Vivisecting Supernatural- Strange Grimy Glamour

My new VS meta. Enjoy.

unholy fool

Yes, you read that right. The VS project is back on. Have to admit, it’s nice to be back in the saddle. So without further ado: let’s talk about dirt.

One of the things that originally set the show apart for me- aside from the obscure mythology and the bro-mos- was the particular brand of glamour it adopts. I mean, look at Wendigo:






The battered leather. The M&Ms. The griminess, too- SPN has never looked clean and polished in the way that other shows do. If you compare it to, say, Once Upon A Time- which might benefit from a bit of mud- the contrast is huge. No slight meant to OUAT, which I’m fond of, but cinematography-wise it’s pretty stock, brightly-coloured and sparkly-clean.

Supernatural has not always been dark. It began very, very shadowy, got slightly less so as it found its feet over Season Two, and hovered round…

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