Supernatural Season 11 – Episode Titles 11×01 – 11×12

11.01 – Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire
11.02 – Form and Void
11.03 – The Bad Seed
11.04 – Baby
11.05 – Thin Lizzie
11.06 – Our Little World
11.07 – Plush
11.08 – Just My Imagination
11.09 – O Brother Where Are Thou?
11.10 – The Devil in the Details
11.11 – The Sound of Silence
11.12 – Don’t You Forget About Me

I can’t believe how quickly these have all suddenly appeared. Any clues guys as to what you think might be behind the title headings some are thinking 11.10 is Lucifer rising. I keep thinking has Lucifer taken Sam again O’ Brother where are thou? Don’t forget about me is screaming seasons 5/6 at me remember Swan Song. Will Sam jump back into the pit again with Lucifer in tow? Will we finally get to see the CAGE in HELL. Will Adam be mentioned, and the health of Michael and what they are all like now?

Mollymcrea thought this:

Looks like one of the brothers is going to end up in the Empty that Billie promised. Which one?

And I love the sounds of THIS ^^ I think it COULD be SAM as Dean had his season last year, and Billie talked to Sam about throwing them out in THE EMPTY.

Citing Source: thefallenandthechosen and Mollymcrea on IMDb

Original post: posted by Clair De Lune on Tumblr.

Her Source: Warner Bros. (Japan) official web: Kaigaidrama Express

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9 thoughts on “Supernatural Season 11 – Episode Titles 11×01 – 11×12

  1. I don’t know if anybody caught on but Sam seen visions of him back in hell before and now God is telling him that he has to go back into the hole and Get Lucifer and Michael back out to help defeat the darkness


  2. Honestly I’m not too anxious to see Luci again- someone on Tumblr theorised that if you get dropped into the void after death you just /vanish/ from everyone’s lives? It’d fit- if The Sound Of Silence was about a brother in the void & the midseason finale was when everyone had forgotten about them?
    If this doesn’t become canon, I’m using that as a fic idea. I swear.


    1. Mark Pelligrino just showed up on Quantico, which is doing well in the ratings. He’s even in the “current” timeline, so he won’t be killed off in the “past” timeline. I can’t see Lucifer coming back as anyone but Mark, unless Sam gets possessed again and we have been there, done that already. So maybe no Lucifer?


      1. Yeah, I can’t see anyone beating Mark at the Lucifer game tbh. (Also- that guy can freakin ACT- I mean, that scene as Nick by the crib? Heartcrack.)
        It looks to me like Lucifer’ll be involved, but probably only peripherally. I’d love to go back to the Hell trauma arc. That was a pretty bad continuity error when they dropped it, I think.


      2. Doubt he will be back then in this case. I agree with you about the Lucifer story line, I didn’t really want them to go back there as its been done. But I can see one of the boys ending up in the empty. I think it would be a cool twist for the Christmas break to end on!

        B xxx


    2. I know I think its a brilliant story line. How could the brothers come back from something this dark, and creepy. Yet they’ve come back from far worse, PURGATORY!! The sound of silence is the Simon and Garfunkel track and the lyrics to this song fit perfectly to the empty, which one poster talked about. I really love the sounds of this already!

      B xxx


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