.

      Just remember the Wendigo could become so thin you could not see it if it stood sideways.


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