Thinky things, to ponder!

I feel like Eric Clemons here, that I like to delve into the writers minds, and try and guess what they are trying to portray, and pass over to us the viewer. I love to ponder, and think about things in finer detail. And I guess that’s one thing I missed when I suffered badly from my writers block. Inspiration just wasn’t coming. But Season 11 I think since season  8 might just have that spark to push my mind into thinking a bit more again. I love the introduction of the new characters, and in particular Billy the Reaper. Her stunning voice just blew me away, as she sung those haunting, chilling words to the dead. I thought no one could replace the original and some were a bit miffed about this, to be honest I thought the same when I continued to think about the original masterpiece and Death riding into Chicago the way he did back in S5. But when I play the two versions they are so very different in tone, arrangement and vocally very spooky with depth and feeling to their singing abilities. That’s what I love about this show, that it can still surprise me, and turn things around and still come out on top!

The first thought being, could Billie be Death in disguise? 

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Or could God be communicating through Billy?

How did Billy know Sam’s name??? 

And Billy’s message to Sam?

Messages to deliver. What kind of messages? It’s over. What’s over? You and Dean… Dying and coming back again and again. The old death thought it was funny. But now there’s one hard, fast rule in this universe. What lives…dies. So the next time you or your brother bite it, well, you’re not going to heaven… Or hell. One of us — and, Lord, I hope it’s me — we’re gonna make a mistake and toss you out into the Empty. And nothing comes back from that.

So now we have a fifth plane in existence as we have earth, heaven, hell, purgatory and now we have The EMPTY? What the HELL is this place. Is it null and void, an black, baron bleak place where no one comes back from. But what else lives and lurks in the EMPTY? Are Sam and Dean the only ones whom will ever have been put in The Empty? If Purgatory is a place where monsters end up for all eternity, what the HELL is this place? Fundamentally, do you think Sam and Dean deserve to end up in a place like this?

we’re gonna make a mistake and toss you out into the Empty. And nothing comes back from that.

When she says the we’re gonna make a mistake does she mean toss them out into SPACE itself? Is SPACE as we know it, THE EMPTY>>>?

Are reapers and the darkness connected? 

Is the baby and Amara connected, are they the same person? 

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How did they come by the Mark of Cain? Most importantly how did the baby obtain the Mark? 

Written and Published By: Bella

Supernatural photographs: Copied from and are ‘Property of The CW.’

Script text: Property of  ‘The CW’


13 thoughts on “Thinky things, to ponder!

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  1. Talking about the mark. Why didn’t they force Rowena to do a spell like the hansel and grethel witch and bring dean a year back, so he wouldn’t have the mark. Biggest plot hole in history?


  2. Death is not Dead and Gone, Bella. He is illimitable, he is Alive as he and God are infinity. He is the embodiment of Death, as God is the embodiment of Life.
    He is not Dead..He can not die, he can not be killed, murdered, or poisoned. To kill death would make Everything and Everyone immortal. He is not dead, the Old Death we’ve come to know and love is Gone, he is the Death of Old Testament, he can not be bargained with, he will not show the least bit of interest in anything but his very purpose, He is Death. Billie was telling Sam the Old Death was amused by them, but he is No longer amused, but he is not Dead.


    1. You know this did make me wonder, could Death actually ever die. For ages I kept thinking was Death actually alive, was he dead in the creature sense like Vampires are dead humans walking. So where is he>? What did Dean actually do to him?? Because when Dean hit him he just broke up into tiny fragments. Which made me think. Thanks for clearing that up. So Dean hasn’t killed Death?

      B xxx


      1. I have to say all beings on this show that are not born on Earth; meaning all Angels, Demons, God and this includes all the Horsemen they had to have human bodies/ vessels while on Earth…they didn’t have corporeal bodies of their own. They were all ethereal spirit’s…so why not Death? He had to have a vessel/body too, so when Dean cut Death down, he only destroyed Death’s corporeal body, so now he has no body vessel to walk Earth.


        1. This was what I thought too, when Dean actually hit him he just broke away. Which tells me what you’re saying about its human vessel just like angels and demons meat-suits he still has to have one to walk the earth. So what has happened to his soul/spirit then? Does he come back in a new vessel. Will they use a different actor? I want Julian to stay!!

          B xxx


          1. No idea…maybe that’s why she kept saying the Old death. ..maybe he has a new body and with the new body he may have gotten a few newer traits and less of a sense of humor and new all buisness personality?


  3. I keep thinking about that episode where Dean had to wear Deaths ring and do his job for a day. Dean got to see what happens when the natural order is messed with. The nurse died in place of the little girl because Dean refused to take her soul. By Dean choosing who lived and who died, whole histories were changed, because he went against the order. Death showed him what he had to do, choosing to help both brothers out time and time again is basically rewriting the natural order.
    My question is who had to die all those times to replace them?


    1. My question is who had to die all those times to replace them?

      I have often thought this, and the episode in question was Appointment in Samarra S6 which is one of my all time favorite episodes. Even when you think back to Faith S1 we understood about the Reapers and what their job always was. But that was slightly different in the fact that someone was setting up reapers to do their bidding. I would think a number have died in place of Sam and Dean which is why the Reapers since they too killed their leader are fundamentally pissed at the boys, and are rebelling and saying enough is enough that there has to come a time that you can’t keep cheating death, because of the effect it continues to have on the Natural Order. The Natural Order has always fascinated me.

      B xxx


      1. I’ve been pondering this. ..since both brothers have been brought back numerous times from Death or on the brink of; many times not of their own violation or doing. I bet they are not put on the roll or list anymore. Lol


  4. Death is not dead…how does one Kill or murder Death anyway? It’s Death, not a former human, angel or demon. He’s as old as God, so old he has no idea who came first, as long as there was life there was death. Death even said he would one day have to reap God himself, though honestly I think they are like the Ouroboros and infinity symbol they will never die, to kill either God or Death the whole universe would crumble.
    I think when Billie said “Old Death”, I think she meant Death was amused with going against nature to keep the guy’s alive because as he repeatedly told them they had purpose and served the greater good of all. But he is not amused no more, Dean trying to off him, he has now chose to adhere to nature, if they die they die for good; no more Hail Mary’s, no passing Death and collecting 200 more tries. Her warning is to say that Death is now back in the saddle of his nature. He let it be known when the guy’s time is up, he himself will not be coming to collect their souls personally to escort their souls to wherever. The Reapers are now taking matters into their own hands and warned Sam that they are not escorting their souls to either Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. ..they are going to throw them into the Empty where nothing comes back from. The Reapers, not Death have chosen to do so. The distinction is her word’s, “One of us, and Lord, I hope it’s me, we’re going to make a MISTAKE and throw you into the empty, nothing comes back from that.” The Reapers are giddy that Death is done saving the Winchesters and going against the natural order.


    1. I 100% agree with you Jenks, in the fact that Billy was sending the boys a very clear message that now Death is no longer, they will NOT bring them back again and will just toss them to one side in The Empty. I bet the reapers are confused as to what to do with their time, but are still reaping souls regardless that Death has gone. They are still working, and still continuing to solider on regardless their boss is dead. But then why utter the words of make a mistake. Why do they need to make a mistake just to toss them into the EMPTY>? If they are so pissed with the Winchesters just do it regardless….

      B xxx


      1. Because it goes against the natural order. Every soul has it’s afterlife, the job of every Reaper is to escort the soul to where ever it needs to go. Death is done, he’s not going to collect their souls to escort them to wherever their souls need to go.
        The Reapers are choosing to take them to the Empty where nothing comes back from.

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