Hello, from Southeast!

I am honoured and delightful to write for this blog.  I am a retired history teacher and author of COVERFIRE!  a World War II novel with accompanying workbook for male youth offenders.  I taught male youth offenders for over a decade and found they did not have material to suit their needs as survives of sex abuse, so I wrote one.

Having a history background and long time interest in odd stuff I found SUPERNATURAL my type of program.  There are Dean, Sammy and Bobby running around with their allies and fighting those monsters.   Cas and Crowley added along with myth and folklore make me a rather obsessive fan girl.  It is an amazing thing to be present when new American myth is written before me.  Over and above it all is the drama of Sammy and Dean being brothers that draws me to the Winchesters.

I had a childhood wish, being raise on a farm in Kentucky, and that was to have been a pathfinder along with Daniel Boone.  So pasture fields, woods with deep hollows and soft autumn days suit me just fine. As a southern woman I can add crocheting, listening to folk tales and watching birds to my current list of wishes. Only these have come true.

I will give you my best of writing fellow fans.


Southeast has been writing for us for a couple of months now and has just got around to writing her biography. Thank you Southeast for you’re entry, fascinating read!

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


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  1. Welcome Southeast.
    Besides Winchesters, we have commonality. I too am a retired teacher. I am always annoyed when the PTB talk about a young demographic for SPN. There are lots of us who have been fanning for Spn for a while.


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