Last One For the Hiatus: spoilers hot off the press!

S11 premiere

It’s here folks.

While we wait, check out what Jeremy Carver, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and others have to say about the brothers, The Darkness and the new season! Supernatural’ cast and showrunners talk to the Hollywood Reporter.


About our brothers in arms

“We’re going to see the boys in the first episode confronting their past issues head on and coming to an understanding,” Carver reveals. “In terms of any lingering anger or resentment, I think the boys are ready to put that to bed in the service of a greater need. That said, it wouldn’t be the brothers and it wouldn’t be the show if there weren’t issues that pop up down the line and things that threaten to divide them. How they handle that, however, is another story this season, but their intent is to be as united as they possibly can in pursuit of taking down The Darkness. They share a sense of guilt, like, ‘We broke this,’ in regards to releasing The Darkness, so they share a desire to fix it in a much more mature way than they have in the past.”

Padalecki knows that the fans are going to be as relieved as he is to see Sam and Dean back together again.

“I’m really excited to see the boys back on the same page,” Padalecki says. “It seems like they have vacillated so much, they’ve been to the lowest of the lows with each other, and now there’s a united front. That’s always been my favorite part of Supernatural — when the boys team up and we have a united front of Sam and Dean Winchester. When Sam and Dean are fighting, that doesn’t sit right with Jensen and me. They’re brothers, and underneath it all they love each other, and so this season is how it should be.”

Ackles agrees, adding, “We feel the same way that the fans do. Sam and Dean are much better when they’re working towards the same goal, on the same page. Teaming up to figure out what The Darkness is, what it wants, and how to defeat it is the boys’ best chance of survival. We’re taking the show back to its roots, and it feels good.”

For more on Castiel, Crowley, Rowena and season 11:

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“We feel the same way that the fans do. Sam and Dean are much better when they’re working towards the same goal, on the same page.”

Amen, Ackles!

I’m loving all this talk of brotherly love and unity, and like Padalecki, I’m relieved. The brangst is so season 9. Let’s do this.

Anybody excited? 🙂


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