The 10 Plagues of Egypt?

Pharaoh said he was a god, and Moses said he was an agent of God and Egypt had 10 Plagues.  The Fifth Plague killed cattle with anthrax, and the Sixth Plague brought boils down on people and the Ninth Plague brought thick darkness on Egypt.

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Sammy rescued Dean from The Mark, and Dean killed Death, and The Dark rolled over the land like a tumbling, rolling black tsunami and Rabid came from the touch of the cloud.  Darkness was a female, Amara and now walks the earth.

What comparisons is there between the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Darkness?

How are the Plagues and Darkness different?

Will more plagues like those of Egypt come from the Darkness?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella


2 thoughts on “The 10 Plagues of Egypt?

  1. “What comparisons is there between the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the Darkness?”

    The closest thing to the black veins could be the boils. That said, the plagues were a punishment and so far, it doesn’t seem like Amara wishes to punish Humans. I do think she could be very toxic to them. The cloud that announced her arrival made Humans so sick they died from it after a few hours. I can only imagine what her physical presence will do when she reaches the pinnacle of her strength. Right now, The Darkness is growing into her human body and already, several humans lost their soul just to sustain her.

    Still, Amara mentioned that she’s not going to undo God’s work and she was talking about Humans. She does however hold a grudge against God and I wonder how she’s planning on getting back at him. Maye she’ll want to be the new God, a better God, and she will try to improve Humans by getting rid of those who refuse to follow her rules? She could try to implement a new world order, and in her mind she would do it for the good of humankind and to show human beings how much better their lives can be when they’re managed by her instead of the deadbeat who abandoned them?


  2. GOD of the Bible sent down the 10 plagues on the Egyptians both human and animal. Darkness predates God it seems and so is not his creation. THere seems to have been a competition for leadership and GOD tricked Amara into her prison.

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