Greetings, my name is Louisa

AkA Beowulfxox on-line

and I was first introduced to Supernatural because my husband had viewed online previews about two ghost hunting brothers. He was immediately intrigued and enthralled by older brother, Dean Winchester. We sat down to watch The Pilot and my first response was “Who’s playing the Dad, he’s magnificent.” My intrigue with the tragic and volatile John Winchester was born.

Before I had started watching Supernatural, I was an English major graduate without a project. I had several ideas, but nothing was coalescing into something concrete. It had been years since I had played my violin and I had stopped doing acting workshops and acting classes. I thought my life as a storyteller in words, music, and performing was over. I had accepted it.

Then Supernatural happened.

During the first season, I started observing Jensen Ackles’ story telling skills. I noticed his ability to link his scenes together and weave the seemingly random gestures and garrulousness into a story of intricate layers about loyalty and hope. It was a story of sadness stitched together by laughter from a family branded by fire; and of a man trying his best to keep this family together despite the insanity of hunting. My creative proclivities started churning. I started playing my violin again after a very long vacation. I started writing again every day, inspired by another story teller.

I wrote reviews on and off on my person website until I stumbled upon the IMDb page for Supernatural and a different shade of the show was introduced to me. I met Bella online and years later she started posting about creating a blog. While Bella wrote on her own, we also created Supernaturally Devoted, a blog dedicated to celebrating Supernatural with articles on the episodes, characters, directors, and key aspects of the plot. We discussed the acting, the actors, the producers, the directors, the mythology, the symbolism, the metaphors, and everything in between which creates the magic of the show. Our authors included Debbab, Scarlett, LaCountess, and Pinkyappleshorts. Supernaturally Devoted is currently a read only site, but feel free to read all of the fun articles posted.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing the violin, acting, and writing. I’ve been fortunate to have played in a chamber orchestra after a long absence. I was a studio cat ever so briefly, but it was a wild and enjoyable experience. I was published in the literary journal “The Broken Plate” and most recently, I played the role of Eartha Kitt, in the independent film James Dean: A Beautiful Soul.

I’m so excited to be a part of this adventure with Bella. I enjoy watching Dean, Sam, and Castiel. But I have an affinity for John Winchester and Crowley. I have a fascination with the tragic and heavily flawed John Winchester, because he was unable to piece together his shattered life. Instead of the deeply caring individual he once was, John became something of an enigma to himself.

I’m looking forward to writing for this blog. Thank you, Bella.

~ Louis …..

Written By: Beowulfxox

Published By: Bella

Supernatural photographs: Copied from and are ‘Property of The CW.’

Script text: Property of  ‘The CW’

~ Louisa


8 thoughts on “Greetings, my name is Louisa

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  1. Hi Louisa,

    I’m happy that you found so much inspiration in the show. That’s really wonderful! And that’s a beautiful description of the Winchester dynamic.

    I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and views on John Winchester. He’s one of the most controversial characters on the show and, like Castiel, is one of the hardest for me to understand.

    I’m still working on my character review of Crowley. Some characters are so dense with meaning that it’s very difficult to summarize them. I’m looking forward to your reflections on him, too.


  2. Barb, looks like you’re entry did post after all, not sure what message you got?

    Welcome Lou, this feels so strange since I worked for you, now the coins flipped!
    I love you’re biography and the career you have had. Its great to actually know an actress… Its also great that you have managed to pick up you’re Violin again. Did it feel like second nature to you.

    Thank you so much for accepting to come on board.

    B xxx


      1. Great, I got you’re message don’t know what went wrong probably a site malfunction or something. Remember last year when I had to post new comments on another thread because wordpress couldn’t cope with it. It does play up from time to time.

        B xxx


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