I am so thrilled with how this project is coming into fruition. I now have all seasons covered and need two clarifications from the following writers. Virile and Caroline Neumann. So here are the layouts by author who is doing what season. If you are all happy with you’re chosen templates I will email you the template with a schedule. I would like to put a timescale on this, if a year is adequate or you think you could do it in less would be awesome. Thank you all for accepting to do this, and feel it will be a superb project to achieve as a group, and something to be proud of.

Season 1 Southeast

Season 2 Virile

Season 3 Lou

Season 4 Southeast

Season 5 Bella

Season 6 Bella

Season 7 Susannah Taylor

Season 8 Caroline Neumann

Season 9 Caroline Neumann

Season 10 Susannah Taylor

Season 11 Lou

Written and published by: Bella…



  1. Hi there,

    I’ve already replied via email but I think it’s a good idea to comment here, too.
    I’m Caroline (aka arafron) and I can’t wait to get started fo seasons 8 & 9 :)!


    1. Thanks so much Caroline for letting me know, I am still working on the templates, and will let a couple of the girls I know view it before I send them out sometime next week. There is a bit more work involved to offer fans, but we think you all will like the format and style of the book. It will be fun to work on something together and I can’t wait to bond with you all more too.

      B xxx


  2. Okay, Bella, wait a minute, I’m confused. I read the PM you sent me on IMDB and rushed over here all panicked. I still see my name next to season 2. Does it mean it’s still mine?!!!! *shackles self to season 2* I take it. I TAKE IT! Where do I sign in blood? I take it!


    1. Sorry to confuse you Virile, I put the update up and no one got back to me, and wasn’t sure if you still wanted S2. Southeast came back asking if she could work on season 2 instead of Season 4. So in my email I said I will ask Southeast if you really want to do S2 you both could maybe do a swap as you did ask for it first. Hope this helps clears this up?

      B xxx


      1. I would like to ask for a 24h wait period next time. I was at work and would have answered immediately if I had known. I would hate to lose out on this because of a few hours I wasn’t free to answer when the post came up. Not entirely sure where things stand as of now but like I said, if I get season 2 like I asked the first time, I’m fully committed to the project. Just let me know what’s decided 🙂


    1. I can’t wait to get going, never thought in a million years people would be up for it. Thanks to Lou for pushing me in the right direction this is all down to her!!

      B xxx


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