How does Castiel compare to real angels?

Did you ever wonder?

Castiel by AmandaTolleson – DevianArt.

How do all those angels dance on the head of a pin?  Would Cas twirling about in his trench coat knock another angel off? Nope, angels are spirit and will and all the heavenly host can be anywhere, everywhere at once and still be in heaven all at the same time.

Do angels have wings like those silky dark ones of Cas?  No need, spirits just fly by thought .  Angel wings give us the idea of supersonic speed.  Speaking of lovely wings, when is Cas getting his wings repaired?  They look so shredded.

Do angels wear clothes? No, kind of, maybe but not really.  Angels can appear to be people wearing cloths, just watch that trench coat flap in the breeze.

Are angels male and female?  Angels have appeared to people as young men, and are drawn as males or females, or winged babies for our benefit but they have no sexual organs or bodies at all. People that see them see unworldly glory.

Would Castiel smite you?  Absolutely yes, if God commands.

Do you have a guardian angel?  Yes, but Cas is taken.

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella



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  1. Cas’ settings have been off since he met the Winchesters. The settings are tampered with often and he returns to his own ways despite the programming,He has been around for a long time and yet is not at a high level of command. He is a soldier sent to watch over humanity. The other angels don’t seem to remember this as the central mission or have gone so rogue with all of the rebellion. Like his brother, Lucifer, he rebels against Heaven’s rules, but isn’t he designed this way? His rebellion is as a result of love of the Winchesters and his ability to grasp the concept of free choice that Dean has presented to him. Once Cas realized that his brothers and sisters were fueling the Apocalypse, he matured into a free thinker. Yes, he his thoughts have taken him to bad places- such as megalomaniac Cas- but always with the best intentions for humanity unlike Lucifer. He pays dearly for his individuality, as did Anna, and continues to exhibit more allegiance to the boys than just as a watcher angel. Cas has a loyalty that other angels do not as they need to follow and their leaders are “dicks”. Cas is self aware which distinguishes him from other angels. How many angels can you fit on the head of a pin? All but Cas- he stands alone- no group mentality.


    1. Cas is lovely but I just wish they would write Cas and his story better. I find I get so bored with him. They need to find him something to do, and I miss him when he is with the boys in the bunker!

      B xxx

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