The Lawrence Burn House was a curse to Dean.  He swore he would never go back, but Sammy had a dream about people in danger at that house and used his puppy dog eyes.   So they left and Dean drove back to Lawrence.  So then he slipped away at the gas station and phoned his dad.  He wasn’t aiming for his voice to break when he pleaded for this one thing, to not to have to go back to that house, but his dad wouldn’t do it.  So he had to go it alone and then Sammy found out what he had no business knowing, his big brother had carried him out of that fire.

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So Dean went with Sammy to that rebuilt House Where His Mother Burned on the Ceiling and found another mother living there with two children stalked by a poltergeist. So what did Dean and Sammy do?  What John taught them.  They hunted.

So how do the Winchesters hunt?  Look around for witnesses like the guy at the garage who had a half interest in the business with their father.  And the boys learned how John wasn’t thinking straight, had started reading crazy books, had visited some palm reader named Missouri, how he wouldn’t get any help and had just up and left.  Then John’s sons figured out that Missouri was a physic instead of a state and that she thought Dean was a smart ass and Sammy was adorable with demon blood running through his veins.

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So if you are Dean what did you do next? You help fill bags with weird stuff like Van, Van oil so you and Sammy and Missouri can stuff the bags in the house walls to stop the poltergeist.  Made sure you don’t jam your hand down the garbage disposal that started up unplugged like the plumber did, you made sure the kid doesn’t climb back into the refrigerator so the door can’t slams shut and suffocate him. You made sure you have the table between you and all the too many, long, sharp knives that came flying at you that this single mom with two kids had no business keeping stashed in the kitchen in the first place.  You made sure you rip the lamp cord off Sammy’s neck before he choked out, and most of all, make sure you cussed Missouri real good because she made you do girly stuff like use a broom. Even if you have to cuss her in your head and acted like you just don’t give a damn even if she can hear you thinking.

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What do you do after all of that?  You listen to your little brother talk about girly feelings and how he was sure you have to spend the night with him in the Impala when you could be sleeping on a real motel bed instead of watching your old house. Like all hunts you whined a little and that little brother of yours turns those puppy dog eyes on you, and you found out how just right Sammy was when that other mother banged on the window screaming for help.

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Then it happened. What scared you so bad that you called your daddy and cried happened.  You saw your mom thing whooshing in flames gliding down the hall.  She was coming to get Sammy pinned to the wall and you were going to shot her but Sammy stopped you. Sammy who knew things in true dreams knew the fire thing was Mom.  Then she was there dressed in her night gown, loving you, loving Sammy.  And then she did what all moms do, she’s saved you both. She burst back into flames and destroyed the poltergeist threatening her children. —

John hid from his sons at Missouri’s house.  He feared that what killed  Mary would harm his sons if he contacted them.  Did John make the correct decision in choosing to refuse Dean’s request?

What did Dean come to terms with after his visit home?

Sam and Dean are given photos of their young family.  How a decade later did those photos save Dean and Sam?

How was Sam’s life changed when he discovered Dean had carried him out of the burning house?

What connections did Sammy make when he returned home?

Mary told Sammy she was sorry.  Why was Mary sorry?

Have you overcome a curse?

Written By: Southeast

Published By: Bella

Supernatural photographs: Copied from screencapped.net and are ‘Property of The CW.’

Script text: Property of  ‘The CW’


2 thoughts on “HOME – 1.09: CENTER OF THE WORLD

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  1. “What connections did Sammy make when he returned home?”

    When you think about it, it was the first time Sam ‘saw’ Mary. Sure, he laid eyes on her when he was a baby but aside from pictures, he didn’t remember her. He said so himself in “Pilot”. Going back to their old house allowed Sam to ‘meet’ his mother and create a memory that he could keep forever. Also being the one who didn’t remember how it felt, to be ‘mothered’, Sam had the brief experience of seeing his mother step in to protect him and save his life. “Home” is still one of the most powerful episode of the series.


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