TERRIBLE: Sanskrit trasati “tremble”

Two times a sentence was spoken that might have been annoying or threatening, but not terrifying.  Which set of short words would literally leave you shaking?

Is it Sammy or Dean?

Listen to Sammy in – MY BLOODY VALENTINE: 

“Wait your turn.”

Demon blood drunk Sam confronts two demons who want to have a little fun and brake off some Sammy parts.  Freed from his cuffs Sammy tackles a female demon, brings her down onto the glass table, grabs a shard of glass and stabs her in the throat, latches onto the thing’s neck, sucks up gushing blood.  When the male demon tried to knock Sam away, the Winchester turned, his face pasty, eyes shark dead, with turned out lips and faced painted in thick rouge blood coating across his mouth above, below from nostril to chin in a wide swipe, he said to the demon, “Wait your turn.” next scheduled to drink.

Listen to Dean in – LIVE FREE OR TWIHARD:

“I said stay back!!”

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Smelling Lisa’s blood, fangs slipping in place, Dean made to leave but ran into Ben trying to come to him in the darkened hall.  Unable to stop either Ben or the rise in his own lust, Dean growled out in a rage, “I said stay back!!” to Ben for disobeying him, coming close, adding young blood scent to Lisa’s sweet bouquet forcing Dean to flee past Ben tearing out of the house.

Another other incidences Sammy or Dean frighten you by word or deed showing how close they are to becoming or being a monster?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


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  1. “Another other incidences Sammy or Dean frighten you by word or deed showing how close they are to becoming or being a monster?”

    In The Prisoner, Cain!Dean tells Sam “You wanna know what I think? I think it should be you up there, not her.”

    In all the history of this show, there’s one thing we know for sure = Dean can’t let Sam die. It was evident the mark was winning and Dean had gone mad when those words came out of his mouth.


  2. Characters should not be painted as all good or all evil as that makes them cartoon-like IMHO. Well written characters should have a dichotomy of good and evil. Now, in these circumstances both Sammy and Dean had an agent in their blood that perhaps brought out the side against which they usually fight. As Ruby tells Sam in the s 4 finale,” You had it in you all along.”When Dean becomes a demon, his humanity- the duality- is gone and he does what he does without conscience. The writers have played with this duality since Kripke’s inception of Sammy having to be saved or killed. Souless Sam s 6 played with the very idea of what makes a human human and not a one sided dick.They even play us with Crowley’s duality,although of late Crowley has become quite dark. S. 11.2 Cas fights the duality of following orders like a good angel or thinking for himself and thus becoming more human and an abomination to his brothers. S 11 Cas is under a spell which causes him to battle the good and evil theme. Again, strong character development gives a multi-dimensional character so that actors may possess them.

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