50 Shades of grey – SMOKE!

Black, grey smoke with a hint of white thrown in for good measure….

How many shades of grey can you have? Or even a hint of midnight blue if you look deep enough!

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How many shades can you see?

How thick is this SMOKE?

Is this Smoke all one consistent line?

Does this Smoke ever change direction?

Tearing down and picking up pieces of debris in its wake?

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How much Smoke is in that Smoke?

How dense is that Smoke; that it can fly, swirl, sweep, gush, twirl around and latch onto something, someone and continue to swoosh around the land unnoticed?

It can cause harm, deep vein thrombosis springs to mind, seeing thick black veins in the neck, with death lurking around the corner. Turning humans into angry, violent zombies if you come into contact with one.

Where does it end up, you ask me?

Depths of below stairs even the King of Hell didn’t know it was alive and kicking.

Is he bothered!

Am I bothered!!

Face – Bothered!!!

So what lurks within? One lonely female going by the name of Amara?

What secrets do they hold?

And most importantly what stories does this entity share?

4 thoughts on “50 Shades of grey – SMOKE!

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  1. Love this, Bella. I wasn’t blown away by the smoke in the finale but I revised my position in the premiere. The way it kept coming in waves during the flashbacks was well done. I also like that the smoke from the avalanche was different he smoke around Amara. Hers was prettier, with a beautiful tone of blue, swirling gently like a curtain in front of a window and enveloping her and Dean in this quiet, peaceful and intimate cocoon.

    Credit: http://dancewithmejensen(.)tumblr(.)com/post/130725425655/dancewithmejensen

    Somewhere it makes sense. The avalanche carried poison while the pretty blue swirl meant no harm to those who were inside of it.

    I’m really liking the darkness so far. It’s very toxic to humans and I wonder what else she can do when she comes in contact with them.


    1. Thanks so much honey. I was sitting at my desk last night and it just popped into my head and couldn’t stop writing. Its so strange lately since my writers block was such a problem. I think I am through the worst now.

      B xxx 😉

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