Supernatural : Form and Void

So this week’s episode was, basically, a continuation of  last week. We got split into three teams, with Castiel getting captured by the Angels, Sam trying to cure his Darkness infection and Dean and Crowley trying to understand who and what Amara is.

Dean and Jenna, the deputy who adopted Amara in the last episode, take the baby to her grandmother, while Sam displays his usual ingenuity in crafting weaponry, capturing one of the infected, so he can ask some pertinent questions. Its nice that the writers have remembered that Sam has a brain and now I want a home taser system too, so I can zap the kids in my neighborhood, for fun.

Castiel completes a round of torture from the corporate Angels, who kidnapped him, in an attempt to find out where Metatron is. I think one of them is just a sadistic ass, who would find any reason to engage in torture, because he just hates Castiel, and has issues because Cas humiliated the Angels, when he stole Metatron, last season. The situation is made worse when Hanna, the Angel we thought liked and trusted Cas, turns out to be the one who ordered the torture, and then bursts in to stop it, so as to seem as if she was his rescuer. Whatever spell Cas is under is so powerful that even an Angel can’t cure it, or Hanna was just lying and didn’t try very hard. It’s a spell powerful enough for Cas to break free and kill them.  And there goes Hanna.


Sam is unable to get any information from his prisoner (Pudding!) and who eventually expires. At his wits end, he goes to the chapel and prays to be able to save himself, so he can save Dean. God, or something, answers him in the form of a vision of torture, so yeah, its torture all around, this evening. One of my favorite moments in the entire episode is meeting Billie the Reaper, who seems like a total badass. She is sick and tired of The Winchesters and says it’s the last time either of them will be resurrected. Hopefully, she doesn’t die in next week’s episode, but lasts a while, just so she can vex them.

Jenna and grandma discover that the baby has superpowers and grandma decides to call an exorcist. Crowley, who has connections in the Catholic church, is the one who arrives. I’m not even remotely Catholic, but Catholic Church jokes about pervy priests, make me deeply uncomfortable and Crowley makes several of these, and I’m not laughing. Jenna decides to call Ghostbus…er, Dean, and he and Crowley fight over what to do about the baby, after Dean discovers the baby’s Mark of Cain.

crown by itsokaysammy

Its interesting because even though they’ve all been separated, all three of our protagonists get a verbal smackdown from a powerful creature, whose fed up with their crap. Cas, from the Angels, who are angry about his alliance with the Winchesters; Dean, from Crowley, who makes it clear he’s not their sidekick; and Sam, from a Reaper. I guess this season, they are all on their own, and will have no one to cling to but each other.  But how is that different from any other season? Well okay, where did Sam’s vision come from? And will they have to ally themselves with Amara, for some reason?

The baby eats Jenna’s soul, which is a surprise to me. I was wondering what she was on Earth for. Soulless Jenna decides to kill her grandmother. <Sigh!> I really liked Jenna and hoped she would last at least several episodes. I certainly didn’t expect for her to die the way she did, being killed by Crowley, after duking it out with Dean.

Crowley is on his A game this evening, with lots of flirtatious quippage on Deans behalf. I do wonder why he makes such direct sexual references to the brothers. Is it because he knows it makes them uncomfortable? Does it speak to some deeper desire in Crowley, as he is totally crushing on Dean?

Having eaten Jenna’s soul the baby grows to the form of a 7 or 8 year old girl, and decides to go walkabout, after procuring a pretty dress and no shoes. Strangely, no one in that small town notices a little girl wandering the streets without  her shoes. Crowley shows up in a black van, and offers her a whole family of souls.

In the meantime, Sam is following the advice of his vision and is torturing himself with a burning marshmal… er, Holy Oil. I’m sorry! It really does look like he’s having a cookout that’s gone horribly wrong. The Holy Oil cures the Darkness infection, and Sam proceeds to lure  other Infecteds into the hospital and cure them, too. Where did his vision come from? I know a lot of people will believe it came from God, since he’d just been praying, but I’m reluctant to believe that, for some reason. I would rather not get my hopes up, although I hope Sam gets regular communications, from God rather than Azazel, this time.

Since this episode was just a continuation of the season premiere, I can just grade both episodes as a B or even B+. I really liked them. (I can’t give too high a grade because I just know there will be episodes coming up, that will be much better that this one.) This episode introduced some interesting plot threads for Castiel,  and brings up some very interesting questions involving Dean and Amara. And how does Sam fit into this story and why is he so quick to accept the blame for causing this problem? Is it because of the warning he was given last season about the Mark of Cain?

Next Wednesday: Finding Rowena and curing Castiel!


8 thoughts on “Supernatural : Form and Void

  1. I was upset that Jenna got offed so quickly. I’d hoped she’d end up on Team Winchester & help fight monsters. Crowley probably thinks he can do what he did with all great villains before, make alliances. Except Amara isn’t going to do that. She would never hurt Dean because he was the last holder of the Mark. As far as she’s concerned, she thinks Dean set her free, leading her & him to have a Bond or Debt between them. She doesn’t hurt him & he doesn’t hurt her.
    Sam is probably blaming himself because yeah, he didn’t heed Death’s warning that if they removed the Mark, they’d release the Darkness. As we’ve seen in previous seasons, Sam has in part caused major catastrophe. With the apocalypse Dean broke the first seal & Sam was ensnared by Ruby & tricked into killing Lilith releasing Lucifer.
    In season 8, Sam felt responsible for not trying to save Dean from purgatory. And I hate that Dean kept harping at him about it. Dean was hurt but for how long can you blame someone for actually keeping a promise? If I could bundle Sam up in blankets and comfort him, I would.
    Again, in season 9 & 10, Sam felt responsible for not finding another way to defeat Abaddon thereby preventing Dean from getting the Mark of Cain, dying at the hands of Metatron & then coming to life as a Demon. In season 10, to atone for his mistakes, he thought it’d be prudent to find a cure & save his brother. It didn’t matter what it took just that he did it. Believing that the Darkness was a bedtime story & using Rowena & getting used in return he believes is his worst mistake. Which is why he thinks he’s at fault. The boy with the demon blood is always in the wrong & that trend is scene through the seasons.

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    1. Yes, I still have feelings about how Sam was treated in season 8. I think everyone harping on him not looking for Dean resulted in all of the behavior we see him engage in for the next two seasons. Sam is the kind of person who definitely learns when he makes any mistake he feels hurts Dean and then takes atonement to the extreme, and none of the other characters seem to have caught on to that. I think Dean is maybe starting to get it, though.


  2. “and now I want a home taser system too, so I can zap the kids in my neighborhood, for fun.”

    I knew poor Jenna wasn’t long for this world after she took baby Amara. So far, The Darkness has been rather toxic to Humans and I expected Amara to have a negative effect on Jenna’s life in some way or another. Unfortunately.

    Crowley likes to make sexual references about everyone but I believe they’re more pointed in Dean’s case because he likes Dean. He’s shown it pretty overtly in season 10. He was daydreaming about Dean while lying about not being sentimental about him. In the deleted scene, he looks at Dean with a look I can only interpret as longing before again lying that Dean isn’t his type. Demon, please. You’re not fooling anyone lol. I don’t blame him though. I’m obsessed with Dean too.

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    1. Demon, please…
      Yeah, he wants something from him. I think it has much to do with what he said in Sacrifice. He wants the Winchesters to love him as much as he loves them, or as much as such a soulless creature is capable of love.

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    2. “Dean isn’t his type. Demon, please. You’re not fooling anyone lol. I don’t blame him though. I’m obsessed with Dean too.”
      Demons lie, thats what they do 🙂

      I find it funny that no one has mentioned that the reaper told Sam that of he or Dean dies that’s it they are dead and they are going into the void NOT heaven. Is this supposed to make us fear for their death? Does this raise the stakes?

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      1. “Demons lie, thats what they do :-)”


        “I find it funny that no one has mentioned that the reaper told Sam that of he or Dean dies that’s it they are dead and they are going into the void NOT heaven. Is this supposed to make us fear for their death? Does this raise the stakes?”

        I mentioned it in my review. I just don’t know what it means for them since they WILL be brought back if they die, as long as the show is renewed.

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