In 1954 radioactivity from atomic tests in New Mexico turned ants into mutate, giant man-eating monsters.  In this black and white film, THEM one lesson was taught, that when man violated the laws of nature. Nature struck back.

Dean enjoyed a steam shower at Oasis Plains, Oklahoma’s new housing development.  Staying in a luxury dream home was welcome after years in dumpy motels. They were there to investigate the recent death of a gas and power worker.  His death was linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob aka Mad Cow disease.  This was only possibly if humans had been cannibalizing humans, just as cows had been cannibalizing cows when beef parts had been added to cattle fed. Sammy had wondered how random Oklahoma Gas and Power employees had become random cannibals although Dean had mentioned there was always the random burger.  Even for a Winchester case, that seemed a bit too odd.

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The next oddity was Lynda Bloom showering in her luxury dream home and ending up dead by spider.  Odd, yes, and Winchester odd.  Then there was odd Matthew. The son of Larry Pole, the Luxury Dream Home developer.  Matthew was nerdy and knew about the bug infestation his father denied.  Dean was sure the kid was Sammy nerdy and he was right when Matthew showed the brothers an infested area and uncovered a human skull in the clearing that was crawling with earth worms while insects racket deafening them from nearby trees.

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The skull lead to the Anthropology Department at the local university which lead to Joe White Tree which lead to the tale of the curse on the land.  A band of Joe’s ancestors had been decimated by the United States Cavalry on the Oasis Plains site.  On the sixth night of the attack the chief had blasted out a curse and Nature awoke, answered, and surged up whenever white man insulted and tarnished the land.

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Unable to persuade Larry and his family to flee Sam and Dean stayed awaiting the final attack.  This was the sixth day on which the curse would run its course but not before they faced death from biting, stinging, devouring insects.  On attacked bees, termites chopping up the boards, bugs crawling through holes forcing a retreat to the attic as Dean battled with bug spray while Sammy stuffed cracks with whatever he could find.  As the new luxury dream home crumbled the sun rise on the morning of the spring equinox and drained the curse.  Equal hours of sun and moon had restored the course of Nature to an even flow.

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Does global warming reflect a Nature revolt or the course of cause and effect?

When climbers stood in line like customers in a crowded Wal Mart check out, awaiting to summit the world’s tallest mountain, did Mount Everest revolt at the indignity and blast the climbers with a rogue storm that froze or tossed off 8 climbers in 1996?

In December of 1944 did General Patton’s weather prayer to God cause a flux in the worst winter Belgium have had in 40 years during the Battle of the Bulge?

Why were films like THEM, involving atomic radioactive monsters made in the 1950s?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


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  1. According to Lucifer, when he talked to Dean in the 2014 that never happened, he referenced the planet as one of the most beautiful creations. Lucy does not like what Man has done to it, does he. If we believe his soliloquy, he doesn’t want to scorch it, but remove the plight of man.
    So whether one believes in the religion that has a grand creator-designer or pure scientific theories- the big bang theory etc., one cannot escape the theme of man messing it up. I know there are many who do not buy into global warming being man-made. Even so, nature has a way of letting us know that the design has a flaw and religion lets us know that all things return to dust.
    Check out how Chernobyl, which although not habitable by humans forever, has been retaken by nature. In fact the wolf population is flourishing, which reflects other species doing well( not sure of their genetic code). Check out how abandoned cities in Chicago are being retaken by nature. My question is, Will we “always end up here?”


    1. Enjoyed your well thought out response. I saw THEM as a kid. Adult had meetings on fall out and what that meant and I listened. We were just plain scared, very scared. Come to find out all people born during the era of nuclear test is a dab radioactive. Yes, the wolves at Chernobyl are radioactive. To think a real Type of killer ant is running around doing Wolfe things! I do not know if these wolves would glow under certain instruments, but I drunk radioactive liquid for a thyroid condition and I would have glowed under the right equipment. Would it be fun if you went through airport scanners and started to glow?!

      Global warming? Don’t know. One has to be careful about political agency, Soviets told Russians radiation exposures was good for you to keep them in line.

      Did you ever watch the tv Western THE WILD WILD WEST? The main villain Dr. Loveless’ goal was to remove destructive humans so nature was free.

      True, Chicago and Detroit both have sections going wild. Now domestic dog packs, including a chihuahua horde, run off Detroit postmen.


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