How do they do it?  How do Jensen and Jared move, nerve to nerve, muscle to muscle, eye to eye, shift of their bodies mirroring one another, speak as one?

Practice? Director’s instructions?

Natural.  Matched.  Because the are together in some way that is simply together.

Chemistry. Listed are episodes of of Sam and Dean mirror images of one another.

At Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego Jensen and Jared are seated at their table and turn in unison toward an uproar from the crowd.

Yellow Fever

Out of the Darkness into the Fire

It’s a Terrible Life

Mystery Spot

The Monster at the End of the Book

Yellow Fever

Dark Side of the Moon

Bad Day at Black Rock

Folsom Prison Blues

What is your favorite?

Which episodes are missing?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella



  1. Jensen and Jensen have both compared their working together as a dance. Jared has said that it’s so easy working with Jensen and he knows him so well that he can anticipates his moves in more physical scenes. They said several times in convention that they share a brain and spend too much time together lol.
    In 2014, they were interviewed by The New York Times and the interviewer said they are so complicit they finish each others sentences.
    On the subject of their chemistry, Jensen said he thinks what the audience reacts to is the fact that they can see how much he and Jared enjoy working together.
    They’ve called each other best friends countless times and I think that them being two peas in a pod on top of being professional actors is what gives them that edge and that excellent synchronicity.

    There are too many Winsync episodes to list but here are some of my favorite “physical” Winsync moments.

    Credit: mostly10(.)com/post/18969413596

    Credit: letmesayiloveyouu(.)tumblr(.)com/post/65552277901


    But this one takes the cake. On top of achieving physical symmetry, the boys had a whole mess of lines to deliver at a fast pace and the result was : magic.

    Credit: spngifsets(.)tumblr(.)com/post/88386347029

    MS is also one of my favorite episodes ever!


  2. As an actor reactions and timing are part of the skill set. To these two some of the scenes are written that way, but the in person reactions are just reflex by now to certain questions, situations, and of course proximity for 11 years.

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    1. I also think working together for so long, it almost becomes like riding a bike. It becomes second nature. The boys have perfect timing, and I bet the director rarely tells them what to do, because they no each other so well. I wonder how many actors know each other so well as these two appear to be?

      B xxxx


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