Up-date on Authors table for this Blog?

It’s surprising how many are on the list and how many did keep to their promise and pen an article for me. Some I am still waiting to hear a more firmer response from but nothing as yet. So we might have the odd biography’s trickling in. Thank you all for making the present team welcome, you’re warmth and friendliness is always noted. Let me know if I have missed anyone off!

Also whilst writing this for administration purposes I do not have some of your real names and preferences as to which character you like. Also whilst looking at my records I don’t have some personal email address because we are in contact via IMDb. So when you have the time can you email them to me, at bellauk66@yahoo.com Thank you…..

NB:  The date which is listed is the first date you’re Biography was posted. We now have a team of 13 regulars and 8 guest authors. Which gives us a total of 21 Authors. So 13 authors didn’t come on board from the last count and full total which I made in the summer.

This table is now updated with amendments of preferences which have recently come in and our new recruits.

Regular Authors:

Debbab (Blog) Bi-Bro July 25th, 2015
Lkeke35 (Blog) Bi-Bro July 24th, 2015
Virilemanifestationof thedevine (IMDb) Dean girl, bro fan September 06th, 2015
VMC (IMDb) Bi-Bro (Dean) August 10th, 2015
Alycat (IMDb) Dean Girl September 26th, 2015
Cobwebqueen (Wren Collins) Bi-Bro – Sam August 11th, 2015
Southeast (Blog) Dean & Sam August 12th, 2015
Jenks4Dean (Blog) August 23rd, 2015
AB/c (Blog) August 25th, 2015
Fangasm Girls October 06th 2015
Sahiba Mann Destiel – Castiel August 27th, 2015
Playstationexpress26 October 12th, 2015

Guest Authors:

Beowulfxox  (IMDb) John Winchester and Crowley  
MddWbsst (IMDb) Dean Girl, Crowley and Cas
Boobsahoy  (Blog and IMDb) Dean Girl, bi-bro fan
Castielscat (IMDb) Dean Girl October 07th, 2015
Scarlet (IMDb)
Annock 9 (IMDb)
 Eric Clemons October 9th, 2015
Tikistitch (IMDb) Dean and Cas August 28th, 2015

Written and Published By: Bella

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