A public apology….

The reason why I am re-blogging this article is because there are more of you writing for me here, and just want to bring this to you’re attentions.

Some of you may like me didn’t know about citing a persons thoughts. I think this is common courtesy to the brain power behind that original thought. So before we publish ANY blog entry can you MAKE SURE you have cited any reference source see my last entry for an idea of what I mean by displaying it at then end of every article. Also can you enter you’re names down as its not often very clear whom has written that article.

Many thanks,
Bella xxx

A Blog devoted to Supernatural

It was bought to my attention yesterday by a poster that I am doing something wrong unknowingly. Let me explain!

When I write my blog articles or even a thread post on this message board MOST of my thoughts genuinely come from my own mind, and I start writing and developing those thoughts for debate and to get others thinking. This is FINE, as it’s my own original material. On occasion what is not fine is this, is that I find inspiration from IMDb by reading other posters entries. This triggers a thought in my mind; I go off onto my blog and develop those thoughts. This is what is fundamentally WRONG! The advice I have been given is to cite the person whom I found the idea from, something along the lines of I really love the posters idea about… and it got me thinking… Name the person…

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