Happy 3rd Birthday BLOG!!!

Time to POP that cork and raise a class to this dear friend


You have all helped turn this blog around, and am eternally grateful for the hours as writers and readers to this happy space you have all put in. Some have been with me since day 1 and have got to know me pretty well. That what I love and don’t really care for. How hard I have tried to over come writers block, with the fear of almost packing up this site. Has made me so very happy to see us all producing such strong, authentic material to attract almost any reader in. Some of you have NEVER written before and some of you are true pro’s. I think this mix you will all agree has blended in seamlessly. We’ve all been nervous in penning that first draft, but as the weeks have gone by, its beginning to settle down into a nice trickling stream. Work is being produced every day which has always been a dream. I think people are not getting bored, and stale as I clearly was. I needed new imagination to feed off and be encouraged by and you’ve all helped. Also with the book project getting under way its bringing us closer together as a group. I can’t believe that some of you started as readers are now writers of this site. It delights me to read you’re entries and take pride in my great team! Thank you all from my heart!!

Happy Birthday BLOG!!

Love Bella xxxx

20 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday BLOG!!!

  1. Happy Birthday! Like I already told you, I’m impressed with everything you do to keep this community thriving. I’m very happy to be a part of it and I feel at home here. Congrats on 3 fruitful years!
    Let’s raise our glasses to the blog mistress and to each other 😉


    1. Virile, you say the sweetest things and cheer me up every day. You have grown so much. I am so pleased you feel at home, means I am doing my job well! Keep up the stirling work 😉

      B xxx


  2. Congratulations Bella! I’m glad you’re happy with what’s happening here and glad its turned around for you.
    I’d also like to shout out to barb, for supporting my site since day one. She’s a great ffriend to have on your side (and mine).
    *Squeals and E-hugs to both of you!*

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    1. Its been a tough road to conquer, but the grass is certainly greener this side of the fence!
      I’ve not posted much on yours, but read every thing you type. I’ve been so busy here lately, not much time to read any where else. Barb is a wonderful friend, as are you all. Its lovely to see friendships blossoming. Its great to see this site grow.

      B xxx

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