Darkness is ‘sexy!’

First, let me say that I am not necessarily one who ‘reviews’ SPN episodes. I ride with the flow, and without looking ahead for ‘spoilers,’ I find it more fun to try to predict where our favourite show is going to take us next. If you’re reading most SPN blogs, you know how CRAZY episode 2 was. There are about 73 things going on at once. I have some questions that I am pondering, and you probably have as well.

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  1. Darkness is ‘sexy!’ Did she ‘do’ Dean while they were in the smoke a mile away from the Impala? If the baby can go from new-born to, ohhhhhh, about 7 years old in a day or so, why couldn’t Amara gestate inside of mom in a few minutes? Why does Amara have the mark? Why is she already a “Jedi Master?”
  1. What does Crowley want with her? Does he really think he can do anything against an evil force which predates hell by millennia???
  1. Can “DEATH” really be killed, as Dean thinks he did? “There you go with that ridiculous bravado again!” As Death would say. I say, the Reaper Sam met at the hospital WAS DEATH playing with his head. Perhaps she is a new nemesis. She is very cute as well.
  1. Rowena was powerful without the big time spell book. How much of an evil bitch is she gonna become now?

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Thoughts??? Let us have em!


Written By: Eric Clemons

Published By: Bella

Screen Caps property of: The ‘CW’


3 thoughts on “Darkness is ‘sexy!’

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  1. Eric, I thought exactly the same thing that was Billy the Reaper DEATH in disguise? I loved the actress who was so creepy, and she gave me goose bumps with her singing talents!

    Amara and the baby are the same person, so my guess at this stage is that the show started off with the grown up Amara adult, and now are doing her back story into where she is now. Remember the Amazon kid Emma Dean’s daughter she grew at a rate of knots too. I still keep thinking is Dean the babies father? They are all connected with The Mark of Cain, although Dean no longer has it on his arm. She why is Amara still being drawn to Dean if he no longer has the mark?

    I think Metatron is in one of TWO places. In heaven or keeping a low profile and in exile on Earth some where. Remember how the boys first met him, he was reading books. I bet he’s doing the same now. Squatting up on knowledge, as knowledge is power!

    Plenty of thoughts to ponder to keep us chugging along until Wednesday.

    B xxx


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